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OBS Business School

Master Spain Barcelona Madrid September 2018

OBS Business School was founded in 2007 as the first business school 100% online in Spanish language. It is based on the environment of Planet Group, a world leader in publishing content for the Hispanic market and an important know-how in e - learning, with the collaboration of two strategic partners: The University of Barcelona, ​​the main public university in both Catalunya and Spain with more than 560 years of history. EAE Business School, fourth most reputable business sch… [+] ool in Spain according to the ranking published by Merco (Spanish Corporate Reputation Monitor) in 2011. We are a business school 100% online, with teachers in service worldwide and a leader in innovative programs that are ahead of the changing business environment. In OBS we committed to train managers and business managers to lead companies and institutions, under a new paradigm of sustainable and innovative management. Through our MBA programs, master 's and postgraduate courses we offer professionals and companies comprehensive training in all functional areas of an organization, always with the flexibility offered by our methodology online In 2010, the GMAC MET Fund (Management Education for Tomorrow) published the major trends that will follow the business schools in the XXI century as the main drivers of development. One of the conclusions reached is clear: education no longer have to take place in a single physical location, where you interact with students and various resources (teachers, library materials or otherwise), but student this interaction - faculty - resources tends to be somewhat mobile and completely connected thanks to the Internet. Education tend to build a network of people and resources to work and interact at all times, wherever they are. This is precisely what we offer at Online Business School. Innovation, internationalization and flexibility offered by e-learning are the basis of a methodology designed to provide training college graduate quality without physical barriers, allowing reconcile professional development that require today the markets with our personal lives . We strongly believe in innovation management trends as an engine of sustainable growth, reinforcing our contribution to international richness of approaches, content and multilateral solutions to our students. [-]


Master Spain Logroño September 2018

The mission of UNIR is the comprehensive training of students in the skills, competencies, and knowledge required to excel in today’s society. UNIR is committed to meeting the needs and expectations of our stakeholders: students, teaching and research faculty, administrative staff, public administrations and society in general- by providing quality education that strives for continuous improvement and excellence. We are especially sensitive to attending individuals whose c… [+] ircumstances prevent them from studying on campus or who prefer the more open, innovative solutions that emerging technologies can provide online. Values The values of UNIR are: Our commitment to student's success. Tailoring of teaching tasks, attending students throughout their studies and supporting them as they seek employment. Ongoing attention to innovation in our teaching and learning methodology. Fostering and promoting entrepreneurial spirit. Ability to respond to the expectations of students, teaching and research faculty, administrative and service staff, public administrations and society in general. Degrees and study programs that meet the needs of society. Meticulous attention to the quality of instruction and resources. An open approach to the international dimensions of the university education. In addition, UNIR, the Online University, is specifically committed to incorporating new technologies as an effective tool for learning in a university environment. There are three key aspects of our methodology that we wish to highlight. First, UNIR aspires to provide effective instruction that focuses on each student individually, adapting the pace of the students’ learning process to his/her circumstances. Second, to fulfill this aspiration, UNIR provides each student with a tutor to avoid the problems of anonymity and overcrowding so common in higher education. Third, UNIR ensures that the faculty and management personnel are fully committed to each and every student who embarks—sometimes with considerable sacrifice—on the adventure of pursuing a university degree. [-]

Universidad Católica de Murcia

Master Spain Murcia Spain Online September 2018

The Catholic University San Antonio - UCAM, As a Catholic university, is characterized by offering its students a integral formation, Based on the specific theoretical and technical knowledge of each degree plus the human formation anchored in the principles of Christian humanism, this work is dedicated to a faculty of prestige and a team of personal tutors, who follow the student from the Beginning of his studies to the end, with the aim of providing him with tools to improve… [+] his performance and at the same time reinforce his human training. Our objective Is to train professionals capable of transforming society, reduce inequalities and promote improvements that allow the creation of a more just world, respecting the dignity of people from conception to natural death. The UCAM Has bet since the beginning by the quality Teacher and researcher, Developing and applying active teaching-learning methodologies: small groups, tutorials, teamwork, internships in all degrees, end-of-degree work, incorporation of new technologies, WIFI network throughout the campus, virtual platform, Use by students ... all this, has allowed us a quick adaptation to the European Higher Education Area, without trauma, both by teachers and students. In this line, The UCAM Has obtained the Verification by ANECA and the Ministry of 23 degrees and also offers more than thirty official Master and PhD programs. At present the process of implementation of the degrees is a reality, eight degrees have started the process with favorable results. This is the result of work, effort and an exercise of responsibility of a faculty highly qualified and specialized, both in academic and research tasks, is supported by the high number of medical professors and the large number of lines of research. Another of our differential features is the Internationalization, A key aspect in a globalized world, we have collaboration agreements around the world, with prestigious universities such as Berkeley, Chicago, Bologna ... for the training of our students and the specialization of our teachers. To this it is necessary to point out as significant, the effort made by the San Antonio Catholic University to increase the data of Job insertion, Whose high rate is fructo also of the work of the technicians of our Service of Orientation and Labor Insertion. From the Catholic University San Antonio we work for and for the students, they are people, with name and surnames and with history, our desire is to contribute to the Personal and professional success Of all those who participate in this project from the principles on which this Institution is supported. [-]


Master Courses Spain Spain Online September 2018

CESIF in Numbers CESIF is a private born in 1990, whose activity is centered in the pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, biotechnology, food, chemical, cosmetic and - in general - in all related sectors related to health. View A world reference in training and consultancy highly specialized, contributing to the development of the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, food, chemical and cosmetic industries; essential industries for the economy. MISSION Committed to economic and social… [+] progress in the areas where it operates, as well as those involved in any activity inherent to the same company. Values [-]

Linguistic Horizons

Courses USA Walnut Peru Cusco Spain A Coruña September 2018 + 2 more

Linguistic Horizons fosters foreign language learning and cultural immersion through study aboard and internship programs. We facilitate experiences to destinations less traveled to encourage our participants to learn by interacting with locals.

Castelldefels School of Social Sciences

Master Spain Barcelona September 2018

Castelldefels School of Social Science makes a significant addition to society in research, education, persuasion, and interrelation. Castelldefels School of Social Science is based in Mediterranean and Cosmopolitan city along with greatest business hub of the era in Barcelona. In CSSS; we combine the best mixture of class, culture, and conflict of Barcelona. It is the aim of CSSS to provide high-quality graduate and undergraduate degrees and diploma programs to prepare… [+] the student to meet the needs of employers in various fields. Barcelona holds a top position in Europe as a spot to live and work. CSSS is located in the heart of Barcelona which is the most popular city in Europe. We deliver Global management degree with most modern techniques and technology. We have an enthusiastic group of a scholar who is not only successful in their academic but in the profession too. Vision and Values Strategy: Our strategy is very understandable: to make a corner where the best researchers and most talented students can achieve their full potential. Diversity: We get a wide range of actions to make sure everyone is accepted and has an equal chance when it comes to education and Employment in our School. International engagement: Castelldefels School of Social Science undertaking activities in regions throughout the world, creating a global university environment and building upon its strong international profile. CSSS is actively promoting links between countries and enhance cross-cultural understanding through workshop, seminars, exhibitions, short-courses, Events & Fairs, internships, and leadership programs. International engagement is a key focus for CSSS.We draw world’s best thinking together to solve globally significant problems. This cross-disciplinary door is lead to globally important inventions which continue to achieve the benefits worldwide. [-]

Universidad CEU - Cardenal Herrera

Bachelor Spain Valencia September 2018

CEU Community - UCHA university community at the service of societyOur missionWe are a Catholic University, a pioneer in the development of innovative educational projects. We are oriented to help people who learn with us to understand the discipline they study and to develop their professional activity with integrity and responsibility. Our reference is the values ​​of Christian humanism that constitute our criterion of thought and action for the improvement of society.We are… [+] committed to a globalized society, to which we want to contribute:Fully trained people, prepared to develop a public life and contribute to the improvement of their environment.Relevant research and knowledge transfer and innovation.Entrepreneurial initiative applicable to business and social projects.Our visionWe aspire to consolidate ourselves as a global University, innovative in its spirit and entrepreneurial in its action, that transmits these attitudes to the university community so that it transfers them to society. A university focused on the formation of valuable people in all senses - intellectual, professional and human - and doing it better and better.A University determined to generate , by itself and through its graduates, an impact on society that contributes to improving it and becoming an international reference in the field of higher education.Compromise and responsibilityWe reflect on the consequences of our actions and respect the rules that govern us and the commitments we make.University Defender of the CEU -UCHThe figure ensures respect for the rights and freedoms of professors, students and administration and services staff, in view of the actions of the different university bodies and services.Their actions are always aimed at improving university quality in all areas and is not subject to any mandate imperative in accordance with the principles of independence and autonomy.Dignity and integrityWe recognize the inherent value of each human being as a rational and free being.We are committed to the equality of men and women. We are as an organization and as transmitters of knowledge and values.Equality UnitThe evolution of societies towards a more equitable reality, it is necessary that it passes through the incorporation under conditions of equality of all men and women who belong to it. Universities, as knowledge transmission centers, must also adopt this commitment, using the mechanisms at their disposal, such as equality units, and thus achieve the objectives entrusted to them.It informs and advises the governing bodies of the University regarding equality policies.Prepares, implements and evaluates the Equality Plans in the University, which will establish the objectives and strategies to be achieved in terms of promoting equal treatment and opportunities at the University.It informs about the regulations of the University and the procedures with impact on gender equality and opportunities.It supports the realization of studies in order to promote equality.Promotes knowledge by the staff of the University and by the students of the principle of equality.Disseminates the activities carried out on equality issues.Respect and empathy: We pay special attention to the relationship with the other, recognizing the dignity of each person and their work. We are sensitive to the circumstances and needs of others and we care about each person who asks for help or guidance.Solidarity: We assume that the common good is more than the sum of particular assets and we know that collective effort allows us to achieve achievements that are impossible to achieve individually.Professionalism: We strive to be up to the expectations of the people with whom we relate and try to develop with rigor the professional activity that each one has entrusted.Innovation: We feel an innovative University in many ways. We propose new ideas and initiatives to adapt to changes and new social and professional frameworks.Integration: We believe in the value of the difference and we assume that we are part of the same whole, the CEU community. We add our differences because we consider them valuable, to enrich ourselves culturally and personally.Admission process [-]

