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The University of Malta owes its origin to the Collegium Melitense set up in 1592 by the Jesuits in the capital Valletta. In 1769 Grandmaster Pinto refounded the Collegium as a University. In 1968, the university moved to a spacious new campus at Msida while maintaining its historic Valletta buildings. The University, through faculties, inter-disciplinary institutes and centres offers courses at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels in a wide range of disciplines, whilst… [+] also conducting and supervising research. The University of Malta is an increasingly popular choice for students. At present, there are around 9,500 registered students, of whom approximately 10% are international students from some 80 different countries.   The  Valletta campus is located in a city awarded the UNESCO World Heritage site in 1980. Valletta will be the European Capital of Culture for 2018. Here centuries-long traditions intertwine with hospitality and modern shopping experiences offering a collage that is inspiring, entertaining and at times haunting. The National Library, Government administrative offices and a variety of retail outlets are within easy walking distance. Open-air cafés that dot the capital city make these ideal for a continuation of the classroom seminar discussion or lecture.   The ever-growing number of international students at the University is a result of a combination of factors, including:   A high education standard Members of the University’s academic staff hold doctorates from leading universities, and work alongside experienced private sector practitioners. There is a very healthy student-staff ratio. The constant interaction with foreign universities promotes exchanges of faculty and research projects which often involve post-graduate students.   Within easy reach of other vibrant culturesMalta itself offers a dynamic cultural setting to any discerning visitor. In addition, Malta’s network connections make it easy for students based in Malta to visit other countries and experience a variety of cultures. Several major European, Near Eastern and African centres are within a three-hour flight radius from Malta.   A long-established reputation for excellence Tracing its origins to the founding of the Collegium Melitense in 1592, the University of Malta is the oldest university in the Commonwealth outside Britain. Malta is today a signatory of the Bologna agreement. Its degrees are recognised worldwide.   Instruction is in EnglishAll instruction at the University is in English. Furthermore, as a sign of hospitality the locals willingly communicate in English.   Safe, lively social life Malta’s size means it offers a relatively safe living environment where students can mix easily with both Maltese and other international students. At the same time, the lively Mediterranean, tourist-oriented lifestyle means that students can enjoy a wide variety of cultural, leisure and nightlife activities all year round.   Mild ClimateMalta enjoys a typical mild Mediterranean climate with warm, occasionally wet springs and autumns, hot dry summers and short cool winters. The annual average temperature is a pleasant 18ºC (64ºF) and on average there are 8 hours of sunshine daily.     International Masters Programmes are being offered on a Dual Degree basis, with each Masters being accredited by the University of Malta and at least another leading North American or European University. These programmes seek to achieve a wider exchange of cultural viewpoints, networks and experiences and at the same time provide students with global work opportunities. [-]

Queen Mary University of London, Barts and The London School of Medicine and Dentistry (Malta)

Bachelor Certificate Malta Valletta United Kingdom London September 2017 + 1 more

Ranked in 2nd in the UK for Medicine (Guardian University Guide 2017) Queen Mary University of London (QMUL), a Russell Group university in the UK has opened its first overseas medical campus in Malta, Europe. We are now accepting applications for September 2017 entry and our application deadline is 1st May 2017. 
  We are offering two medical programmes: A five-year  Medicine MBBS Malta (Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery) undergraduate programme.
  A one… [+] -year Medicine Foundation programme (Certificate in Clinical Foundation Studies Malta) suitable for any student from a country where the education system finishes at the equivalent level of Year 12 (age 16-17) in the UK. This programme, if successfully completed, will allow students to progress onto the above Medicine MBBS. The programmes will be taught by Barts and The London School of Medicine and Dentistry, a leading UK Medical School which is a faculty of QMUL. Barts and The London was formed out of the oldest hospital in Europe, St Bartholomew’s (known as ‘Barts’) which was founded in 1123, and England’s first medical school, The London, which opened in 1785. Both medicine programmes follow the same core curriculum as the QMUL programmes taught in London and you will be taught in Malta by staff from QMUL as well as local clinicians trained by the School. The Malta programmes have a dedicated teaching building and a state-of-the-art anatomy centre on the Gozo Campus which is next to the Gozo General Hospital. You’ll gain the Barts and The London medicine undergraduate experience while living in the Mediterranean. It’s a great place to study medicine abroad. About Malta The programmes will be based on Gozo, one of the three islands that make up the Republic of Malta. Malta has a dazzling history, spanning 7,000 years: the islands have three UNESCO World Heritage sites (including the entire Maltese capital, Valletta). More recently, you might have seen Malta on TV: the islands provide some of the stunning locations for Game of Thrones. Tuition Fees 35,000 Euros per year Application Process Candidates apply directly to the university, not through the UK's standard application system, UCAS. 

