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University of Lucerne - The Department of Health Sciences and Health Policy

MA Switzerland Luzern February 2017

The Department of Health Sciences and Health Policy of the University of Lucerne promotes research and prepares scientists to work in the field of health and disability from a biopsychosocial perspective. The theoretical framework of the department is rooted in the concept of human functioning, as codified by the World Health Organization’s International Classification of Functioning, Disability and Health. Profile The Department of Health Sciences and Health Policy f… [+] ocuses on human functioning, disability and health. To pursue its mission, it is essential for the department to create knowledge through research, reproduce knowledge through higher education, and translate knowledge into evidence that can be communicated to the public, policy makers, and practitioners. Its objectives are: To provide scientists and practitioners with the highest level of education in human functioning and disability To promote new findings to enhance human functioning and to reduce the impact of health conditions on people’s lives To translate research into strategies of health and education for individuals and populations To inform policy debate, disseminate health information, and increase awareness of functioning as a public good. [-]

USI Università della Svizzera italiana

MSc Switzerland Lugano Singapore Lausanne Italy Milan Bern February 2017 + 3 more

The Università della Svizzera italiana (USI) , also known as the University of Lugano, is an Italian- and English-speaking university that comprises four Faculties: Architecture on the Mendrisio campus; Communication Sciences, Economics, and Informatics on the Lugano campus. USI is active in many innovative fields of research and participates in numerous national and international research networks. Fostering exchange and contact with the professions and its alumni, USI a… [+] lso provides its graduates with career guidance, ensuring a smooth transition to the workplace.   With more than half of its current  3000 students and professors coming from abroad and most Master's programmes taught in English, USI has grown into a multilingual academic institution with great international breadth. USI's small size, its high teacher-to-students ratio, the integration of different disciplines, and top-quality technical and IT infrastructure make up the ideal conditions for study and research in a cosmopolitan and multicultural environment.   The Università della Svizzera italiana was founded in 1996 and is sprucing up for a new challenge, a crucial phase for its future. Young USI is receptive to all sorts of opportunities to explore and pioneer. It is willing to take on enriching new initiatives; free to put forward strategies to meet the challenges confronting modern people: the environment, the economy, society, and the new technologies.   USI stands out in the Swiss academic landscape for its original teaching programs, both at Bachelor's and Master's level. These are informed by regional and historical-cultural motives, but equally by an inspired readiness to act on the reforms currently implemented in higher education. Look at the Academy of Architecture and the Faculty of Economics: their creation was fully justified, the former by a glowing centuries-old tradition, and the latter by the strength of Lugano's financial centre, with its resonance nationwide and worldwide. Then look at the Faculty of Communication Sciences, unique of its kind in Switzerland, and the Faculty of Informatics, well on its way to becoming the third centre of excellence in Switzerland after the two Federal Institutes of Technology.   Combined with its privileged geographic position - USI acting as a bridge between the South (Lombardy) and the North (the rest of Switzerland across the Alps) - these choices give our university an identity of its own. USI is characterized by steadily rising student numbers, growing success in research and the international mix of its actors (the highest proportion in Switzerland), whether students, research and doctoral assistants, or professors. [-]