ESCP Europe Business School

Master France Paris Spain Madrid United Kingdom London Germany Berlin Italy Turin Poland Warsaw China Beijing India Delhi September 2018 + 12 more

Established in 1819, the world’s first business school, ESCP Europe was founded by a group of economic scholars and businessmen including the well-known economist Jean-Baptiste Say and the celebrated trader Vital Roux. Jean-Baptiste Say was an advocate of economic liberalism and is often credited with having coined the concept of entrepreneurship as early as 1800. Vital Roux is particularly known for having largely contributed to the elaboration of the Commercial Code in 1… [+] 807 as well as for his up-front thinking in innovative pedagogy. One can, therefore, say that the creation of ESCP Europe represents the invention of the "business school" concept. Although the ESCP Europe brand evolved over its almost 200 years of history, it always remained loyal to its first three letters. Starting in 1819 under the name Ecole Spéciale de Commerce et d’Industrie and soon after renamed Ecole Supérieure de Commerce, it developed to ESCP fifty years later in 1869. After merging with its sister school, the European School of Management (EAP), in 1999, the school was called ESCP-EAP for about a decade. Finally, in 2009, the school’s name turned into ESCP Europe, making explicit reference to its European heritage and positioning. The international scope of ESCP Europe has been visible since its early age. Already the class of 1824 counted 30% of international students with 15 different nationalities, amongst them seven Spanish, five Brazilians, five Dutch, four Germans, and two Americans. Language education was an essential part of its first curriculum which included, in addition to French grammar, also courses in English, German, and Spanish. As of 1825, a total of ten languages were taught at ESCP Europe and students had to study at least three of them.Around one and a half centuries later, ESCP Europe was again a pioneer through the creation of a multi-campus business school. In order to respond to the School’s European calling, campuses in Germany and in the United Kingdom were opened in 1973, followed by Spain in 1988, Italy in 2004, and Warsaw in 2015. In the context of an ever more globalized world, the ambition of ESCP Europe today is to train truly European managers by fostering the link between humanistic values and management education. ESCP Europe becomes a veritable European School open to the World. Mission and Values ESCP Europe connects and shapes the business world by advancing cross-cultural management knowledge and practice. Teaching management from an interdisciplinary perspective at the highest level of academic excellence, we develop culturally intelligent, multilingual leaders, who are open-minded, adaptable and responsible. As managers and entrepreneurs, ESCP Europe's graduates are equipped to lead and inspire in a globalised world. Facts and Governance 6 ESCP Europe campuses in Berlin, London, Madrid, Paris, Torino, and Warsaw. Triple accredited: AACSB, EQUIS, AMBA The World’s First Business School (est. 1819) Over 140 research-active professors representing over 20 nationalities across our 6 campuses 90 affiliate professors, 30 visiting professors, over 800 practitioners and experts Over 120 academic alliances in Europe and the world A full portfolio; Bachelor, Masters, MBAs, PhDs, and Executive Education 4,600 students in degree programmes representing 100 different nationalities 5,000 high-level participants in customized training and executive education 50,000 active alumni in over 150 countries in the world European Governance representing the School’s deep European identity Regularly ranked among the World’s best business schools Campuses ESCP Europe’s distinctive model of a cross-border multi-campus business school embodies the heart of our European identity. With its six urban campuses in major European cities, ESCP Europe contributes actively to the development of a European management culture and allows the School to offer a unique type of cross-cultural business education: BERLIN LONDON MADRID PARIS TORINO WARSAW [-]

ISMET - Formación en salud y terapias naturales

Master Diploma Spain Barcelona Spain Online September 2018

"If you like the health sector, assist people to prevent and treat pathologies, research or any activity related to natural therapies, you must train in a school that offers a solid training for your professional future. History ISMET, Was founded in 1992 by José Luis Badrena and inaugurated by the Dean of the Faculty of Traditional Chinese Medicine in Beijing. ISMET was born with the purpose of training in natural therapies so that students can become the best professionals … [+] in the areas we teach: Naturopathy and Homeopathy, Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture, Hand Techniques, Osteopathy, Natural Wellness and Aesthetics, Coaching and Health , Personal Growth and Energy Therapies. Since then, to date, ISMET continues to evolve and expand its offer, in addition to incorporating day-to-day experience acquired over the years, both in graduates, masters and continuing education as in clinical practice for new students. More than twenty years of experience for which a large number of students and more than a thousand active students have passed us. Parallel to the creation of the school, the center of therapies was also launched, with the dual purpose of contributing to the research with the implementation of the methods studied and to serve as an essential complement in the training of its students. Currently ISMET is a collaborating center with UCC-UVic (Central University of Catalonia - University of Vic) and UCAM (San Antonio Catholic University of Murcia). Why study with us We have flexible schedules and study methodologies (face-to-face or online), to adapt to your work and family life. The graduate study programs were elaborated and based on the Training Guides of the IES (Institut d'Estudis de la Salud - Department of Health of the Generalitat de Catalunya). We put at your disposal a teaching team of more than 100 professionals who combine teaching with their clinical practice Each year we conduct approximately 250 seminars and monographs, either introductory or specialization We facilitate professional development through clinical practices with real patients and practices in sporting events. Approximately every year about 18,000 visits are made Agreements with national and international universities to obtain their own university degrees within the field of natural therapies Through the job exchange every year move more than 200 job offers ... take a look at Instagram, we publish them there! ISMETalumni, ISMET alumni association, offers discounts and special prices on various exclusive services for ISMET alumni ... a totally free service We are the only center of the sector located in a building of more than 2.000m2 in the left of the eixample. Finally, the ISMET Community offers you free conferences and workshops, excursions, continuing education, sector information and other extracurricular activities. Online mode "This modality allows training programs to be taken, without schedules and without the need for commuting" Main features of online mode: The didactic material presented through chapters and topics is complemented with evaluation material: exercises, work, exams, evaluative and self-evaluation tests, work forums. All this, to guarantee a didactic and dynamic learning that facilitates the understanding and favors the learning. Personalized tutoring by teachers specialized in the subject, who promote learning and guide the student. The interactive community of the campus favors communication between teachers and students and allows the student's evolution according to their possibilities. Promotes student participation . The student is in permanent contact with his classmates and his teacher. Likewise, continuous assessment (forums, debates, group exercises, emails) favors motivation for learning. All the partners and teachers participate in their training (sharing doubts, ideas and clarifications), and a feedback effect is produced by both parties. It is more flexible because there are no schedules or limited time. The student chooses when he wants to study and for how long. This allows adapting the course to each specific need. The faculty of the Campus remains active from the month of September until the month of July. During the month of August the student continues to have access to the Campus to review lessons or catch up on the issues that are delayed. Continuous evaluation . The student is evaluated taking into account its evolutionary process throughout the course. Thus, from the beginning of the course to the end of the course, it will be evaluated through different processes: exercises, tests, exams, work, participation in forums, etc. and the sum of all these tests, will result in the final grade of course. The student's results are studied by an academic committee for later validation. Follow-up learning . The ISMET online training system allows students to check their progress throughout their learning process. In this sense, the student is fully aware at all times of his current academic situation, and therefore can adapt his level of study to the needs of each moment. For the passing of the subjects are not realized (at the moment and waiting to be regulated by the administration) face-to-face exams. Technical requirements: Device with browser that can play Flash content Minimum screen resolution of 1024 × 768 Internet connection and a recommended speed of 20Mbs Mozilla Firefox web browser recommended. In case of android tablet, the Dolphin web browser. In case of Ipad, the Puffin web browser Flash Player 6 plugin, at a minimum. Recommended to have it well updated It is advisable to have basic computer skills at the user level. Addressed to The ISMET virtual campus is born for all those people who, for work, personal reasons or even by geographical location, it is impossible for them to attend on a regular basis to face-to-face classes. This training is aimed at people with no previous experience who wish to be trained in these areas for the first time, as active professionals who wish to complement their training or to recycle themselves in this knowledge, whether they are specialized therapists in these areas or other complementary ones (chiromassists, Acupuncturists, etc.) as well as health personnel who wish to complement their training in this field (doctors, psychologists, physiotherapists, DUES, etc.). GOALS The fundamental objective of our online studies is to provide a complete training in the area of ​​natural therapies, so that the students can acquire the necessary knowledge to be able to practice this profession. Thus, the student will learn to perform the functions of a practitioner of natural therapies and will be trained with the necessary technical knowledge for treatments with natural methods. Faculty and Material With the aim of offering a solid and quality teaching, we have a portfolio of teaching staff specialized in the different areas. Thus, fulfilling its contribution of knowledge, the faculty has a wide professional experience, which inevitably enriches even more the quality of ONLINE courses. In addition, teachers have been trained to offer a dynamic and current teaching, appropriate to this type of training, and coordinated by a pedagogical planning system. The student has a consultant for each course, which will accompany its evolution throughout the course. On the other hand, there is the figure of the Coordinator on line, whose main function is to coordinate the interaction between student-teacher, evaluate the pedagogical processes and guarantee and favor the campus culture. The didactic material necessary to carry out the courses, Is presented through the online campus. The academic program has been created by experts in the field. Dedication The online ISMET campus learning system offers great flexibility in class schedules. So that allows you to connect to the campus whenever you want and in the schedule you want, as long as you cover the objectives marked by the teacher of the subject. At the beginning of the course, the teacher will make a planning of the contents of the same, so that the student will know from the beginning when and what subjects will study weekly. The ratio between credits and hours of dedication is 1 credit = 10 hours of use. The total amount of credits (hours of use) refers to the time spent conducting activities and evaluations and NOT to the time of connection. Certificate At the end of the monographic course (s) enrolled, and once passed the evaluation tests and be up to date of payment, a certificate will be issued from the area studied. This certificate details the student's data, the number of hours (credits) taken, the date and the registration number of the diploma. The certificate of the online courses is a document sealed and registered by the school. It is sent by e-mail provided by the campus, in protected PDF format, so that it can not be manipulated, according to the legislation in force in Spain on the validity of digital documents. Career prospects Cabinet or private consultation as practical of Naturist Criterion, practical of Homeopathic or Practical Criteria of Traditional Chinese Therapy. Collaboration in: health centers and therapies, beauty centers, spas, spas or urban spas, herbalists, gyms or sports centers. It is undoubtedly a profession with a great social demand and, therefore, with a great future . International Do you want to study from outside Spain? You can access the online training from any country in the world and at the time that suits you best, classes have a start date and an end date that you must follow to carry a suitable rhythm, you can access as many times as you wish in this span of time. Time, it is unlimited the time you can stay on campus, this way you can see the lessons you need to reinforce more times. [-]

