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What must a physician or clinical psychologist of tomorrow? What diseases are caused by demographic change for us? How is individualized, high-technology medicine affordable and humane?

The Medical School Brandenburg Theodor Fontane (MHB) sees its founding mission as well as its unique selling point in a specific response to changing requirements of our society to the health system in general and the medical training, psychotherapists, clinical psychologists and other health professionals in particular.

In the country. For the country.

The Medical School Brandenburg Theodor Fontane (MHB) is a state-recognized university in municipal and profit organizations. It stands for innovative teaching concepts and for the unity of research, teaching and patient care. With our three University hospitals Ruppin clinics, Municipal Hospital Brandenburg and Immanuel Hospital Bernau, Brandenburg Heart Center and currently nationwide 20 cooperating hospitals and 35 teaching practices we combine science-based and practical expertise for the study of a new generation of doctors and psychologists. Target and establishing the claim Medical University of Brandenburg is one of the requirements for future employment bill to establish supporting modern and practical, and liberal and holistic education. With the training and education of technically competent, human competent and socially committed doctors and psychologists, we want to actively contribute to the solution of current problems and make the best patient care for the land. In Brandenburg. And beyond.

The Medical University of Brandenburg sees itself as a public welfare-oriented university with a unique in this form group of shareholders from municipalities, hospitals and social welfare. Against the background of our founding pulse and based on our objective we want to be a university and who trusts something that teaching and research brave new paths, courageously breaking new ground and contributes as an educational pioneer for solving urgent social issues. And we want to be a university and that space is for development of talent and the development of personality.

A university that strives for the individual development potential of every individual, which it promotes and demands. A university that their learning, innovation and the ability to relate new proves again and again in future tasks. A university where there is not only a pleasure to study, but also to teach, to do research and work. And finally, a university that contribute to health care in the country, the future of health and social change with their profit-corporate constitution individuals and their specific group of shareholders from municipalities, hospitals and Diakonie want.

Medicine and psychology with heart, hand and brain

The research focuses on the medicine of aging, which includes all processes, mechanisms and changes that occur in the aging process and thereby cause disease or limitations of body or mind that require medical diagnosis, treatment or prevention.

The academic self-concept of MHB based both on the findings of basic research, based on the other hand but also on a holistic, humanistic, personal and integrated medicine and psychology with heart, hand and brain, where the human being with his individual, physical, social and psychological situation is at the center and not just the medical or technical supply case.

Ruppin clinics, the Municipal Hospital in Brandenburg an der Havel and the Immanuel Hospital Bernau Brandenburg Heart Center act as university hospitals and guarantee with their professors the close connection between research, teaching and patient care. Other cooperating clinics and teaching practices and a number of renowned partners from health, politics and science are actively involved.

The state of Brandenburg has been the only area country that had no own medical faculty and in which it was offered no independent medical training. With the establishment of MHB this gap will be gradually closed. Annually start 48 medical students, 42 students enrolled in bachelor's degree and from 2016 initially expected 21 students in the Master's program and Clinical Psychology (M.Sc.).

With the planning of further studies of medical and psychological fields (such as psychotherapy, creative therapy and other health professionals) is the development of MHB to a College of Medicine and Health Sciences in Brandenburg a potential future perspective.

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Medizinische Hochschule Brandenburg Theodor Fontane

Address Medizinische Hochschule Brandenburg Theodor Fontane Referat für Studienangelegenheiten Fehrbelliner Straße 38
16816 Neuruppin, Brandenburg, Germany
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