University of Geneva

Master Switzerland Geneva February 2017

About the University Founded in 1559 by Jean Calvin, the University of Geneva (UNIGE) is dedicated to thinking, teaching, dialogue and research. With 16’500 students of more than 150 different nationalities, it is Switzerland’s second largest university. UNIGE offers more than 290 types of degrees and more than 280 Continuing Education programmes covering an extremely wide variety of fields: exact sciences, medicine, humanities, social sciences, law, etc. Its domains of … [+] excellence in research include life sciences (molecular biology, bio-informatics), physics of elementary particles, and astrophysics. UNIGE is also host and co-host to six National Centres of Competence in Research: PlanetS, SwissMap, Chemical Biology, Affective Sciences, Synaptic Bases of Mental Diseases and LIVES-Overcoming vulnerabilities in a life course perspective. Just like the city of Geneva itself, the university enjoys a strong international reputation, both for the quality of its research (it ranks among the top institutions among the League of European Research Universities) and the excellence of its education. This acclaim has been won in part due to its strong ties to many national and international Geneva-based organizations, such as the World Health Organization, the International Telecommunications Union, the International Committee of the Red Cross, and the European Organization for Nuclear Research. Mission & Strategy The University is committed to unlocking knowledge and responding to social change. It actively promotes equal opportunities and broad access to high-quality education. The wide range of disciplines offered by the University, the only tertiary-level institution of its kind in the region, is reflected in its interdisciplinary approach to research and in its quest for educational excellence. The University Strategic Plan proposes seven overarching objectives: Maintain the priorities Propose inspiring education Ensure excellence in research Reinforce the regional presence of the University Strengthen the international dimension Improve governance Promote equal opportunities These objectives are developed through more than fifty actions and a set of indicators monitor the extent to which they are being implemented. Objectives TEACHING To offer basic, advanced and continuing education in the framework of the ECTS system (European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System). RESEARCH To pursue the acquisition of fundamental knowledge through research. Where a research field may lead to practical spin-offs, the University supports the related applied research. The University is involved in most cutting-edge sectors and has been active in multi- and interdisciplinary research for several years. SERVICES TO THE COMMUNITY The University offers continuing education, expert advice and research services to the community. It is especially active in providing services to public and private companies. The University assists researchers to transform innovations into socially useful products. [-]

ABMS The Open University Of Switzerland

Bachelor PhD Switzerland Zurich Zug February 2017

The Academy based in Zug and Zurich and is Officially registered and entity established under Swiss law of the State (Canton) of Zug in Switzerland. ABMS is authorized to operate and issue Diplomas in Switzerland according to the letter number (DBK DBKS 6 / 33 / 60236) issued by the Board of Education and Culture in the State of Zug. We offer a range of online study programs starting from Associate Bachelor Degree up to Doctorate Degree, including Masters and Bachelors study… [+] programs, all our Studies can be done in ONE academic year part time (Friday to Sunday). The Academy is a global leader in Online Business Education an outstanding reputation - The Swiss Universities Handbook (Largest Educational Portal in Switzerland) has ranked ABMS - The Open University of Switzerland among the top online universities in Switzerland, in term of popularity for 2014. ABMS is a "Premier Accredited University" by Accreditation Service for International Colleges & Universities ASIC UK, a recognized accreditation body by the British Government (Home Office/UKVI), a member of the UK NARIC (UK National Academic Recognition Information Centre) Quality Standards Group, an affiliated accreditation body by ENQA (The European Association for Quality Assurance in Higher Education Education) and a member by CHEA USA International Quality Group (Council for Higher Education Accreditation). ABMS is Accredited for Business and IT education by the British National Business and Computing Centre (NCC UK) which was established by the British Government in 1966 and is recognized by Office of the Qualifications and Examinations Regulation (Ofqual) (Recognition Number RN5155) and by Department of Education and the Department for Business Innovation and Skills under article 96 and article 97 of the Learning and Skills Act 2000 as well ABMS is ISO 9001:2008 Certified. ABMS is Recognized by ASIQUAL (Academic and Skills International Qualifications). The main language of our study programs is in English dedicated working professionals from all over the world. ABMS is Accredited by European Council for Leading Business Schools (ECLBS) and  European Council for Distance Learning (EUCDL). We have created an online experience that allows you to interactive effectively with faculty and other students, all you need is a computer with internet connection, its education on your terms. We encourage people to take what they learning and apply to their own life. Our Aim Successful future for all our students International Environment Excellent lecturers High standard of Quality To serve students from all over the world Classes Our online classes are kept small turns you more intensive learning Environment, we try to keep our students – lecturers ration very small, all our programs are being taught in English, our main focus is to provide you with a great corporate connections by offering you a part-time-online study program which keep you connected with your own company or job. For more informations please visit ABMS - The Open University of Switzerland [-]