CES Cardenal Cisneros

Master Spain Madrid September 2018

POR QUÉ CISNEROS Vive tu experiencia universitaria en el centro de Madrid. Disfruta de una de las mejores etapas de tu vida, en una de las zonas más bonitas de la Comunidad de Madrid, el Barrio de Salamanca. Más de medio siglo centrados en la enseñanza universitaria avalan nuestro sistema de formación, el Centro de Enseñanza Superior Cardenal Cisneros, el más antiguo de España. Adscrito a la Universidad Complutense de Madrid desde 1971, proporciona a sus alumnos, todo el… [+] rigor y la excelencia de la formación reglada, junto con la eficacia de una atención personalizada. Con un planteamiento integral en la formación, en el Centro de Enseñanza Superior Cardenal Cisneros, podrás completar todo el proceso formativo, mediante una oferta que contempla los grados de Administración y Dirección de Empresas, Derecho y Psicología y el doble grado Derecho + ADE, además de acceder a un programa de posgrados excelente. Con Becas por valor de 470.000 € en el curso académico 2016-2017, ayudamos a muchos estudiantes a descubrir su vocación a disfrutar de una alternativa formativa única en España, disponer de la titulación oficial que te permita desarrollarte como profesional, a la vez que vives la experiencia de hacerlo en el Centro de Madrid. Esto es Centro de Enseñanza Superior Cardenal Cisneros y te estamos esperando. TU FUTURO, EMPIEZA AQUÍ. Presentación Un poco más sobre nosotros El Centro de Enseñanza Superor Cardenal Cisneros es el más antiguo de España. Fundado hace más de 40 años, fue reconocido por orden Orden del Ministerio de Educación y Ciencia de 14 de septiembre de 1971. Su actividad se ha venido desarrollando en las áreas del Derecho, la Economía, y la Psicología, con un importante crecimiento desde los inicios, pasando de 250 en 1971 a 1.000 alumnos en el curso actual. En total hemos formado a más de 30.000 alumnos. Las enseñanzas que se imparten son: Grado en Psicología Grado en Derecho Grado en Administración y Dirección de Empresas Doble Grado en Derecho + ADE Máster de Acceso a la Profesión de Abogado Máster en Psicología General Sanitaria Al finalizar sus estudios de Grado los alumnos reciben el correspondiente título oficial expedido por la UCM. Objetivos Nos centramos en la formación Centro de Enseñanza Superior de gestión privada, y adscrito a la Universidad Complutense. Cuyos objetivos prioritarios son los siguientes: Proporcionar al alumno/a formación amplia, plural y de calidad. Preparar al alumno/a para el ejercicio de su profesión mediante las enseñanzas teóricas y prácticas adecuadas, fomentando la constancia en el trabajo, así como la iniciativa y el esfuerzo personal como garantía del éxito y de su adecuada inserción laboral. Desarrollar las potencialidades del alumno/a a través de la atención continua y el trato personalizado, posibilitando su activa participación en la sociedad. Contribuir al desarrollo de la comunidad académica y científica basándose en la utilización de un sistema eficaz de orientación educativa y profesional, en permanente mejora, que fomente la investigación en todas las áreas. Ventajas Algunos motivos para estudiar con nosotros Los planes de estudio son los establecidos oficialmente por la Universidad Complutense de Madrid (UCM), siguiendo las correspondientes “Guías de Grado” de las asignaturas aprobadas por los Departamentos UCM. Al finalizar sus estudios el alumno/a obtiene el título de Graduado/a o Licenciado/a por la UCM. Facilidad para la realización de trámites habida cuenta la gestión privada del Centro. Número reducido de alumnos/as por grupo, lo que permite una atención personalizada. Posibilidad de cursar la mayor parte de asignaturas en horarios de mañana y tarde. Inmejorable ubicación en el centro de Madrid. Precio de matrícula competitivo, al pertenecer el Centro a una Fundación sin ánimo de lucro. Enseñanzas Contenidos, Alumnos y Profesores Como Centro de Enseñanza Superior adscrito a la Universidad Complutense de Madrid, sus enseñanzas tienen los mismos efectos académicos que las cursadas en las facultades correspondientes de esta Universidad. Sus planes de estudio son los establecidos oficialmente en dichas Facultades. Los alumnos/as del CES Cardenal Cisneros son, a todos los efectos, alumnos oficiales de la Universidad Complutense de Madrid, recibiendo, al finalizar sus estudios, el título de licenciado por dicha Universidad. Los profesores gozan de plena capacidad docente por estar seleccionados entre profesores de Universidad (Catedráticos, Titulares) y profesionales de reconocido prestigio que cuentan con la “venia docenci” otorgada por el Rector de la Universidad Complutense de Madrid. [-]

Universidad Autónoma de Barcelona

Master Spain Barcelona September 2018

The Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona (UAB) is known both for its excellence in research and for its quality in teaching. It is a center of reference in Europe. The UAB is only 25 minutes by public transport from the center of Barcelona, ​​a cosmopolitan city on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea. The main campus is located in Bellaterra, in the heart of one of the main industrial and technological pillars of Mediterranean Europe. At the UAB we live the full university expe… [+] rience. The campus is organized as an authentic knowledge city with almost 50,000 inhabitants: students, teachers, researchers and administration and services staff. It has all the necessary services for it: a university residence (more than 2000 places), a set of specialized libraries, a language school, sports facilities (with gym, swimming pool, football fields ...), a center Health, restaurants, shops and cafes. The UAB offers high level study programs in most areas of knowledge: • 87 undergraduate degrees. The degrees in Business Administration, Economics, Primary Education and Tourism are offered with 100% teaching in English, and many other degrees include subjects in this language. • 315 master's degrees, which aim at the acquisition by the student of an advanced training of a specialized and multidisciplinary nature, oriented both to professional specialization and to initiation to research. • 68 PhD programs, whose objective is the advanced training of students in research techniques culminating in the doctoral thesis (1114 theses in 2015-2016). They consist in the elaboration and defense of a thesis and usually have a duration of three years. Its objective is to train teachers and researchers of the highest level. A total of 27 doctoral programs of the UAB have obtained the Mention towards Excellence. The mention of international doctorate involves a stay in different European countries by the doctorate and participation of professors of international universities. The international dimension of the UAB is particularly evident in international students, especially in master's degrees with 2,949 international students (40%) and doctorates with 1,703 international students (33%), as well as 1,346 international students (5% ). The university has 45 masters with 100% teaching in English. The UAB is a university that promotes innovation, employability and entrepreneurship. It promotes research and transfer in all areas of knowledge, and works closely with the business and industrial fabric of its surroundings, as well as the scientific centers in its area, such as the ALBA Synchrotron, located five minutes from the campus. The UAB has 352 research groups, 57 departments and 45 institutes and centers. Many of the latter have been created in collaboration with major scientific institutions, while all carry out intense research activity (3,316 articles published in journals indexed according to 2015 data, Thomson Reuters WOK). In addition, the five hospitals affiliated to the university also participate in the research work of the UAB, three of them accredited with the seal of excellence of the Institute of Health Carlos III. The university encourages the involvement and participation of its students in volunteer activities and service to the community, which is why it has been awarded from different institutions. In addition, it carries out campaigns among the community for social awareness. The UAB promotes exchanges in mobility programs and promotes the recruitment of international students (3,546 students of international mobility). Of particular note are the Erasmus Mundus, Comenius, Leonardo Da Vinci and Erasmus K2 projects. It has specific programs for the reception and assistance to international students. Under the Erasmus program, 1,008 bilateral agreements have been established with more than 500 European universities. Course data 2015-2016 Fundació UAB The UAB Foundation promotes training, research and social action projects and provides commercial and patrimonial services within the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona. It has a wide offer of teaching degrees and official degrees of CFGS, Degree, Master and Postgraduate. [-]

UAM Universidad Autónoma de Madrid

Master Spain Madrid September 2018

Welcome to the University The UAM welcomes its new students. In all the centers there are celebrated Days to welcome and to inform on the curricula of the different degrees as well as of other subjects of interest for the university life. 10 reasons to study at the UAM Why study at the UAM? It is a modern university, interested in the integral formation of its students and recognized internationally, being framed within the group of the 200 best universities in the world. It… [+] is concerned about the environment and proud of her work to achieve an environmentally sustainable campus. It is the Spanish university of reference from the standpoint researcher and has on its campus with various university research institutes themselves and others in collaboration with the Higher Council for Scientific Research. Pioneer in the work of solidarity action and cooperation, work with NGOs, etc. The graduates of the UAM have a high level of labor insertion, 90% of those who have sought a job have found it, and in an average time of 4 ½ months. It has an Employment Forum and in this time it has become the University Employment Forum with more companies and participating institutions. It is an enterprising university in many aspects and one of the most important is one of the creations of companies. It is the pioneering Spanish university in this respect, it has the Center for Entrepreneurial Initiatives CIADE-UAM for help in the creation of companies and since its founding has been involved in the creation of more than 170 companies. It has international exchange relations with the best universities in the world, for example in the ERASMUS exchange program with universities in Europe, more than 1000 students of the Autonomous University enjoy academic stays. There are also privileged relationships with various Latin American universities. Concerned by the society to which it belongs, it maintains strong relations of collaboration with City Councils, Institutions, and Companies, for which it has subscribed numerous agreements and framework agreements of collaboration. It has numerous cultural activities, including summer courses and contemporary humanities. It owns the cycle of concerts organized by universities oldest and prestigious and that takes place every year in the National Auditorium of Music. It has multiple sports facilities, including indoor and outdoor pools. The Autonomous University organizes diverse internal and interuniversity competitions and its students are university champions in diverse disciplines. The UAM is part of the High-Level Athletes program funded by the Higher Sports Council. [-]


