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Windsor University School of Medicine

M.D. Courses Saint Kitts and Nevis Cayon Basseterre

An Innovative Medical School with Dedicated Faculty in St. Kitts Windsor continues to stand out due to its affordability and an academic environment designed to welcome international students of diverse cultures. Windsor has successfully achieved and maintained this multicultural environment for more than a decade. Founded in 1998 on the island of St. Kitts, Windsor University School of Medicine provides broad medical education and academic support services designed to assist… [+] students in achieving their academic goals. Our medical school ensures our students are offered an enhanced academic education along with extensive hands-on patient care training and leadership. Our graduates are known to be committed and dutiful professionals committed to serving their community. Ready to pursue a career in medicine? Get in touch with us today. Dedicated Faculty Your success as a physician depends on where you learn, how you learn and from whom you learn. Our faculty works collaboratively as well as individually to enhance learning and teaching by introducing innovative resources and tools. An Innovative Curriculum Our curriculum is designed to foster the development of competency-based knowledge and skills directed toward effective patient care. Windsor University School of Medicine provides a diverse clinical experience through its various US-affiliated teaching hospitals in locations around the United States. Expanded Campus Facilities In 2015, construction began on a 30,000 square foot state-of-the-art building comprised of a larger library facility, simulation lab, small group learning rooms, student lounges, and gymnasium. By being introduced to upgraded patient-centered teaching tools, our students benefit by advancing to a top-quality, professional practice of medicine. Affordable Tuition We believe in providing the best medical education at a price that will pose no barrier to pursuing your passion. At Windsor University School of Medicine, we offer you the guidance and support to realize your dream without the hassle of debts. Community Leadership Our students learn to balance the demands of academic and non-academic areas of student life. A sense of community and exposure to patient care begins in the first year as students become actively involved in the medical society student body. We encourage and inspire students to apply their knowledge to various community settings in efforts to practice professional responsibility. Growing Alumni Success We are proud of our growing roster of physicians in high-demand specialties at prestigious medical facilities across North America and globally. Over the years, Windsor University School of Medicine has attracted and inspired life-long learners to be exceptional physicians, researchers, and advocates of health care. THIS INSTITUTION IS POSITIONED AS AN AFFORDABLE INTERNATIONAL ENVIRONMENT FOR CULTURALLY DIVERSE STUDENTS TO GAIN CORE COMPETENCIES REQUIRED FOR GRADUATE AND POST GRADUATE TRAINING. Medical Learning through Competency-Based Objectives By the end of the Medical education at Windsor University School of Medicine, students will be able to achieve the following 6 core competencies: Patient Care: Students must be able to provide patient care that is compassionate, appropriate, and effective for the treatment of health problems and the promotion of health. Medical Knowledge: Students must demonstrate knowledge of established (all courses MD1-10) and evolve biomedical, clinical, epidemiological (courses in research, Epidemiology) and social-behavioral sciences (Behavioral med, Ethics), as well as the application of this knowledge to patient care. Interpersonal and Communication Skills: Students must demonstrate interpersonal and communication skills that result in the effective exchange of information and collaboration with patients, their families, and health professionals. Professionalism: Students must demonstrate a commitment to carrying out professional responsibilities and an adherence to ethical principles. Practice-Based Learning and Improvement (PBLI): Students must also demonstrate the ability to investigate and evaluate their patient care practices, appraise and assimilate scientific evidence, and improve their patient care practices. Systems-Based Practice (SBP): Students must demonstrate an awareness of and responsiveness to the larger context and system of healthcare, as well as the ability to call effectively on other resources in the system to provide optimal health care. [-]