Sevanan Business School

Bachelor Master Switzerland Zurich Czech Republic Prague February 2017 + 1 more

ABOUT US Sevanan Business School is committed in helping graduates financial by providing Scholarship, the Scholarship is applicable if you have a 70% and above of academic status, however, our commit does not strictly stick with 70%, 68% is capable to get a financial support. Studying in Prague It is a big step to study abroad, and the options are nearly limitless. Throughout the world Sevanan wants to distribute itself with same international spirit of oneness,… [+] intact. Here we present a small sample of advantages to continue your higher education in Prague, Czech Republic. Our Organization Sevanan Business School is a renowned business school headquartered in Zürich, Switzerland, and enjoys an excellent reputation both among domestic and international students. We are known for our specialised academic programs that we offer and high level infrastructure we provide for the education with relevant training concept to students streaming to become future leaders in many areas of the management and marketing profession. We at Sevanan Business School have dedicated ourselves to the motto “Excellence in Management Education”. Our focus in quality, internationalism, and practical relevance, provides students with globally oriented management and marketing education as well as practical application of their knowledge. Sevanan Business School at Prague is our second establishment with same goal of spread quality education throughout the world. We selected Prague as our second destination, as Prague – like Zurich provides a better place for education. OUR MISSION Sevanan Business School is committed to provide excellence in Management and Marketing education. Hence, we put a lot of effort to keep our standard concerning the rigorous of our academic programs, research and our business connections. Our commitment to excellence in Management and Marketing education includes generating high quality level of graduates and establishing a life-long learning environment. Our mission to cultivate and sustain good connections with the business world, means that we maintain close ties with many companies with both domestic and international business scope, and stay in intensive contact with variety of partners in business and society. WE PURSUE OUR MISSION IN PARTICULAR WITH Combining academic rigor with practical relevance; Creating a stimulating, intellectual and international environment; Fostering entrepreneurial thinking and acting; Emphasizing the global dimension of business; Contributing to the society at large through high quality education; VISION Our long term vision is derived from our mission as a Business School. We strive to become a leading education center with attracting high quality students and academics from around the world to pursue and be part of our School. We strive to empower individuals to become great professionals and outstanding business leaders who think with clarity and act with confidence and conviction. Our strength lies in our approach. We enable our students to better understand themselves and their responsibilities while at the same time blending the practice and theories of successful business and marketing strategy. QUALITY All our actions at Sevanan Business School are guided by the notion of excellence in management education. In order to achieve our mission and vision we are being guided by the following principles: quality, internationalism, and the practical relevance of teaching and practice. Our School has set itself the goal of providing and promoting the highest standards in the core areas of teaching, learning and practice. For us, excellence in teaching means offering courses of study that reflect modern practice in terms of content and methodology and that are international in their outlook. Our key to excellence in teaching is our teaching staffs themselves, who is appointed especially for their teaching skills. Our School places great emphasis on the practical relevance of its research and guarantees that this research is always conducted completely independently. In this context, our academics work closely together with businesses. Quality in practice has much in common with quality in teaching, particularly as they concern in-depth academic knowledge and understanding of practical relevance. For these core areas, or School has developed a quality concept that is regularly reviewed by the relevant teams of staff: Quality concept in teaching: The provision of courses that reflect modern practice in terms of content and methodology, with international outlook; Quality assurance through accreditation of programs of study; Quality management based on learning goals in all programs of study Principles of quality, internationalism, both academic and practical approach to teaching and application of the learning material. WHY CHOOSE US Sevanan Business School is a renowned business school located in Prague, and enjoys an excellent reputation both among domestic and international students. Our academic programs offer relevant training concept to students streaming to become future leaders in many areas of the management and marketing profession. We at Sevanan Business School have dedicated ourselves to the motto “Excellence in Management Education”. Our focus in quality, internationalism, and practical relevance, provides students with globally oriented management and marketing education as well as practical application of their knowledge. [-]