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Six European universities collaborate to deliver Europubhealth+, an innovative, integrated 2-year Master course for students wishing to engage in a public health career. Emphasizing at its core the urgent need to build sustainable health systems whilst addressing health inequalities, Europubhealth+ provides multi-disciplinary training delivered in a unique multi-cultural environment. It brings students the competences necessary for innovative public health professionals,… [+] leading evidence-based decision making at the local, national or global levels in the 21st century. The programme has been supported by the European Commission as an Erasmus Mundus Master Degree with a label of excellence since 2006. Thanks to its 10 years of existence, the programme benefits from a vibrant international network of public health professionals and academics, and more than 200 graduates of 70 nationalities. COORDINATING INSTITUTION EHESP School of Public Health| France PARTNERS University of Granada – Andalusian School of Public Health | Spain University of Sheffield – School of Health and Related Research | United Kingdom University of Rennes 1 | France Jagiellonian University Medical College of Krakow | Poland Maastricht University | The Netherlands ASSOCIATED PARTNERS Public Health England | United Kingdom Andalusian Health Service | Spain Polish National Institute of Public Health – National Institute of Hygiene | Poland INVS- Public Health France | France Pan American Health Organization | USA Mailman School of Public Health, Columbia University | USA University of Copenhagen | Denmark Hanoi Medical University | Vietnam University of Health Sciences of Laos PDR | Laos PDR European Observatory on Health Systems and Policies – WHO European Centre for Health Policy | Belgium ASPHER - Association of Schools of Public Health in the European Regions | Belgium [-]

Universidade da Coruña

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The University of Coruña was founded under the Galician Universities Law 11/1989 on July 20th, 1989. The Constituent Assembly passed the University Statutes on the February 4th, 1992and these were published in the Official Bulletin (DOG) on September 17th, 1992. The University of Coruña is territorially situated in the Campus of Coruña and the Campus of Ferrol. The University of Coruña is a public institution whose primary objective is the generation, management and dissemination of … [+] culture and scientific, technological and professional knowledge through the development of research and teaching. The University of Coruña conceives its essential purpose as a quality public service aimed at achieving greater levels of welfare for the group of the society through the pursuit of social, scientific and technological advances in a framework of ethical values. Part of its mission is the formation of an open, critical, democracy and solidarity citizenship, capable of analyzing reality, diagnose problems, formulate and implement solutions based in knowledge and oriented to the common good. The University of Coruña explicitly expresses its commitment to the study and the integral development of Galicia, its social, cultural and linguistic identity, and it will promote its full integration into the European Higher Education and the projection in Latin America. The University of Coruña Foundation, a private charitable and academic foundation, has been created in order to provide the University with permanent social support. Mission Statement The role of the University of Coruña is to aid the cultural, social and economic progress of society through the encouragement, management and dissemination of cultural, scientific, technological and professional creation. Its mission is to deliver high-quality, Galician public service. Central to that mission is the education of open, knowledgeable, critical, engaged, democratic and cooperative citizens, with a strong sense of solidarity and the ability to analyse their reality, identify problems, and propose and implement solutions based on knowledge and understanding and the common good. As part of its duty of service to society, the University is committed to: The creation, development, communication and critical analysis of science, technology and culture. Preparing students for professional life through the teaching of scientific and artistic knowledge and practice. The transfer, dissemination and promotion of knowledge for the advancement of culture, quality of life and economic development. The dissemination of knowledge and culture through University outreach and lifelong learning. Vision Looking ahead to 2020, UDC aspires to: Establish strong connections with the whole community, in order to understand its needs and respond to the changes taking place in our society. Collaborate with all social partners and public and private bodies to examine, identify and provide solutions to the challenges facing our society. Open up channels of active solidarity, with a strong commitment to environmental protection and sustainable development through innovation. The University will continue to: Offer training and education tailored to the present and future needs of our society, and adapt that learning to the individual developmental needs of each student through the promotion of effective, innovative teaching methods to guarantee the acquisition of the abilities and competencies demanded by our degrees. Help students to develop skills that enhance their employability at a local, national and international level. Support the creation and development of national and international networks of basic and applied research groups for the promotion of scientific, technological, economic and social progress. Be recognised for the research carried out at the University and the innovative knowledge transfer strategies and initiatives made possible by the technical and scientific services of the UDC Technology Park. Combine the promotion of general knowledge in all fields with specialisation in the areas of science and technology where the University is strongest. Manage our resources fairly, efficiently, productively and transparently, and work to ensure stable and sufficient funding from the State, with supplementary financing through our partnerships in the private sector. Enhance the reputation of UDC abroad based on our teaching and research activities. Promote a system of strategic management in order to achieve our collective objectives in collaboration and consultation with the whole University community. Values and Principles UDC, as a public, civil, autonomous, inclusive and secular institution, and in accordance with its own objectives, will be governed by the following values and principles: Equality of opportunity, based on the principles of merit, ability, equality, universal access to third-level education and promoting a culture of non-discrimination. Personal effort as one of the key aspects of individual advancement and development, and the ability to find a balance between personal desires and the ability to satisfy them, as an aid to problem-solving, conflict resolution and the achievement of collective goals for the common good. Participation in the decision making process and the promotion of channels of communication between all members of the University community, as a way of maximising all available talent and resources. Social responsibility and commitment, as a way of contributing actively to the improvement of the socio-economic situation of our community and the creation of greater economic well being in society as a whole. Commitment to Galicia and to the transformation and development of Galician society: to create, protect, communicate and transmit the artistic, urban, architectural, documentary and linguistic heritage and culture of Galicia. Respect for the environment, as a socially responsible university, maximising and managing the resources at our disposal as efficiently as possible, to minimise environmental impact. Efficient use of public resources to ensure they are used to best effect to meet the needs of society and in the interest of the common good. Quality as a core objective, with a collective will and desire to work to achieve higher standards of teaching, research, management and services, in the interests of greater social well being. Transparency as a mechanism of accountability, to account for all decision and actions taken by the University. [-]

IES Abroad

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A highly charged force who will move your world. Everything we do is about the IES Abroad student. Our profoundly passionate team of study abroad professionals believes in creating once-in-a-lifetime educational adventures that transcend expectations. Our goal is to rock the world of some 6,000 study abroad students every year. From our headquarters in Chicago to our 125+ study abroad programs in more than 30 global locations worldwide, we create authentic global education… [+] and life-affirming cultural experiences. We work at IES Abroad because we believe that every student should have the opportunity to go abroad – especially for a fun, safe, and superior academic and cultural environment. We believe so strongly in the power of our program, that we actively recruit students from diverse populations and provide more than $4 million in scholarships year after year. We are proud that our students are as diverse and exciting as the countries they study in. Who We Are The Institute for the International Education of Students (“IES Abroad”) represents a consortium of more than 235 U.S. colleges and universities. As a not-for-profit 501(c)(3) organization, IES Abroad has an all-volunteer Board of Directors and an extensive academic governance system that includes 5 committees featuring democratic representation from the IES Abroad Consortium. Since its founding in 1950, over 100,000 students have participated in IES Abroad international study abroad programs. IES Abroad operates 120+ programs in more than 30 locations in Europe, Africa, Asia, South America, Australia and New Zealand. With 6,000+ students enrolled in IES Abroad programs each year, IES Abroad is the largest study abroad provider in the United States and an innovative leader in the study abroad field. Our Mission IES Abroad educates students to become global leaders through premier study abroad and internship programs, which offer students worldwide experiential learning opportunities that meet the highest standards of academic quality. Our Vision Our vision for the future remains connected to the original IES Abroad program in 1950, a world filled with interculturally competent leaders who have both the understanding and skills to effectively, humanely, and positively navigate across different cultures, in politics, education, business, or the non-profit sector. Our Philosophy We are committed to placing the interests of our students first, to the delivery of superior academic programs, and to providing excellent service to our students and educational partners around the world. These are our highest priorities. We believe transparency, best practices, and maintaining the integrity of our business principles are in the best interests of our students, our global academic partners, and our organization. The governance structure of IES Abroad features a system of oversight characterized by consortium member and third-party driven checks and balances. What we offer A passport to global citizenship. IES Abroad creates a journey—an exhilarating challenge of academics and cultural immersion—an unmatched global educational experience. Our world-class faculty and demanding, relevant courses engage and inspire students as they discover unexpected ways of learning both inside and outside the classroom. Soon, our students find themselves at the intersection of language proficiency and intercultural communication as they learn to navigate the world as 21st-century global citizens. Here's how we do it: More than 125 academic programs Programs in 30+ cities and 21 countries A network of 600+ Ambassadors who have volunteered to answer questions More than 1,200 IES Abroad courses taught by qualified international faculty Credit transfer, based on programs already approved by students’ home schools or through programs accredited by IES Abroad’s School of Record, the University of Rochester Housing options secured and vetted by IES Abroad, including homestays, residence halls with local university students, and/or apartments (often with a local resident assistant) More than $4 million in IES Abroad scholarships and aid available Option to take courses at one of our international partner universities alongside local students Personal advising to assist with pre-departure questions, concerns, and processes Assistance with the visa application process Comprehensive health and safety services, which include: 24/7 emergency staff assistance onsite in each location to respond to immediate health and safety needs of students International health insurance for emergency purposes U.S.-based Dean of Students and support staff who establish and oversee health and safety protocol, consult with IES Abroad Centers to maintain high standards of safety, and serve as an emergency contact An international policy plan for crisis management and emergency procedures in all locations for evacuation in the event of natural disaster, political unrest, or terrorist action. Comprehensive pre-departure resources, including cultural and academic information Access to Moodle, an online learning environment that engages students outside the classroom Family support, including the IES Abroad Family Guide Experienced and dedicated local staff on-site Meals, depending on housing selection Internships and field placements in areas such as Art/Theatre, Business, Education, Government/Politics, Law, Sciences/Health-related programs, Social/NGO Organizations Service learning and volunteer opportunities at various local, national and international charitable organizations in areas such as Animal Welfare, Community Development, Economic Development, Education, Health, Human Rights, etc. Comprehensive orientation and re-entry programming that focuses on cultural adjustment, goal setting, and achievement, and preparing for the return home Access to organized field trips and cultural events Transcript Access to our 100,000+ alumni network and The Exchange bi-annual newsletter [-]