International University Of The Health Sciences

M.D. Courses Saint Kitts and Nevis Basseterre

Mission IUHS uses an innovative, low-cost solution to transform the learning experience and underlying economics of medical education, with the goal of addressing the global shortage, inequitable distribution, and demographic representation of healthcare professionals, especially in primary care. The mission includes redefining medical education so it is relevant to the needs of society today and in the future. Indeed, we continually ask, “How can we better educate and n… [+] urture a new generation of physicians and prepare them to deliver 21st health care in a rapidly changing world?” The University is a driver of social transformation by broadening the pool of future doctors and nurses beyond the narrow demographics of traditional medical schools. Our motto – “in servitium communitatis mundi” means “in service to the global community”. We strive to effect innovation and change in medical education on a global basis. Governance The Board of Directors promotes the sound development of The International University of the Health Sciences within the functions prescribed for it, helping it transform the global medical education industry and aiding it in performing at a high level of excellence in every endeavor. The Board of Directors provides oversight and top level guidance to IUHS. In the exercise of its authority and responsibilities, the Board of Directors provides strategic oversight to provide coordination, focus, advocacy, stewardship and leadership for the diverse IUHS learning community. Licensure Founded in 1997, and with alumni practicing in 22 states, The International University of the Health Sciences School of Medicine is accredited by the Government of the Federation of St. Christopher & Nevis (St. Kitts), and is listed in the World Health Organization’s World Directory of Medical Schools, 7th Edition. The WHO listings are now maintained online by the University of Copenhagen in the Avicenna Directories. Consequently, in the United States, the Educational Commission of Foreign Medical Graduates (ECFMG) will permit IUHS graduates to sit for licensing examinations (USMLE Steps 1 & 2); and the same applies in respect to the licensing process for most other countries (i.e. LMCC exams for Canada, PLAB exam for the United Kingdom (subject to residency requirements), AMC exams for Australia, etc.). Upon completion of the registration process and necessary exams, ECFMG and its international division ECFMG/EICS will both credential IUHS graduates. All the relevant documents and links are fully presented in the virtual library of the IUHS website. Medical graduates seeking licensure in the United States, United Kingdom and Canada or elsewhere must contact the appropriate individual national/state Board of Medical Education and Licensure for information relating to licensure requirements within that jurisdiction. Students wishing licensure in a country other than the United States must contact that country’s medical regulatory body for information relating to its regulations for licensure. Each individual state and country regulates the license to practice medicine in that state or country. While IUHS will endeavor with best efforts to assist our students and graduates, it is ultimately the students’ and graduates’ responsibility to determine and satisfy the licensing requirements. The IUHS Difference A New Model of Medical Education for the 21st Century Understanding that innovation creates sustainable change, IUHS is not a traditional brick and mortar school. The University invests in its students not in large capital-intensive infrastructure. Think of it as medical school 3.0. Active Learning IUHS uses technological innovation and is on the forefront of the new knowledge about how people learn. The University uses “Active Learning” and problem based cases to contextualize medical science learning in clinical settings and increase comprehension and retention. Active Learning puts students and their learning needs at the center of the experience; it stands in contrast to “standard” modes of instruction in which teachers do most of the talking and students are passive. A growing body of research has made it clear that the overall quality of teaching and learning is improved when students have ample opportunities to clarify, question, apply, and consolidate new knowledge. As a result, the role of the lecture has dramatically changed. At IUHS the lecture is not abandoned but instructors create opportunities for students to engage new material, serving as guides to help them understand and apply information. <br\> Benefits to Active Learning: Improved critical thinking skills Increased retention and transfer of new information Increased motivation Improved interpersonal skills Use of Technology IUHS believes that multiple modalities are needed for Active Learning: the interaction between professor and students and amongst students should be much more fluid and effective than a traditional fixed-seat amphitheater lecture. At IUHS, the pre-clinical medical science program is delivered using a unique integrated approach that combines core organ-based, pre-clinical basic sciences delivered online with interaction with local associate clinical faculty who provide essential hands on training, and one-to-one interaction with the academic enhancement team. As a result, IUHS students can live and learn in the environment in which they will practice and gain access to the finest faculty throughout the globe. In addition, the University uses a number of technologies throughout its programs to actively engage students in ways that are very different from the all-too-typical lecture class where the lecturer wraps everything up and students scamper off to the next class. The University deploys Blackboard Collaborate as its academic delivery platform to facilitate interactive instruction and group study. The core pre-clinical lectures feature two-way audio, multi-point user video, interactive whiteboard, application and desktop sharing, rich media, breakout rooms, and session recordings (accessed as through Virtual Library on the IUHS student portal). In addition, the University uses DxR Clinician, the leading problem based virtual patient simulator education system as an integrated component of the program. DxR is a web-based, fully interactive patient simulation software that tests and integrates all elements of the patient encounter. This tool enables IUHS to assess each student’s performance with a standardized virtual patient. Lastly, the Virtual Library is a password protected central academic resource for students as well as a platform for study group activity. Low Tuition Fees IUHS tuition fees are approximately $80,000 total for 4 years of medical school . If you plan on going into Family Medicine or any other practice that is not a sub-specialty, the University’s low tuition fees mean that you will not be burdened with large loans after graduation. Diverse Student Body One of the hallmarks of IUHS is its student diversity. The United States is a diverse and multi-cultural society with varied beliefs and customs. IUHS students benefit from an academic environment that is as diverse as the communities in which they will practice. Also, the majority of US medical schools have unofficial age barriers making it difficult, if not impossible, for a ‘mature’ student to gain acceptance. IUHS looks at the overall student in evaluating his or her capacity to be successful in medical school. IUHS encourages students to apply from all disciplines. Applicants who hold degrees such as Physician Assistant, Nurse Practitioner, Doctor of Podiatric Medicine and Doctor of Chiropractic make up a significant percentage of our current student body and they excel in their MD studies at IUHS. Quality of Academic Faculty Because the school is not constrained by physical location, it has the best U.S. professors and international associate faculty who enjoy being part of a global innovative community. IUHS faculty have a worldwide audience of the next generation of medical doctors, establish links and networks with forward-thinking medical professionals, enjoy flexibility to give lectures from virtually anywhere, and are able to conduct research or author and edit other projects. Entrance Requirements IUHS is a global medical school that appreciates the diversity that exists in the backgrounds of our worldwide student body. Applicants following a North American undergraduate education path must have a minimum of 90 credits towards a degree that includes the listed pre-requisites. Applicants from other jurisdictions should have an education profile in keeping with their local entry requirements to medical school. Completed undergraduate degrees are preferable. The IUHS medical degree is awarded as either an MD or MBBS at the choice of the graduate. The University has found that previous medical coursework and clinical experience makes students especially well qualified to pursue their MD degrees. Furthermore IUHS believes students who hold non-science degrees in areas such as liberal arts, engineering and law bring a great value to the medical profession and we welcome these applicants. IUHS offers premedical studies through which students can complete their entrance requirements. [-]

