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IES Abroad

Courses USA Chicago Netherlands Amsterdam France Arles New Zealand Auckland Spain Barcelona China Beijing Germany Berlin Argentina Buenos Aires South Africa Cape Town Christchurch Ireland Dublin Freiburg Granada United Kingdom London Madrid Italy Milan Japan Nagoya Nantes New York Nice Paris Oxford Ecuador Quito Morocco Rabat Rome Salamanca Chile Santiago Shanghai Siena Australia Sydney Tokyo Puerto Ayora Austria Vienna Hong Kong September 2018 + 48 more

A highly charged force who will move your world. Everything we do is about the IES Abroad student. Our profoundly passionate team of study abroad professionals believes in creating once-in-a-lifetime educational adventures that transcend expectations. Our goal is to rock the world of some 6,000 study abroad students every year. From our headquarters in Chicago to our 125+ study abroad programs in more than 30 global locations worldwide, we create authentic global education… [+] and life-affirming cultural experiences. We work at IES Abroad because we believe that every student should have the opportunity to go abroad – especially for a fun, safe, and superior academic and cultural environment. We believe so strongly in the power of our program, that we actively recruit students from diverse populations and provide more than $4 million in scholarships year after year. We are proud that our students are as diverse and exciting as the countries they study in. Who We Are The Institute for the International Education of Students (“IES Abroad”) represents a consortium of more than 235 U.S. colleges and universities. As a not-for-profit 501(c)(3) organization, IES Abroad has an all-volunteer Board of Directors and an extensive academic governance system that includes 5 committees featuring democratic representation from the IES Abroad Consortium. Since its founding in 1950, over 100,000 students have participated in IES Abroad international study abroad programs. IES Abroad operates 120+ programs in more than 30 locations in Europe, Africa, Asia, South America, Australia and New Zealand. With 6,000+ students enrolled in IES Abroad programs each year, IES Abroad is the largest study abroad provider in the United States and an innovative leader in the study abroad field. Our Mission IES Abroad educates students to become global leaders through premier study abroad and internship programs, which offer students worldwide experiential learning opportunities that meet the highest standards of academic quality. Our Vision Our vision for the future remains connected to the original IES Abroad program in 1950, a world filled with interculturally competent leaders who have both the understanding and skills to effectively, humanely, and positively navigate across different cultures, in politics, education, business, or the non-profit sector. Our Philosophy We are committed to placing the interests of our students first, to the delivery of superior academic programs, and to providing excellent service to our students and educational partners around the world. These are our highest priorities. We believe transparency, best practices, and maintaining the integrity of our business principles are in the best interests of our students, our global academic partners, and our organization. The governance structure of IES Abroad features a system of oversight characterized by consortium member and third-party driven checks and balances. What we offer A passport to global citizenship. IES Abroad creates a journey—an exhilarating challenge of academics and cultural immersion—an unmatched global educational experience. Our world-class faculty and demanding, relevant courses engage and inspire students as they discover unexpected ways of learning both inside and outside the classroom. Soon, our students find themselves at the intersection of language proficiency and intercultural communication as they learn to navigate the world as 21st-century global citizens. Here's how we do it: More than 125 academic programs Programs in 30+ cities and 21 countries A network of 600+ Ambassadors who have volunteered to answer questions More than 1,200 IES Abroad courses taught by qualified international faculty Credit transfer, based on programs already approved by students’ home schools or through programs accredited by IES Abroad’s School of Record, the University of Rochester Housing options secured and vetted by IES Abroad, including homestays, residence halls with local university students, and/or apartments (often with a local resident assistant) More than $4 million in IES Abroad scholarships and aid available Option to take courses at one of our international partner universities alongside local students Personal advising to assist with pre-departure questions, concerns, and processes Assistance with the visa application process Comprehensive health and safety services, which include: 24/7 emergency staff assistance onsite in each location to respond to immediate health and safety needs of students International health insurance for emergency purposes U.S.-based Dean of Students and support staff who establish and oversee health and safety protocol, consult with IES Abroad Centers to maintain high standards of safety, and serve as an emergency contact An international policy plan for crisis management and emergency procedures in all locations for evacuation in the event of natural disaster, political unrest, or terrorist action. Comprehensive pre-departure resources, including cultural and academic information Access to Moodle, an online learning environment that engages students outside the classroom Family support, including the IES Abroad Family Guide Experienced and dedicated local staff on-site Meals, depending on housing selection Internships and field placements in areas such as Art/Theatre, Business, Education, Government/Politics, Law, Sciences/Health-related programs, Social/NGO Organizations Service learning and volunteer opportunities at various local, national and international charitable organizations in areas such as Animal Welfare, Community Development, Economic Development, Education, Health, Human Rights, etc. Comprehensive orientation and re-entry programming that focuses on cultural adjustment, goal setting, and achievement, and preparing for the return home Access to organized field trips and cultural events Transcript Access to our 100,000+ alumni network and The Exchange bi-annual newsletter [-]