University CEU - Cardenal Herrera

Bachelor Diploma Spain Moncada September 2018

Our University belongs to the University Foundation San Pablo-CEU, the most important private education organization in Spain, having more than 26,000 students and 24 centers in every educative level, among those three Universities in Madrid, Barcelona, and Valencia. University CEU Cardenal Herrera has more than 40 years experience in the Autonomous Community of Valencia. Excellence, integral education, and personalized attention We are committed to academic and professional… [+] excellence and the integral formation of our students. College is more than what happens in the classroom, and personalized teaching is the key for us. At CEU Cardenal Herrera University we believe that the first year is an opportunity for students to guide their futures and to decide on the path they will follow at the university in the next few years. From day one we offer assistance to students on this journey through tutorials and close relationships with their faculties and the university's services. The professors know that their work is not only to teach but to ensure that each student learns and intellectually matures. They do this by extending their work beyond the classroom. Committed to languages Learning languages is another of our main priorities. In addition to learning or improving Spanish (the second most spoken language in the world), you will have access to the numerous other language courses that are offered by our languages service. Chinese Spanish French German Practical training & Employment The student's first work experiences are developed in the university's facilities, they rigorously reconstruct the future professional scenarios of the different degree courses. In addition, the university also arranges professional work experiences for our students in both Spanish and foreign institutions. Valencia is a favorite destination for Erasmus students Spain remains the favorite destination for European students for participating in the Erasmus exchange program and it is also the country that sends the most students to the other Member States. During the 2011/2012 academic year, Spain received 39,300 Erasmus students, 15.5% of the total. Valencia has one of the mildest climates in Europe. It is characterized by a mild, typically Mediterranean climate, with an average annual temperature above 17ºC. Summers are warm and winters are very mild (during the winter months the temperature rarely falls below 10°C). HOSPITALITY PACKAGE Accommodation: before your arrival, you will be able to choose accommodation in an apartment or in a College Mayor (which is like a residence hall, but with the added bonus of cultural, academic, religious and sports activities). We have already selected the best deals for you so that you can browse through the different options online. On your arrival at the university, we can then help you to chose for accommodation, according to what best suits your needs. Getting a phone: upon arrival, you will receive a SIM card so you can talk and surf from the first minute. Opening a bank account: someone will accompany you to a branch of Banco Santander, which is the biggest bank in Spain having an office right on campus. We will help you to open an account which will give you access to your money 24/7. Banco Santander does not charge a fee for non-residents opening a bank account. Matriculation documentation: you don't have to worry about managing all the international academic documents, or paying for the matriculation documents in Spain. The university will manage all of the international documentation and take on the payments of the corresponding fees (fees to obtain the credential in UNED). You will also receive all the documentation about university services in whichever language you prefer (Spanish, English, French, or Italian), as well as cultural and tourist packs so that you can start exploring Valencia from the very first day. Get picked up on arrival and provided with accommodation: we will come to collect you at the airport or station and take you to a hotel where your first night will be pre-paid. The following day, you will be able to visit the different accommodations that you have been looking at online ID documentation: we will also handle all the ID documents that you need in order to become an official resident of Spain (NIE, visa, registration of residency etc.) Language classes: you will have access to a special language course in Spanish. Spare time: during your first few weeks at the university, you will be invited to take part in various activities to get integrated into Spanish culture, for example, a trip to the surrounding areas and, of course, the opportunity to try some local paella. Getting around: you will be given a Movilis travel card to get around on the bus, metro or public bikes during your first few weeks. All these services are offered to the students after payment of the International Fee. (600€). OPTIONAL MEDICAL INSURANCE: If you are interested, we can arrange you a 12 months medical insurance. The cost amount to 400€ for the Insurance More information on the admission process: Cost of living in Valencia: Why Spain is the perfect destination to study abroad: [-]

Fundación Universitaria Iberoamericana (FUNIBER)

Master PhD Spain Barcelona Jaén September 2018

Fundación Universitaria Iberoamericana (FUNIBER) The Fundación Universitaria Iberoamericana (FUNIBER) is dedicated to distance and presence education. The Fundacion Universitaria Iberoamericana (Ibero-American University Foundation - FUNIBER) uses as its framework the two worlds of university and training. FUNIBER’s purpose is to broadcast and share Spanish knowledge with Ibero-American people. Since its foundation in 1997 in Barcelona, Spain, FUNIBER has grown continuously to … [+] become an academic and professional network across twenty-five countries. FUNIBER is a scientific and investigative university institution that ties professional universities and institutions to offer a Global Education that respects local identities. FUNIBER’s three fundamental operative axes are: -- Promote the creation of inter-university programmes (programmes between universities). FUNIBER promotes programmes that permit access to double-titled academic degrees. The studies are for Masters, but there are post-degree programmes integrated among them. On the one hand, Diplomas, Specializations, and Extension Courses, among others, that are of a shorter duration. On the other, classroom-based studies for a Doctorate Degree. -- To support the development and activities of International Cooperation Projects. FUNIBER promotes cooperation and economic development, which is why it works in the field of training and participates in cooperation and development activities with a range of institutions who work on projects of development and/or international cooperation. -- Solutions to custom-made education and knowledge management for businesses and institutions. On the one hand, FUNIBER develops and works with businesses, corporations, and business groups in a consultative role oriented towards the generation of custom-made educational programs. On the other, FUNIBER provides consultation in knowledge management processes, contributing innovations, and solutions that go from strategic-knowledge management models to systems based on TICs of Knowledge Corporative Portals. The growing and global presence of FUNIBER is due to a teaching model that promotes the collaboration and cooperation among nations to enrich people formation. This model is the result of more than eight years of experience of FUNIBER teaching graduate distance semi-attending and non-attending virtual international projects of cooperation and formation with the enterprise. This guarantees a model that supply effective results in relation to the teaching investment assumed versus the return in knowledge formation and personal and organizational learning. All of this because FUNIBER’s educative model guarantees a high-quality global formation. [-]

INESEM Business School

Master Spain Granada Spain Online September 2018

We promote a multidisciplinary and integrated teaching, through the application of innovative learning methodologies that facilitate the internalization of knowledge for a practical application aimed at fulfilling the objectives of our training itineraries.In short, at INESEM we want to be the place where you would like to develop and improve your professional career . Because we know that the key to success in the market is "Practical Training" that allows us to overcome… [+] the challenges that professionals of the future must face.ValuesInnovation: Within a changing environment and in constant evolution, innovation is the clear and firm commitment of INESEM. Our efforts are aimed at offering training pills with the most current and innovative content on the market, always responding to the business reality and the advances to come.Flexibility and Individualization: We adapt our training process to the needs of students and companies. We consider that the student must be the one who decides how to carry out the learning process, and therefore we offer training itineraries that allow him to work autonomously, self-controlling the time of study, the subjects of greatest interest and his own progress.Employability and professional development: We provide the skills and abilities necessary for the student to design their own identity and professional career, through the renewal of knowledge and the development of skills applicable in the work and personal environment.Quality: Quality is the link between all our internal processes, taking care of all areas and departments to offer the student the most competent training and the most specialized service. Our commitment is reflected in the numerous certifications that support us.Why INESEM?Academic excellence: In our commitment to offer training programs of the highest quality and ensure academic development to our students, we have created a Personal Learning Environment that integrates tools and teaching resources in continuous updating. The student can deepen the contents, evaluate their progress and access information from various sources, thus creating a unique learning experience.University Guarantee: We have the support of prestigious universities, including the Rey Juan Carlos University, the Antonio de Nebrija University and the International University of La Rioja. These institutions also endorse and certify several of our training programs through their own university degrees.Student Service Center: Our students are the greatest of our values. For this reason, our Student Service Center carries out a personalized follow-up of the student, since he contacts INESEM for the first time, during his time at the school and throughout his career, since we value and take care of our former employees.Pioneers in ID: Our ID department works to integrate the most innovative applications in our learning method. The Virtual Campus of INESEM integrates all the news in elearning training, which guarantees a comfortable learning amenable and adapted to the needs of each student.INESEM Emplea: In addition to academic training, we care about the social and professional skills of our students, essential to enter the labor market. From our employability program we offer a professional orientation service and competency training programs. We also help our students to create and optimize their professional profile, from the CV to the job interview through their digital brand, the analysis of skills and points of improvement.Employment and Internship: We work with more than 2000 companies to manage job offers and internships for our students. In addition, our own master's programs include professional practices guaranteed in the company, allowing the student to complete their theoretical knowledge with real experience.INESEM in figures [-]