University of Fribourg - Department of Medicine

MSc Switzerland Fribourg February 2017

The University of Fribourg is a place where learning, research, employment and events all happen at the same time. Its innovative force makes it an important mover in the commercial and cultural life of the region. Since it attracts students and researchers from every part of Switzerland and from all over the world it has shaped life in the bilingual city of Fribourg since it was founded in 1889. Its wide range of course offerings, together with its comfortable size, make… [+] the University of Fribourg a place where interdisciplinary and personal contacts are the order of the day. Multilingual and personal The University of Fribourg encompasses five faculties where people study, teach and research. These are Arts and Humanities, Science, Economics and Social Sciences, Law and Theology. As well as these there are numerous interdisciplinary institutes and centres of excellence. The approximately 10,000 students in the Bachelor, Masters and PhD programs receive first-class personal support from over 800 professors, lecturers and research assistants. Personal contact in learning and teaching Great emphasis is placed on direct contact between the teaching staff and students because we believe that this is the optimal way to further the development of each individual. Bilingual studies: unique in Europe As the only bilingual university in Switzerland, the University of Fribourg offers a wide range of courses of study in French, German or both. There are also a number of courses with an international aspect which are offered in English. Languages are not only studied here, but they form part of everyday life in the University community. Centres of excellence With their work in the centres of excellence and on research projects, our committed researchers continually contribute to extending the horizons of knowledge in all disciplines. In doing so, their attention is constantly focused on solving society’s current and future challenges. The University of Fribourg also enjoys an excellent international reputation in research. Besides numerous research projects funded by the SNSF, the University hosts a National Centre of Competence in Research (NCCR) as well as a variety of Interdisciplinary Centres of Research. A university town “par excellence” The members of the University community come from 110 countries and make Fribourg with its 40,000 inhabitants a university town “par excellence”. Besides the two main locations of Miséricorde and Pérolles, there are many other University buildings spread over the whole city. Distances are short, so that the whole of Fribourg becomes, as it were, one campus. The combination of its medieval heritage and its animated student life imparts an incomparable charm to this city of the Dukes of Zähringen. [-]

Academy of Leadership Sciences Switzerland

MSc Switzerland Gebenstorf Zurich February 2017

The Academy of Leadership Sciences - Switzerland (ALSS) is an international graduate institution that offers 98 accredited, variety graduate programs, Masters of Sciences in Leadership and Management (online, distance and face to face learning) such as: Leadership and Business Administration (including specializations), Leadership in Higher Education, Leadership in Politics, Leadership in Healthcare, Leadership in Law and Leadership in Military. Our leadership master degrees … [+] focus on competencies of efficient leadership that expose you to principles helpful in any career field. Graduates of Master of Science in our Leadership programs are prepared to lead their organization to greater effectiveness and success. ALSS is committed to providing you flexible, convenient, and high quality degrees and courses. Whether you would like to advance your career with master’s degree from any of our 98 graduate programs, or just take a few courses in an area of interest, we have a learning program that is right for you.   ALSS operates in Switzerland and throughout the world. We stand for excellence in leadership education, research, advising, consulting and coaching. We want leaders to get better, so we provide them with up to date research outcomes, practical leadership and management learning. Start Terms March, 1 September, 1. Study Options Online 100% or mixed online and face-to-face, one week in Zurich-Switzerland, Dubai-UAE or San Diego-USA Fees SFR 15000 Terms of tutorial fee: for each course SFR 1500, to be paid four weeks before starting the course. Why choosing the Academy of Leadership Sciences - Switzerland? ALSS is about personal development and community. When you choose to attend at ALSS you don’t just join a group of diverse students and faculty; you join a group of people from all walks of life sharing a unique experience. Our faculty is devoted to helping you balance your education with your personal and professional obligations – it’s our commitment. Through flexible class scheduling, dedicated career advisors and quality programs, ALSS strives to provide a caring and supportive learning environment to ensure your success as a student. We offer a student-oriented education that is flexible and provides personalized attention to student needs. We have a diverse faculty and student population, providing students with a comfortable learning environment. We offer you the opportunity to study and learn with students from around the world. We help students gain self-confidence through small classes and individualized attention. This encourages interactive discussions and ensures excellent communication and feedback between students and faculty. Modern facilities and locations in some of the most picturesque places in Switzerland. We foster the internationality: student and faculty body have different nationalities. The opportunity to study with professors who bring the highest level of training and experience to the classroom. We have very qualified professors who have both educational and practical experience in their fields of expertise. We update our educational programs to keep pace with the latest developments in technology and teaching methods. We provide customized programs, as well as face to face and distance learning settings for working individuals.   [-]

Boutique Universities Consortium

MSc USA USA Online Switzerland Switzerland Online San Diego District of Columbia United Kingdom London Geneva September 2017 + 5 more