Malta College of Arts, Science and Technology

BSc BA Malta Paola September 2017

Overview Established in 2001, the Malta College of Arts, Science and Technology (MCAST) is the country’s leading vocational education and training institution. Through our six institutes in Malta and the Gozo Campus, we offer 185 full-time and over 300 part-time vocational courses ranging from certificates to degrees (MQF Level 1 to Level 6). Our students are prepared for careers in different sectors of the economy or for higher education. We collaborate closely w… [+] ith local industries to ensure that the knowledge, skills and competencies within our curricula are appropriate and relevant to a dynamic and forward-looking economy. This relationship stimulates the College’s success - our programmes are flexible, relevant and responsive to the aspirations of our students and the needs of industries, which are constantly evolving to meet the challenges of a changing global economy. New MCAST structure to Benefit Students MCAST has a wide ranging and unique remit in the post-secondary sector offering courses ranging from Level 1 to Level 6. Within the Malta Qualifications Framework, MCAST provides Level 1 and 2 Foundation programmes for students who may have left formal schooling without any formal qualifications with the aim of helping them to at least achieve a Level 3 Vocational qualification and possibly even more. MCAST also provides Level 4 courses to students who may wish to enter employment at the technician level or who may aspire to continue their studies at a higher degree level. Finally, MCAST offers courses at Level 5 and 6 in which students aim to achieve a first degree. All of these different levels are an important and vital part of MCAST’s mission. In order to strengthen each one of these different levels, it has been felt that MCAST’s structure needs to develop further in order to cater in a better manner for the needs of our students at different levels. MCAST will remain as one organisation incorporating all these levels and emphasising the possibility of one continuous and strong pathway between the different levels. In order to strengthen its focus on the different needs of students at these different levels, MCAST will be introducing three colleges under the MCAST umbrella namely the Foundation College, the Technical College and the University College. Foundation College The Foundation College focuses on providing the best curricula and learning pedagogies for candidates following courses at MQF/EQF Levels 1, 2 and 3 by addressing their specific needs and preparing them for further education at the Technical College. Technical College The Technical College provides further programmes of study at MQF/EQF Level 4 in closer collaboration with industry. The Advanced Diplomas on offer prepares our students with the right knowledge, skills and competences in order to take up technical positions within industry or progress to the University College should they prefer to do so. Our Level 4 programmes incorporate a wide range of apprenticeships in various fields of studies thus enabling our students to also gain practical work experience while studying. University College The University College caters for higher education programmes and vocational degrees while also working in close collaboration with industry in order to provide professionals that are both academically prepared and practically trained to satisfy the needs of the local industry. The Institutes and Centres provide all the technical and professional expertise towards the delivery of all programmes at MCAST while having the main aim of driving forward all the areas of study under their respective responsibility with an outlook towards the future. This corporate structure enables each College to create focused strategies that address the specific needs of students at each level while maintaining a healthy dialogue with all interested stakeholders in order to provide the best programmes for the needs of the local economy and society. why MCAST? A rewarding career We don’t just prepare you for examinations. We collaborate with the leading industry players to give you hands-on training in the latest best practices and technologies. Get ready to roll up your sleeves and put what you learn in the classroom to practice in our workshops, laboratories and in real work settings, through placements and apprenticeships. Our ultimate goal is to give you the skills and experiences required to help you achieve the thriving career you are aspiring for. A world of opportunities Every year, we provide training opportunities to over 6,000 full-time students. New programmes are constantly added to our list of courses to give you more new training options to choose from. If you are determined to advance in your career, we have the training programme that's made for you. A caring and vibrant Campus We believe that education is not simply a matter of qualifications and technical skills. We are committed to help you develop into responsible, enthusiastic adults with strong social values. Beyond the classroom, at MCAST you will be participating in sport, cultural and other fun activities that help you make new friends, gain confidence and improve your teamwork and communication skills. You will also have opportunities to join national and international competitions and events, as well as to gain invaluable experience through international student exchange programmes. If you are going through a difficult moment in life, we provide you with a wide range of personal care and support services. International Centre of Excellence We were the first educational institution in Europe to be certified as an International Centre of Excellence by the renowned international body EDEXCEL. Our ongoing commitment to upgrade the quality of all our services and to provide you with an enjoyable learning experience includes the introduction of the latest teaching technologies, the employment of experienced lecturers and administrative staff, as well as extensive investment in state-of-the-art equipment. We are currently implementing three EU-funded projects, worth over €20 million, to continue upgrading the quality of all our existing programmes, and introduce new ones. [-]