Hirosaki University

PhD Japan Hirosaki April 2019

Hirosaki University was established in the former castle town of Hirosaki in 1949. It is a national university and is located in Aomori Prefecture, situated at the northern end of Honshu Island. Hirosaki University is a medium-sized university with Faculties of Humanities, Education,
Medicine, Science & Technology, and Agriculture & Life Science. These five Faculties
cover a broad and comprehensive range of undergraduate academic disciplines. The university is als… [+] o home to seven graduate programs, including the independent and
interdisciplinary doctoral course in Regional Studies. [-]

Beppu Mizobe Gakuen College

Courses Japan Beppu April 2019

Departments and Courses at Beppu Mizobe Gakuen College Beppu Mizobe Gakuen College has four departments under which exist various 2-year courses. Two of the departments, the Department of Contemporary Life Design and the Department of Food and Nutrition, have devised special courses for international students as described below. Come experience all that we have to offer you and invest in your future at Mizobe! Department of Contemporary Life Design: A fulfilling two-year… [+] program with a content-rich curriculum combined with “hands-on” experiences and strong support from faculty as students work toward getting certified in their respective fields. Students are able to take classes that interest them from other course curriculums which makes it possible for them to obtain specialized information in their own course, but to also study a wide range of topics. Department of Food and Nutrition: This department aims to produce culinary professionals and nutritionists who are well schooled in specialized knowledge regarding nutrition, food and food preparation, and health. Students are able to obtain various certifications and skills that are beneficial when job hunting while they are enrolled without any extra costs beyond the designated tuition payments which is most likely related to why the employment rate of this department’s graduates exceed 90% each year. There is one “International Student Course” within this department. Department of Early Childhood Education This is a two-year training program for students whose goal is to become instructors at daycare facilities or nursery schools. There are other certificates and licenses that students may obtain through their studies such as “Recreation Instructors” and “Peer Helpers.” Department of Certified Care Workers This department serves to foster certified care workers who are able to communicate smoothly with the elderly and handicapped and who possess the skills to provide housework and everyday life support while respecting individual rights. International Exchange and Activities for International Students Beppu Mizobe Gakuen College is a relatively small junior college, however, we are realizing the importance of expanding globally and relish the vibrancy that international students bring to our campus. Although international students may have difficulties at first with their Japanese studies and other academics, there is abundant support from faculty and staff that will aid in overcoming the initial challenges. Proficiency in Japanese is, of course, important, especially in terms of seeking employment in Japan. However, knowledge of Japanese culture and etiquette is just as important. Despite the rigor of the academics, Beppu Mizobe Gakuen College also wants international students to have fun and provides many activities and experiences that will allow them to observe and try their own hand at Japanese traditional arts such as flower arrangement, tea ceremony, dressing in kimono, Japanese cooking, and many others. There are field trips throughout the year, visits to Japanese elementary schools, participation in local festivals, involvement in volunteer work, and plenty of opportunities for exchange with local people. There is student-run cultural clubs (Tea Ceremony Club, Chinese Cultural Club, etc.), sports clubs (Japanese archery, swimming, basketball, etc.), on campus that international students are welcome to join. Location The Beppu Mizobe Gakuen College campus is located in Kyushu, the southern-most island of the four islands that comprise Japan. To be more specific, Beppu Mizobe Gakuen College is located in Beppu City in Oita Prefecture. Beppu City is a mid-size city of roughly 120,000 and is the neighboring city to Oita Prefecture’s capital city of Oita City. Beppu is known for its hot springs, roughly 2,700 springs in Beppu alone, and for its “hot spring tourism” that brings many people to this city each year to relax and enjoy the beautiful natural surroundings of the area. Many international students picture the larger cities of Tokyo or Osaka when they picture Japan in their minds, however, we pride ourselves in being able to offer students what those cities cannot – a glimpse at the “true” Japan. Kyushu is especially known for holding on to Japanese traditions and local flavor which can be harder to find in the urban centers of the country. Beppu’s safe environment and cheap living costs in addition to its location and proximity to other Asian countries, make it an ideal place for international students to begin their lives in Japan. [-]