The Consortium of Boutique Universities helps students achieve economic and social progress through a student-centric approach to education. Our small colleges allow us to offer exceptional, personalized and flexible student services as well as a quality education at an affordable price.  United States University On-Campus, Online, and Blended Options Achieving Success Through Student-Centered Education Regionally accredited Located in San … [+] Diego, California Diverse student body United States University is located in the southwestern corner of the United States: beautiful San Diego, California. San Diego’s beautiful beaches and international culture attract visitors from around the world. San Diego is rated as one of the most desirable U.S. cities based on weather, recreation, business, and cultural opportunities. At the regionally accredited United States University, we pride ourselves on the principles of a student-centered education; an education in which the entire university community is dedicated to the success of each and every student. We demonstrate this dedication through small class sizes that ensure no student is left behind, affordable tuition rates that make education accessible to people of all classes and nationalities, and a diverse student body that promotes inclusiveness and understanding in the classroom, community and world. University of the Potomac On-Campus, Online, and Blended Options We Guide You to Your Future. We Celebrate Your Success. Regionally accredited Locations in Washington D.C. and Vienna, Virginia Flexible for students with all schedules The University of Potomac offers a vibrant multicultural atmosphere. It is located in the heart of the US capital, Washington, D.C.; also home to the headquarters of many leading organizations, non- profit organizations, international organizations, and embassies from across the globe. Students may attend University classes in Washington DC, Virginia or online. University of the Potomac has many advantages for students with busy lives. Regardless of your scheduling demands, University of the Potomac partners with each student to provide the tools and resources for a personalized educational experience that meets your needs. London College of International Business Studies Located in heart of central London, England Application, experience, and internships available International campus with global experience The London College of International Business Studies (LCIBS) is a private college situated in the heart of central London. LCIBS has created an environment where a student can gain both a practical and analytical knowledge of their chosen subject as well as being part of a truly global environment. We have programmes that cover business, healthcare management, accounting/finance, marketing, public relations and sports management. What sets LCIBS apart from any other HE college is how public policy and ethics underpin all our programmes. UBIS On-Campus, Online, and Blended Options Internationally accredited Located in the heart of Geneva, Switzerland - a business capital of the world Exclusive global opportunities UBIS is located in the very heart of Geneva, Switzerland, arguably one of the most influential capitals of the world. UBIS gives you the choice of physically studying in Geneva— the vibrant, global business capital—or to study online. UBIS University offers Bachelors and Master degrees in Business Administration and International Relations. UBIS currently enrolls students from about 40 different countries and is an active partner of more than 35 cooperation programs in many other countries. Those dynamics create exclusive degrees and opportunities uniquely tailored to address the requirements of businesses and organizations for a globalized career. [-]

