AUT Overview

AUT is the first private university in the south of Jordan with an ambitious vision to be a distinguished university that catches the eyes of students and a favorite choice for students from Jordan and the region. The university is situated about fifteen kilometers to the south of the city of Aqaba on the hills, overlooking the Gulf of Aqaba on a huge land of five hundred Km2.

The university received the first group of students in the first semester of the academic year of 2015\2016 in the Faculty of Administrative and Financial Sciences and the Faculty of Information Technology. The university is working continuously under the guidance of its Board of Trustees which is headed by Dr. Abd al-Salam AlMajali to develop new specialties to meet the job requirements in the region that catch the eye of students from Jordan and the region.

Our Vision

To be a leading international university, distinguished in academic and technological programs and the performance of scientific research.

Our Mission

AUT is committed to providing its students with a high quality educational and learning experiences, by submitting a variety of academic and professional programs to promote the personal, social, academic, and professional development for students, in addition to the contribution in the cultural, social, and economic development for the community, in a way which meets the requirements of the developmental plans for Aqaba region and the neighboring areas.

Our Goals

  • To provide educational and learning programs in non-traditional specialties required by the Jordanian and regional labor market.
  • To prepare graduates who are able to compete, in accordance with the standards and requirements of the international labor market.
  • To encourage specialized scientific research in its fields of business.
  • To serve the community by providing specialized scientific and technical advice and holding studies.
  • To conclude agreements and partnerships with specialized research universities and centers.
  • To address relevant social problems and issues in the fields of the University.
  • To prepare graduates and qualified leaders with the enlightened democratic thought which supports the institutions of society.

Our values

  • Supporting creativity and renovation.
  • Treating everyone with respect and justice.
  • Permanent commitment to quality improvement.
  • Wise management of resources and infrastructure.
  • Commitment, social responsibility, and clean environment.
  • Respecting diversity.
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September 2019
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