Instituto de Humanidades y Ciencias de la Salud Gregorio Marañón

Master Diploma Spain Madrid Spain Online September 2018

We promote dialogue between the Humanities and Health Sciences in all their areas, with the aim of contributing to social and scientific development.The Instituto de Humanidades y Ciencias de la Salud Gregorio Marañón of the Ortega-Marañón Foundation aims to start up different training programs, consulting, editing, reflection and debate that help shed light on some of the main problems facing today our society.Based on this integral ambition, we encourage dialogue between the… [+] Humanities and Health Sciences in all these areas so that, from a multidisciplinary perspective, we can provide solutions to the issues that are presented to healthcare professionals.The Instituto de Humanidades y Ciencias de la Salud Gregorio Marañón has as main objectives:Promote an area of ​​applied research where Humanities and Health Sciences dialogue.Develop training programs in the areas of the center, both for professionals and for people interested in promoting their academic careers.Promote consultancy projects and actions on demand, in the areas of our mission.Position the center as a reference for thought, debate and reflection in Spain and Latin America, inspired by the conciliatory and liberal spirit of our holder, strengthening its strategic positioning and generating scientific dissemination actions in the areas that are its own.From the academic excellence, the Institute contemplates, in its formative offer, different degrees of specialization that are adapted to the needs of academics and professionals.The international presence of this Institute, which has headquarters and strategic alliances in several Latin American countries, also responds to the understanding that Gregorio Marañón had of the common space in Spanish. Therefore, on-line training has a very prominent presence in our programs, since it favors dialogue on both sides of the Atlantic.Mission, vision and values/>The Instituto de Humanidades y Ciencias de la Salud Gregorio Marañón , has the mission to address and deepen some of the main problems facing our society today from a multidisciplinary perspective in which the humanities and health sciences dialogue in a fruitful manner./>In this sense, the Institute encourages research, the development of training and teaching programs, advice on projects, discussion forums and promotes the development of publications related to professional areas that are limited to its scope of action-The scientific and liberal spirit by Gregorio Marañón inspires the performance of this Institute. A humanist and liberal physician, Marañón, who treated his patients in an all-encompassing way, in relation to the environment in which he developed his daily life, was a doctor committed to the future of his country and the historical context that he had to live. He understood liberalism as a guideline of behavior for which one must "be willing to understand with the one who thinks differently", and "never admit that the end justifies the means, but, on the contrary, are the means that justify the end "(Ensayos Librales, 1947).Collaborators/>The Instituto de Humanidades y Ciencias de la Salud Gregorio Marañón has the collaboration of institutions such as the Royal National Academy of Medicine, the Foundation for the Training of the Collegial Medical Organization, the Official College of Dentists and Stomatologists of Madrid or the Tejerina Foundation, among others/>Gregorio Marañón and Posadillo/>Gregorio Marañón y Posadillo (1887-1960), is a polyhedral and nuclear figure in the history of Spain in the 20th century. Medical, humanist and liberal, his rich personality shone with its own light in different fields of knowledge, both in the biomedical sciences and in the humanities. In fact, he is one of the few Spaniards-the only one who was not a politician proper-who belonged to five Royal Academies -Medicine, Spanish, History, Exact, Physical and Natural Sciences and Fine Arts of San Fernando-./>Gregorio Marañón was an intellectual and a public man committed to his country. Proof of this is the publication of his biography from the trip he made to Las Hurdes with King Alfonso XIII in 1922. [-]


Master Spain Spain Online September 2018

ESNECA born as the first business school with 100% online content.We are a business school of international scope, which has teachers and pedagogical advisors around the world, turned into a leader and a reference in innovative programs, with the aim of getting the best managers and managers.This is ESNECA .ESNECA is innovationESNECA is talentESNECA is flexibilityESNECA BUSINESS SCHOOL has two study systems:ON LINEThe 100% online ESNECA method of ESNECA is the following:At… [+] the beginning of the activities, participants will receive a message with all the guidelines for the beginning of the classes, such as: electronic address of the virtual classroom where the subjects of the phase to be studied are published (welcome email), username and password, name of the mailing list; among others.In the Virtual Campus you will find information corresponding to the programs, schedule of activities, facilitators, tutor / teacher, support material, list of participants, evaluations, activities to be carried out and other information of interest according to the phase.The exams are test and online, at the end of each of the modules in which the student is enrolled. It will be the same student, with the support of the teacher tutor, who will mark their exam dates.You can study from your home or place of work, anywhere in the world.FROM DISTANCEThe ESNECA 100% distance learning ESNECA is the following:At the beginning of the activities, participants will receive by messenger, with acknowledgment of receipt, the training pack (which will include manuals, notebook, and test, along with DVD when appropriate, in an estimated period of 7-8 days from the registration date.In 24 hours the tutor will contact you, to guide you, advise you, and be at your disposal for what the student may consider appropriate at the beginning and throughout the course.The exams are remote. It will be the same student, with the support of the teacher tutor, who will mark their exam dates.You can study from your home or place of work, anywhere in the world. [-]

University of Oviedo

Master Spain Oviedo September 2018

The University of Oviedo is a public institution of higher education and research in the Principality of Asturias. With over 400 years of history, it offers a full range of undergraduate degrees adapted to the European Higher Education Area (EHEA) in all branches of knowledge and postgraduate degree programmes in collaboration with national and international universities and more than 250 companies. Campus of International Excellence With an international calling, close ties… [+] to the region and a strong commitment to the transfer of knowledge to the business world, the University of Oviedo was one of the first nine universities in Spain to receive accreditation as a Campus of International Excellence on 26 November 2009. The CIE Asturias-Ad Futurum project brings together more than 300 regional and national institutions, companies and technology centres. Major figures 25.000 Students 2.000 Lecturers and Researchers 1.000 Administrative Staff members 57 Undergraduate Degree programmes 50 Master's Degree programmes 6 Erasmus Mundus Master's programmes (3 coordinated by the University of Oviedo) 24 PhD Programmes 65 Certificate Courses 210 Beds in university halls of residence 800 International students 17 Faculties and Schools 38 Departments €198 million annual budget Seven campuses in three cities Teaching takes place on seven campuses spread over the central region of Asturias: Oviedo (El Cristo, El Milán, Llamaquique, Catalanes, and Oviedo-Centre), Gijón and Mieres, in addition to offering various university services in Avilés. In 2010, it carried out an ambitious process involving the merger of centres linked to the Campus of International Excellence and has been set as an example of best practices for Spanish universities. As a result, the University has 16 Faculties and Schools, four affiliated institutions and the Professional School of Physical Education and Sports Medicine. Moreover, the International Center for Postgraduate Studies manages the Master's Degrees and Ph.D. Programmes. In addition, the academic institution has fully-equipped sports facilities and modern, refurbished accommodation for students, lecturers and administration and service personnel. Driver of research in the region The University of Oviedo undertakes 80% of the R&D and Innovation activities carried out in Asturias and has cutting-edge services and facilities to facilitate the transfer of knowledge to the business world. The income it obtains from scientific output amounts to around 40 million euros a year, with nearly 500 contracts or agreements with companies to carry out research projects. The Asturian institution also boasts two specialized clusters (Energy, Environment and Climate Change, and Biomedicine and Health) with close ties to the regional technology parks and the Asturian healthcare network. Commitment to society True to the historical legacy that made the University of Oviedo a pioneer institution in University Extension in Spain in the late XIX century, the activity of disseminating knowledge goes beyond its campuses to reach the whole of the Principality of Asturias. The Historic Building, located in the centre of Oviedo, is home to the LAUDEO University Extension Cultural Centre, where major academic and cultural events are held that are open to Asturian society at large. As part of its corporate social responsibility, the University of Oviedo offers care and support services for people with special needs and a "Solidarity Space" where voluntary work and international cooperation actions take place. The Equality Unit ensures compliance with gender equality and work/family reconciliation policies. [-]