CERAH - The Geneva Centre for Education and Research in Humanitarian Action

Courses Certificate Switzerland Geneva February 2017

The Centre for Education and Research in Humanitarian Action The contexts in which humanitarian interventions unfold are more diverse and complex today than ever before. Emergencies occur in places already suffering from chronic underdevelopment, each situation calling for specific and adapted responses. Faced with these complexities, humanitarian workers have to display and use a wide variety of skills and competences to cope with situations of armed conflict, epidemics,… [+] natural catastrophes and social exclusion. Training and Research CERAH offers training programmes and conducts academic research projects of international repute, drawing on Geneva’s network of international institutions and non-governmental organisations. CERAH’s interdisciplinary research projects foster critical analysis of the humanitarian sector and humanitarian work, with the aim to improve performance, and encouraging reflection on professional practices, the politics of humanitarianism and humanitarian organisations. In recognition of the wide range of skills and broad knowledge-base that humanitarian professionals require today, CERAH’s courses provide in-depth training on subjects such as international humanitarian law, public health or project management for NGOs. Students are introduced to a variety of academic perspectives, including anthropology, economics and political science. A modular approach to education and training for humanitarian professionals CERAH's courses are structured to offer a number of options suited to people working in humanitarian action: Master of Advanced Studies (MAS) (10 to 12 months full time / 60 ECTS credits) covers all aspects of humanitarian action and allows students also to specialise in 2 areas of their choice. The programme's core objectives focus on the acquisition of theoretical tools and practical skills applicable in present-day humanitarian operations. Diploma of Advanced Studies (DAS) (4 months full-time / 30 ECTS credits) allows humanitarian professionals to reflect on their professional experience and gain new insights as well as analytical skills. The programme provides participants with an overview of conceptual and operational aspects of humanitarian action. Several Certificates of Advanced Studies (CAS) (6-7 weeks / 10 ECTS credits for each CAS) offer professionals the opportunity to deepen their knowledge and aquire skills in particular areas of humanitarian action. The intensive training courses are delivered by academics and experienced humanitarian practitioners. A special 8-month Distance Learning Certificate of Advanced Studies – Designing Strategies and Projects for Humanitarian Action (8 months / 15 ECTS credits) allows professional to study part time via distance learning while applying their new skills and knowledge to their actual working environment, with coaching and assistance. This course includes a 10-day mid-programme residential session in Uganda. One-week Thematic Seminar short courses (1 week / 2 ECTS credits for each TS)are interactive training formats that allow participants to analyse a range of issues of high importance to contemporary humanitarianism. The courses are led by senior academics and experienced humanitarian professionals who guide participants to build analytic skills and acquire practical tools. Geneva: a centre of humanitarian action Geneva is well known as an international centre for the humanitarian sector. The International Committee of the Red Cross, Doctors without Borders, the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies, the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, the International Organisation for Migration and the World Health Organisations all have their headquarters in Geneva. The city further hosts key offices of the UN’s Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs, UNICEF, UNDP, the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights, and Human Rights Watch. Dozens of international NGOs maintain offices in Geneva. CERAH and its students benefit from unique access to these important actors in the humanitarian field, as well as from the Centre’s ties to Geneva's prestigious academic institutions. Academic excellence Lecturers and researchers from a number of faculties of the University of Geneva (Medicine, Sciences, Law, Translation and Interpreting), from the Graduate Institute (IHEID) and from humanitarian organisations bring their specialised expertise and unique perspectives to enrich CERAH's multidisciplinary programme. [-]

MoT Executive MBA

Certificate Switzerland Lausanne China Shanghai Beijing India Bangalore Mumbai February 2017 + 4 more

The MoT Executive MBA relies on three major factors that are crucial in today's business environment. There are two kinds of leaders who can truly change the business world: the Entrepreneurs (creating and developing a new enterprise) and the Intrapreneurs (creating and developing new activities within an existing enterprise). The MoT Executive MBA program is particularly designed for these profiles. Innovation, whether derived from Hi-Tech or from Life Sciences, is a… [+] key driver to be competitive. To fully deploy innovation from a business perspective, it is necessary to combine Management and Technology together. The program addresses these key dimensions. Finally, it recognizes that in a global world, the growing market with the largest potential is China. Consequently, the program also takes place in Peking and Shanghai and has established partnerships with top ranked institutions, like the University of Peking, in order to enable participants to do business in China. From day one of the program, the learning process is particularly project-oriented to ensure that the various topics are immediately applicable in a global world. Campus Environment The University of Lausanne and the Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale are located close to the Lake of Geneva, facing the Alps. The hub of a metropolitan area of 280,000 people, Lausanne benefits from business, cultural, sports and educational facilities that have attracted an international community. Several multinational firms have their world-wide or European headquarters here or within a 30-minute drive (Nestlé, Logitech, Merck-Serono, Hewlett Packard, Dupont, Medtronic, Motorola to name a few). The World Trade Organization (WTO), The World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO), The European Center for Nuclear Research (CERN) as well as the International Olympic Committee (IOC), have their headquarters nearby. Foreign students comprise a large portion of the student body, and a varied choice of cultural and sports activities (sailing, skiing, etc.) contribute to an enjoyable and attractive student life. [-]

ETH Zurich, Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences

Certificate Switzerland Zurich Germany Leipzig Slovenia Ljubljana February 2017 + 2 more

