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University of Ljubljana

PhD Slovenia Ljubljana October 2017

UNIVERSITY OF LJUBLJANA MISSION The University of Ljubljana implements and promotes basic, applied and developmental research and is pursuing excellence and the highest quality as well as the highest ethical criteria in all scientific fields and art. In these areas of national identity the University of Ljubljana specifically develops and promotes Slovenian scientific and professional terminology. Based on its own, Slovenian, and foreign research, the University of… [+] Ljubljana (UL) educates critical thinking top scientists, artists and professionals qualified for leading sustainable development, taking into account the tradition of the European Enlightenment and Humanism and with regard to human rights. Special attention is dedicated to developing talents. The UL encourages interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary study, exchanges results of achievements in science and art with other universities and scientific research institutions, thus contributing to the Slovenian and world knowledge treasury as well contributing to the transfer of these achievements among the students and other users. The UL cooperates with organizations from economy and service in public and private sector, with state organizations, local communities, and civil society. With this cooperation accelerates the use of own research and educational achievements and contributes to the social development. With active responses to events in the environment represents the critical conscience of the society. UNIVERSITY OF LJUBLJANA VALUES The University of Ljubljana builds and strengthens the academic union of professors, researchers, students and other associates and aims at the university enforcement at home and in the world. The research, education, professional and public activities, as well as the relations between the community members are based on the: academic excellence and the highest possible quality, academic freedom of the academic and other staff and students, especially the freedom of creativity, autonomy in relation to the state, political parties, corporations and religious communities, humanism and human rights including equal possibilities and solidarity, ethical and responsible attitude towards the world. UNIVERSITY OF LJUBLJANA VISION By 2020, the University of Ljubljana will be recognized as an internationally open and excellent research university, creatively contributing to the quality of life. University Members (faculties and academies) offer around 150 first-cycle undergraduate, higher education professional and university study programmes. Calls for enrolment are published every year in February. Programmes cover contents from all academic fields, i.e. humanities, social sciences, arts, engineering and natural sciences. Furthermore, members provide single-cycle master study programmes for EU regulated professions, such as medicine, dental medicine, veterinary medicine, pharmacy and architecture. First-cycle study programmes last 3 or 4 years, while the single –cycle master study programmes last 5 or 6 years. The University of Ljubljana accredited over 200 master study programmes, more than 10 are joint, i.e. accredited and provided jointly by the University of Ljubljana and universities from abroad. Not all accredited master study programmes are offered for enrolment every year. The programme provision is published in the annual call for enrolment, published on, expected in February for the next academic year. The call includes offered study programmes, the relevant programme data regarding study duration, entry requirements, access criteria, number of available places, mode and place of study. Candidates are provided with explanations of entry requirements and costs of study at the University Member (academy or faculty) contacts, together with information about enrolment application, application deadlines, required evidence of fulfilment of entry requirements, and any tests of special talents. Doctoral study programmes are organised and implemented by University Members (academies, faculties). They are mostly interdisciplinary and cover different fields of science. They differ in the degree of interdisciplinarity and method of coordination. They last 3 years and consist of 180 ECTS credit points. The Call for enrolment in doctoral study programmes is published at the University website (, usually at the beginning of February for the next academic year. The Call includes offered study programmes, data on study duration, enrolment requirements, the number of open positions, mode of study and place of study. Candidates receive detailed explanations of enrolment requirements, application possibilities under transfer criteria and costs of study at the University Members (academies, faculties) delivering the programme, along with information about enrolment application, application deadline, required evidence of the fulfilment of enrolment requirements, and any required additional obligations to be met prior to enrolment in a study programme. Candidates can also receive detailed information on enrolment requirements, costs of study and other information on interdisciplinary doctoral study programmes in Biomedicine, Statistics, and Environmental Protection at the University Office for Doctoral Study at the University of Ljubljana Rectorate. Tuition fee is paid by: 1) citizens of non-EU countries, excluding countries with which the Republic of Slovenia has concluded bilateral agreement; 2) all second-cycle students with already acquired degree of education equivalent to the second-cycle master degree; 3) all doctoral students; 4) all part-time students. [-]