Universidad de las Islas Baleares - UIB

Master Spain Palma de Mallorca September 2018

Welcome The University of the Balearic Islands invites you to study and research in a privileged backdrop, where the peace, tranquillity and wellbeing of Mediterranean living come together in perfect harmony with a work-oriented environment designed to educate, generate knowledge and innovate, while always aspiring to excellence in research and quality. As you are captivated by the striking Serra de Tramuntana Mountains, which became a UNESCO World Heritage site in 2010,… [+] and the warm Mediterranean Sea, our university campus in Palma opens its doors to offer you its vast experience in language learning and to enable you to enjoy a multilingual environment in a culturally rich and diverse society. It is not by chance that more than 160 different languages from all around the world come together in the Balearic Islands, alongside the two official languages that are most widely spoken here: Catalan, our own language, and Spanish. In this privileged environment that has been a point of attraction for distinguished public figures, artists and writers from all around Europe and the globe for centuries, the UIB is one of the country’s leading universities in teaching, research, international cooperation and technological development and innovation. The UIB is a time-honoured member of prominent international university networks, it has attracted countless students from abroad and successfully joined the European Space for Higher Education. It is a university committed to building the European Union, and an institution that aspires to become a motor of economic growth and wellbeing for the people. Why choose the UIB 1. For our prestigious, renowned reputation We rank among the top 5 Spanish universities in innovation and technological development and in research quality, as well as being in the world top 10 in tourism research and among the top 8 in quality and innovation in teaching. We are coordinators of the “Euro-Mediterranean Tourism & Water” campus of international excellence. 2. For our links with society We have very close links with the islands’ local populations. Indeed, in 2013 we were rated as being Balearic society’s fourth best-loved institution, after law enforcement bodies and NGOs. 3. Because we look after you from day one Our main aim is for you to become part of the big family that makes up WE ARE THE UIB, and we manage to do this thanks to our lecturers and students. We will be at your side from day one. 4. Because we keep in close contact Thanks to the university’s size and its philosophy, close direct contact with all the staff at the UIB is possible. Our classes do not have huge numbers of students and you will have close dealings with lecturers. It is easy to get in contact to clear up problems or send suggestions. Through our university chairs and agreements with public and private bodies, we are also in a position to have closer ties with society. 5. Because we find you a home We have a hall of residence on the actual campus, just opposite the sports facilities, which costs half the price of others in Madrid or Barcelona. If, however, you prefer to live off campus, the UIB has an Accommodation Service through which you can find a new home. 6. For our sports facilities We have a modern, fully-equipped sports centre where you can choose from numerous different sports and even swim in its indoor pool, where you can forget about problems of chlorine allergies because we have replaced the chemical with a system that does not affect your skin’s pH, while allowing you to swim at a temperature of 28 degrees. 7. Because we keep you company throughout the whole of your stay At the UIB, assistance is not just limited to welcoming you to the university. If you come from another university, our International Relations Service will be at your side throughout the whole of your stay at the UIB. You will never be alone. 8. Because we are multilingual At the UIB, we promote classes in different languages. Our subjects are taught in Catalan, Spanish or English. They all have the same number of ECTS credits, whatever language you are taught in. 9. Because we teach you languages We have a language service that offers courses in different languages with the emphasis on excellence. They are taught in a dynamic, practical, effective way so that you quickly make progress without too much effort. 10. Because our teaching is interactive We offer superior study programmes, where placement training is included. We strive to offer an innovative style of education where you form an active part of the learning process. 11. Because we transfer our know-how to society The studies and research that we conduct do not remain inside our laboratories. Our lecturers and researchers contribute to general social wellbeing by transferring the know-how that they build up at the UIB to society. This also means that the education and training that we provide fit in with professional realities. 12. Because we are a high-tech university “Campus Extens” is a pioneering platform in the application of new technologies to teaching, as well as ensuring that we are efficiently connected to our Minorca and Ibiza centres. There is free Wi-Fi throughout the whole of the campus and points to connect laptops. 13. Because of our natural environment The UIB’s campus is located at the foot of the Tramuntana mountains, an area declared a World Heritage Site by the UNESCO, as well as being just a few kilometres from Mallorca’s finest beaches. Mallorca, Minorca, Ibiza and Formentera also have an average of 300 sunshine days per year, ensuring a wide assortment of open-air cultural activities. 14. We are easily accessible The UIB has good transport links to the whole of the archipelago. In Mallorca’s case, the university has a bus and underground service with good timetables and frequencies. 15. We are connected to the rest of the world Mallorca’s international airport is 15 minutes from the UIB’S campus, like the distance between Minorca and Ibiza airports and our university centres there. Europe’s leading cities are just over three hours away. 16. We are eco-friendly We aspire to have a healthier campus as each day passes. To achieve this, we start out by seeking to ensure the excellence of all our catering services and by promoting the use of bicycles both on campus and as a means of travelling to the city, thanks to the bicycle lane that connects us to Palma. In addition, we have technology recycling programmes and a bird-watching point. 17. We want to share this experience with you The UIB has over 1,000 lecturers and researchers and 500 people who form part of our administrative and maintenance teams. All of them strive to contribute to your learning process and to offer you a teaching experience that stands out for its excellence. 18. We help you to forge a future career Our support is not just restricted to the classroom. We will also be at your side when you have to take that step into the professional world. We will offer you a choice of grants or collaboration projects, plus an Employment Service to help you take your first steps. 19. We are international You will see this for yourself when you meet UIB students and lecturers. In addition, we offer you the opportunity to continue studying. Through grants, exchange programmes and volunteer work, we can help you to continue learning with the guarantee of excellence. 20. We want to grow alongside you First you will take a first degree, then perhaps a postgraduate or master’s degree and even a PhD. We also offer an extensive continuous learning programme, allowing you to attend summer courses or even to return to university when you reach the age of over 55. 21. WE ARE THE UIB This is our identity, our close feeling of community. From the moment that you decide to study with us or to carry out research here, you will become one of us. WE ARE THE UIB: a big family that strives day by day to ensure a good present and better future for everyone. And you are a fundamental part. [-]

Universidad de La Laguna

Master PhD Spain Santa Cruz de Tenerife September 2018

The University of La Laguna has exerted an important function of educational, scientific and cultural leadership in the Canary Islands during its two centuries of history, boosting the progress of our community and contributing decisively to its modernization. In accordance with this tradition, the University of La Laguna establishes as its main social mission, to contribute to the welfare of the citizens of the Canary Islands, guaranteeing them a quality higher education,… [+] promoting economic development through high level scientific and technical research and disseminating the culture , scientific knowledge and the arts throughout the Archipelago through its activities of university extension. To develop its social mission, the University of La Laguna establishes as basic principles of action of all its members: the desire for renewal, scientific and professional rigor, honest and responsible commitment to one's work and the defense of tolerance and critical spirit. Therefore, it is committed to transmit these values ​​and assumes as a primary task the integral formation of its students as critical, caring and enterprising individuals, and as committed members with the future of their community and of Humanity. As an institution that produces public goods in its social environment, the University of La Laguna wants society and institutions to perceive the quality of their services as concrete realities, whose efficiency can be demonstrated by comparing them with other institutions and universities in their environment. Therefore, it assumes the accountability of its management and the certification of the quality of its services as a permanent standard of behavior. In order to take advantage of the Canary Islands as a platform for intercultural dialogue, the University of La Laguna defines as the strategic goal of the next ten years to become the European University of the Atlantic , an institution of open teaching and research, which is destiny preferred by students and researchers from across the Canary Islands and the Atlantic area, while it aims to achieve a high degree of insertion of its members in the most prestigious networks of scientific and educational exchange. [-]

UDIMA - Universidad a Distancia de Madrid

Master Spain Madrid

What is the UDIMA ?The Distance University of Madrid ( UDIMA ) is an educational institution designed and designed primarily for the needs of people in the XXI century: professionals who, for reasons of time, mobility, geographical distance or family reconciliation, demand an open and flexible university , that allows to reconcile the study with the peculiarities of each student, with the aim of obtaining an officially recognized university degree of prestige, adapted to… [+] Europe and in contact with the world of the company, which also facilitates a good labor insertion or improves the that you already own.How does it adapt to each student?Offering a simple and permanent access to virtual classrooms, without restrictions of schedules, every day of the academic semester. The protagonist of the UDIMA is the student, in its formative, professional and human dimension.Advising each student in a personalized way, especially in the process of enrollment, to choose the subjects that best suit the time available and the ability of each one. Through the continuous monitoring of teachers and tutors, in a close, direct and real environment.Planning the study through the "Teaching guide of the subject", of the realization of didactic activities and of their delivery, in a system of communication and continuous evaluation, in which the proposed activities are designed for the gradual assimilation of knowledge in a simple way, understanding the practical utility of them.The study methodology of the nearby Universid @ dWe are the closest University because we use the new ICT to bring knowledge to the student. The teaching-learning process is developed through the virtual classrooms of the UDIMA , through continuous evaluation, and always with a detailed planning of what is expected of the student in each activity and with a direct and constant communication with their teachers through forums, telephone tutorials and innovation and communication technologies that allow real-time communication.At the end of each semester, the student demonstrates the knowledge acquired in the final physical exams. Another reason that allows us to be recognized as the nearby University is our large number of examination sites. There is a UDIMA exam site near you. In Spain we are in Alicante, Aranda de Duero, Barcelona, ​​Bilbao, Collado Villalba, Cordoba, La Coruña, Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Madrid, Malaga, Mérida, Oviedo, Palma de Mallorca, Seville, Tenerife, Valencia, Vigo and Zaragoza . We also have offices in other countries in Europe, America and Africa. In addition, to adapt to your needs, we offer different schedules and days so you can organize the exams as best suits you. All of our Degree and Master programs begin in February and September. To expand the information on the dates of the Doctorate, the Institute of Languages ​​and the Own Titles, consult the web.SERVICES FOR STUDENTS Recognition of credits (validations)In case you want to transfer the file from another University, we carry out a free credit recognition study to determine the subjects that a student can validate is free; the student must pay 10% of the cost in the first registration for each subject that he finally decides to include in his / her file.materialsWe have a Technical Editorial Board that is responsible for developing the necessary materials for the study of the different subjects and that are 100% adapted to online learning. In addition, the materials are included in the price of the subject, which makes us different from other online universities.Hypatia university libraryThe Hipatia university library is part of the support services for research, study and teaching. Given the nature of our teaching system based on the use of information and communication technologies and the geographical variety of residence of our students, our extensive bibliographic collection is, for the most part, accessible through the Internet.Scholarships and grantsWe have made available to our students a personalized service through the Department of Scholarship Management to help them in the procedures for applying for scholarships called by the Ministry of Education, Culture and Sport (MECD). Within these grants is the possibility of being part of the Erasmus program, since UDIMA is included, as an Institution of European Higher Education, in the Erasmus University Charter (EUC)Employment and EntrepreneurshipWe offer students a set of services to facilitate their incorporation into the labor market. Likewise, we offer companies the necessary tools to meet their needs in the selection processes of qualified professionals.Unit of disability UNE- UDIMAComposed of teachers and administrative staff, its main objective is to provide students with special needs derived from some type of disability with success in their training programs, as well as to enhance their incorporation into the labor market. [-]