The mission of the Institute is to perform leading-edge research with an interdisciplinary approach to the study of relevant problems in Pharmaceutical Sciences and to the development of novel diagnostic and therapeutic prototypes. The Institute has a commitment to translate excellence in research into teaching to form a new generation of experts in the field. The Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences belongs to the Department of Chemistry and Applied Biosciences at… [+] ETH Zürich. The Institute is located on the Hönggerberg Campus. The Institute hosts 11 research units with an international scientific staff of more than 100 researchers. It offers a stimulating research environment and state-of-the-art infrastructure. Research at the Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences covers a wide range of topics: from the identification and characterization of biomolecular drug targets to the pre-clinical and clinical development of promising diagnostic and therapeutic agents. Increasing emphasis is given to genomics and proteomics approaches to complement our traditional strength in pharmaceutical research. The Institute has played a central role in establishing the Functional Genomics Center Zurich and is actively shaping the center's next expansion phase. Internal and external scientific collaborations are actively encouraged and extensive contacts are maintained with hospitals and industry to foster efficient knowledge transfer to the benefit of medicine and biotechnology. The teaching programs at the Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences include an undergraduate curriculum in Pharmaceutical Sciences (with about 400 students), as well as post-graduate courses covering different aspects of Pharmaceutical Sciences and Technology (e.g., Medicinal Chemistry, Radiopharmaceutical Science, Quality Management & GMP Guidelines). The Institute has also a long-standing tradition in training Ph.D. students. Successful alumni have found positions in universities, pharmaceutical companies, hospitals and regulatory authorities around the world. Presently, over 90 students from 10 nations are enrolled in the Ph.D. program. Special lectures and a weekly seminar series entitled "Seminars in Drug Discovery & Development" are devoted to recent progress in pharmaceutical research and assure regular contacts with leading national and international scientists. Keywords: Radiopharm, radiopharmacy, radiopharmaceutical, radiochem, radiochemistry [-]

School of Life Sciences FHNW, University of Applied Sciences and Arts Northwestern Switzerland

MSc Switzerland Basel February 2017

School of Life Sciences Life Sciences sound exciting... and they are! The School of Life Sciences at the University of Applied Sciences and Arts Northwestern Switzerland is situated at the heart of one of the world’s leading Life Sciences regions, ‘tri-national’ Basel, which borders on Switzerland, France and Germany. We constantly compare our teaching and research with international quality standards and encourage transdisciplinarity as well as co-operation with netwo… [+] rks and diverse partners. Our aim is to apply the fascinating Life Sciences in an economic context and, along with our research partners, to establish a distinctive international university profile. Our colleagues are industry and scientific research specialists. They investigate the latest technological trends in Life Sciences and deal with various scientific issues using the most modern equipment and within the Life Sciences industry. Our researchers and students generate solid contributions to research, which bridge the gap between advanced Life Sciences and their practical applications. We are a learning organisation with the courage for change, fostering innovation and knowledge geared toward current and future markets. As a result, we continually develop our courses. We have made it our mission to support young entrepreneurs creating spin-off companies and to work to form collaborations with them.   Continuing education Practical applications are at the heart of our continuing education programmes. It is important to us that what you learn is what you will actually need in your subsequent career and no-one is better qualified to impart this know-how than working professionals. Our lecturers are experts with industrial, public sector and scientific backgrounds. These experienced professionals also have a say regarding the contents of our continuing education programmes. During the courses you will work on specific projects and in your papers you will deal with real-life problems. Needless to say, our modern infrastructure is at your disposal throughout your study programme.   Research and Development In the context of applied research and development (R&D), the close cooperation between the School of Life Sciences FHNW and regional, national as well as international commercial enterprises facilitates access of public institutions to state-of-the-art research results and the transforming of ideas into practice-oriented products and processes. Our research and development is interdisciplinary and focuses on these three research areas:     Molecular Technologies: technologies for the analysis and synthesis of active substances and biological systems     Therapeutic Technologies: technologies for the development and production of pharmaceutical products and medical devices in an environment-compliant way     Environmental Management: holistic environmental management for the sustainable use of resources and the conservation of an environment worth living in Interdisciplinarity means that life science-related areas are mapped in all of our four institutes (Chemistry and Bioanalytics , Ecopreneurship , Medical and Analytical Technologies and Pharma Technology). Our faculty members are from the academic disciplines of chemistry, biology, pharmaceutics, physics and engineering. They work on projects in the research fields of our institutes. [-]