University of Medicine and Health Sciences

M.D. Saint Kitts and Nevis Basseterre USA Lower East Side

Welcome to University of Medicine & Health Sciences A state-of-the-art Caribbean medical school catering to the individual needs of its students. UMHS strives for excellence, with a focus on small class sizes, high student retention and tremendous outcomes that help students reach their dreams. UMHS CAMPUSES The University of Medicine and Health Sciences (UMHS) campus has a vibrant atmosphere, evoking a collegial environment. The students, faculty, and staff members… [+] are all dedicated to medical education. An exotic paradise, St. Kitts is distinguished by breathtaking natural beauty. Boasting crystalline waters, sandy soft beaches, untouched ecosystems, tropical rainforests, and a spectacular dormant volcano. St. Kitts offers something for everyone. The St. Kitts Campus Students complete their Basic Science Program at the UMHS campus on the Caribbean Island of St. Kitts. During the first four semesters on St. Kitts, students find themselves in a model learning environment that sets the standard for modern medical education. Technology-Based Campus UMHS operates one of the newest and most technologically advanced campuses. The campus boasts technological advances on the cutting-edge of healthcare instruction. The wireless and networked campus is a key component to ensure that students are well prepared to complete the educational program. Utilization and understanding of educational software and auto-tutorial learning is emphasized throughout the learning process. All of the classrooms and laboratories are equipped with state of the art audio-visual equipment and have wireless connectivity for students to access the faculty PowerPoint presentations and class notes. To maximize learning, students are required to bring laptop/tablet computers to class. ACCREDITATIONS AND APPROVALS UMHS students are eligible to sit for the United States Medical Licensing Examinations as a result of the IMED and WHO AVICENNA listings. In addition to having St. Kitts accreditation, The University of Medicine and Health Sciences (UMHS) also has a full six-year accreditation from the Accreditation Commission on Colleges of Medicine (ACCM). An internationally recognized accrediting body, ACCM ( follows the Liaison Committee of Medical Education (LCME) Standards for Accreditation. The LCME is empowered by the US Department of Education as the accreditor of US and Canadian medical schools. [-]