Unitelma Sapienza

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Mission and history Unitelma Sapienza is the only on-line Italian university that is maintained by a consortium composed of public enterprise and directly linked to the best Italian public university: the University of Rome "La Sapienza", with 130,000 students and a staff of 4,000 teachers and researchers. Unitelma Sapienza, through the use of advanced information technology and methodologies in distance learning, promotes access to higher education, without the constraints… [+] of space, time, providing services to students and workers out of office, who are unable to attend regular educational activities. Teaching, training and research within the campus, combine the necessary economic, managerial and legal knowledge required to manage complex business within the "information society" Unitelma Sapienza pays particular attention to the development of research, in particular within scientific and economic sectors as well as in the management of information technology, with particular attention to theories, models, processes, technologies, and applications for the development of a virtual campus through the Internet in higher education. A special focus is given to tutoring: we have tutors concerned with academic activities and tutors that are mainly concerned with the motivation and the achievement of career goals of the student. Both of these figures are meant to increase interactivity with students for a more cooperative learning. Organization and management The Chancellor who is usually a professor and an eminent figure is elected for a six-year period, serves as the titular head of the University, represents the University, in academic activities and presides the Academic Senate presiding also overall major ceremonies. The present Chancellor, prof. Francesco Avallone has for several years working on research related to stress and organizational well-being. The Senate is the senior academic body of the University decides on academic policy, planning, coordination and evaluation of teaching and research activities and is composed of both faculty members as well as staff members. Legally and constitutionally it is responsible for the academic activity of the University - ie, teaching and research. The University “Department of Law and economics” is a broad-based department that caters to all academic and research activities. producing first-class research across the range of the discipline. The Department is committed to excellence in teaching at the undergraduate and graduate level. The Board of Trustees is the corporate body established by Statute with complete responsibility for the government and welfare of the University and all the interests pertaining thereto including students, faculty, staff, and alumni. It is represented by eminent figures from Italian academic institutions and Civil Society, Responsibilities are: The determination of the major goals of the University and the approval of the policies and procedures for implementation of such goals. The review and approval of the operating and capital budget of the University. Such other responsibilities as law, governmental directives. The University ensures that all of its activities are subject to quality assurance, evaluation, and enhancement through periodical assessments by its main governing bodies. International relations Unitelma Sapienza is committed to enhancing the international level of participation for the University and its student population; in particular: In opening new possibilities for student participation in EU calls for international student mobility through (Erasmus); Improving the participation of the academic and administrative technical staff in EU calls for international mobility of faculty and staff; Developing and producing online activities geared to an international market, also through agreements with third parties; Within this context, the project activities include the inauguration of a section of its website in English language; the activation of training courses offered in English only (Master in International Cooperation, Finance and Development); the production of training courses in two languages (Project Planning and Project management); the English translation of some existing masters ( Neonatology); building a network with prestigious international online universities. In 2015, six teachers and two officials will travel abroad under the Erasmus program for study and research whilst for the second year round small groups of students have already participated in the Erasmus student mobility program. The university will host the international conference on constitutional law Italy-Iberian-American (5th-8th October 2015). The university is chosen by foreign teachers to exchange research (most recent dr. Simona Guerra, Visiting Scholar, Lecturer in Politics at the University of Leicester. The university, finally, in partnership with research institutions and Italian and foreign universities , presented in 2015, the following projects under Community funding: Erasmus Plus KA2 Learn-plus "Distance learning for Knowledge and Entrepreneurship; Erasmus Plus KA3 Diversity 3.0" “Equal opportunity for Equity, Social and Inclusive Innovation" and participates in the project “Bridging the gap between public opinion and European leadership: Engaging in dialogue on the future path of Europe"; The University promotes seminars and study conferences held in the presence and streamed. [-]

Barcelona College of Chiropractic - BCC

Bachelor Master Spain Barcelona September 2018

Chiropractic is the largest natural health care profession in the world. Now established in over 70 countries, this rapidly growing discipline has 90,000 professionals trained at accredited colleges/universities predominantly located in North America and Anglo-Saxon countries. Chiropractic is a primary contact health care profession that is well established in a number of countries around the world. Chiropractic focuses on the relationship between the body’s structure – mai… [+] nly the spine – and it’s functioning, as regulated by the nervous system. Chiropractors offer an approach, that uses neither drugs nor surgery, but instead focuses on providing adjustments to the spine with the goal of correcting functional problems and supporting the body’s natural ability to heal itself. The Barcelona College of Chiropractic: Teaches the science, art and philosophy of chiropractic, Is the world’s first bilingual college of chiropractic, Is international, Is student centred, Is undertaking the process towards accreditation, Is located on the campus of, and allows you to access a Master in Chiropractic from, Spain’s leading University (Universitat Pompeu Fabra), Is based in the centre of a beautiful Mediterranean city. Barcelona and Chiropractic. What a beautiful combination! [-]

UdG - Master Smart Healthcare

Master Spain Girona September 2018

We educate technologists capable of tackling the new challenges posed by health management by harnessing the full potential of Information and Communication Technologies. INNOVATIVE Master that enhance your talent through a unique model. A clever way to promote your capacities to carry out new innovative initiatives in the market. MULTIDISCIPLINARY Courses in diverse disciplines such as Artificial Intelligence, Healthcare Processes, Quality Management and Standards, to respond… [+] to current challenges in health services. CLOSER A face-to-face method is the best way to connect with your training capacity. Promoting personal and interpersonal skills is extremely necessary for a context that is constantly changing. CONSTRUCTIVE The goal of the Smart Healthcare Master is to build piece by piece the elements required to address the current challenges by providing strategies to ensure your competitiveness in the labour market. [-]

IMF Business School

Master Spain Madrid Valencia Sevilla Bilbao September 2018 + 1 more

IMF is a national reference in training to businesses and individuals; attested by the more than 90,000 students trained. Our training is based on the diversity of areas and expertise of the subjects we teach. The quality and reputation of our services are guaranteed by entities such as the Camilo José Cela University, ISO 9001 and 14001, ANCED ( National Association of Distance Education Centres) and The Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB). Today, … [+] in our catalog we teach subjects like Renewable Energy Occupational Risk Prevention or Human Resource. We have private and official qualifications, the latter the result of the alliance signed with Camilo Jose Cela University, Which allows us to offer securities regulated by the Ministry of Education. Students have the opportunity to select the mode you want to make your course and companies can choose to use our service management training bonus to process your credit. We rely on a team of professionals specialized in each area to provide tutorial and learning assistance to students, ensuring that at all times get a personalized, comprehensive care team. Among our tools have an employment and practices of both our private customers and companies can benefit from a meeting place in the labor market. We also have an innovative platform for online training, with over 250 own courses available. We have developed custom work for companies like Acciona, Navantia, Adecco, Cintra, Iberdrola, EGMASA, Voice of Galicia, Etc. We also work with employers, social partners and public administration to promote free training to specific groups and unemployed. In short, we are an organization whose main goal is the satisfaction of our customers and for that, we have just found a way to get it: strive, every day, to give our best. View MFI's vision is to be an international leader in distance learning and online professionals in technical areas. Mission We want to grow with you. The aim is to ensure a high level of satisfaction of our customers through personalized attention and excellence in service quality. This objective requires continuous improvement in the technical and material resources, and maximum involvement of all staff training to MFIs is a different experience. Values Make available graduate training, providing quality training at competitive prices. Opting for new technologies to add value to training. Physical proximity to students through our international network of offices and associated centers. Personalized academic mentoring system. Motivated extremely professional team. Internal commitment to our team, establishing policies that allow professional development based on trust, flexibility and self-requirement. [-]

Universitat Rovira i Virgili

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URV Presentation The Universitat Rovira I Virgili is located in the province of Tarragona, close to Barcelona, in one of the most popular tourist destinations in Europe. It is a young and dynamic university serving the needs of society, open to the world and, at the same time, closely connected to its social and economic surroundings. The range of academic programmes offered by the URV covers all fields of knowledge: engineering and architecture, arts and humanities, health,… [+] and social and experimental sciences. We offer a wide range of programmes including bachelor’s degrees, master’s degrees and doctoral programmes, as well as lifelong training programmes for professional development. Our aim is to offer you the best possible education which, combined with your motivation and our experience, will enable you to create the future you wish for. What about you, how do you picture your URV future? A future at URV means learning with participation and a close relation. A future at URV means increasing your job opportunities. A future at URV means opening up to the world. A future at URV means benefiting from quality education. A future at URV means cutting-edge research. [-]

Jaume I University (Universitat Jaume I)

Master Spain Castellón September 2018

Universitat Jaume I (UJI) came into being as a higher education and research centre on 27 February 1991 to meet the unanimous social demand in the Castelló area. It was also the fruit of a tradition in education inherited from the Teacher Training studies at the old University College of Castelló (Col·legi Universitari de Castelló, CUC), which dated from 1969. In its first year, the ten lecturers at the CUC gave classes to 21 Science students and 85 from Philosophy and Art… [+] s. The CUC became part of the Universitat de València at the end of 1979. The seeds of what is now UJI were sown in December 1989, when the President of the Valencian Regional Government at that time, Joan Lerma, announced the creation of a new university in Castelló. A year later, on 15 October 1990, the Valencian regional government named Professor Francesc Michavila as director of the project to set up Universitat Jaume I, and it finally came into being thanks to a law that was passed with the approval of all the political parties that made up the Valencian Regional Parliament. The main aim of the new institution was to extend its teaching and research activities to the whole of the northern part of the Valencian Community. The first academic year got underway in September 1991 and the centre was officially opened with a speech given by the Nobel Chemistry Prize winner, Professor Aaron Klug. From the moment it was set up, UJI has strived to become a modern, high-quality university with a clearly European orientation, whose purpose is to attain a level of excellence in the teaching, research and services it offers society. Universitat Jaume I is currently the leading higher education and research centre in the north of the Valencian Community and it is continually seeking to enhance the social, economic and cultural development of the society in which it is immersed through the creation and transmission of knowledge. In this sense, UJI has always wanted to play an active role, as shown by initiatives such as the opening of new off-campus offices in the different areas throughout the province of Castelló, its extra-mural activities, or its collaboration with the UJI Alumni and Friends Society (SAUJI). Today, Universitat Jaume I has consolidated itself as a dynamic and enterprising university. There are currently 31 degree and diploma courses available to about 15 000 students. These figures allow the University to offer its students personalized attention and to remain free of the problems of overcrowding so often suffered by other universities. Its new and attractive single campus, which is well linked with the town of Castelló, helps to maintain this policy by encouraging closer human relationships. Universitat Jaume I teaches new, flexible and competitive curricula and programmes of study that enable students to satisfactorily cope with every challenge set by modern society. The interdisciplinary nature of Universitat Jaume I guarantees students' autonomy and increases their chances of getting a job in the future thanks to work placements for all students enrolled at our University. Universitat Jaume I has a wide network of international contacts made up of about 145 university-partners in Europe, the United States and Latin America, which has given rise to exchange programmes between students and between members of the academic staff, as well as educational and research projects. Universitat Jaume I participates in all the international programmes implemented throughout the European Union, such as Socrates-Erasmus, Leonardo, Tempus and Alfa, and also those organized by the Spanish government, including the Interuniversity Cooperation Programme. The University is open to new schemes that help enhance the quality of the teaching and the research carried out here. Some of the more noteworthy initiatives related to teaching include the UNESCO Chair on the Philosophy of Peace, the Jean Monnet Chair of Law and European Economics Module, the EURINSA and EURUJI programmes for the training of engineers in Europe and, finally, the programme of Master's Degrees in Latin America, among many other initiatives. [-]