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Founded in 1993, the École Nationale Supérieure des Mines d’Albi-Carmaux (Mines Albi) is a state-funded higher education institution, placed under the authority of the Ministry of Economy and Industry.

A graduate school of engineering

As a French ‘Grande École’ of engineering, Mines Albi offers an outstanding range of programs to fit your needs, talents, and goals. Our undergraduate students are admitted at L3 or M1 level and our Engineering Diploma is delivered at the end of the M2 year. Our master of science, engineering, International Master (M3) and Ph.D. programs provide a high level of scientific and managerial training to develop socially responsible leaders poised for the challenges of a dynamic and unsettled world.

A center of excellence for research

Mines Albi hosts 3 research centers: The RAPSODEE research center dedicated to energy, environment and the science and technology of particulate solids The Clément Ader Institute focusing on research on mechanical and material science engineering with a particular emphasis in aeronautics and space applications The Research Center for Industrial Engineering devoted to the organization and management of supply chains, development of mathematical tools and software for system engineering In recognition of the scientific excellence and quality within industry research partnerships, RAPSODEE and ICA became shared research units between CNRS and Mines Albi and the laboratories of Mines Albi were awarded the prestigious “Carnot” ranking, a label delivered to elite research groups in France conducting industry-oriented research

A business partner for economic and regional development

Mines Albi continuously develops close ties with international and national industries and participates in the development of the regional economy, e.g. by hosting start-up etc. The training process is designed to ensure that graduate engineers are able to ‘hit the ground running’ in operational jobs in various sectors in the industry. Many engineers and managers from industry regularly teach at the school and are closely involved in its management.


“Mines Albi” is a modern and well-equipped academic institution

  • training multi-skilled engineers according to the French “Grandes Ecoles” tradition
  • delivering Master of Science diploma
  • co-delivering doctoral diploma
  • carrying out cutting-edge fundamental and applied research
  • promoting the industrial implementation of its activities.

“Mines Albi” belongs: - to the “Institut Mines-Télécom”, the French leader in Education and Research in Engineering, Information Technology, and Management, - to “Toulouse University”, founded in 1290 comprising of about 120000 students shared across all university fields. Albi is a charming and quiet town located in the South-west of France, its historical center being declared a UNESCO world heritage site. Positioned in the heart of the modern and dynamic network of “Mines”, “Télécom” and “Toulouse” universities located throughout France and in the Midi-Pyrénées region, “Mines Albi” is developing in an environment of world-renowned research clusters in various fields such as aeronautics, cancer and health, energy, water and environment. Accelerated internationalization of the campus has become one of the major aims for future development. A significant international experience is compulsory for each of our students during their studies and Mines Albi aims host yearly about 30% of foreign students in undergraduate and masters courses. These students are admitted as an exchange, undergraduate or double diploma students, in the framework of the collaboration agreements signed with universities from all over the world. Today, about 50% of our doctoral and post-doctoral students come from abroad. We develop the international engagement and recognition of our research by continuing to organize and co-organise yearly international conferences, increasing our participation in international and EU projects, and increasing international publications. The development of joint international research teams and laboratories as well as the intensification of visiting professorships will strengthen our position at the international level. Due also to the new investments in the technological and pilot platforms GALA, MIMAUSA and VALTHERA and to the quality of campus life and in Albi generally, the “Mines Albi” is an attractive option for studying and research.

This school offers programs in:
  • English
  • French

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This school also offers:


Master Advanced Pharmaceutical Engineering – ADPHARMING

Campus Full time 2 years September 2018 France Albi

ADPHARMING course offers challenging opportunities for students interested in developing a career in the pharmaceutical industry. ADPHARMING aims at developing a new kind of leaders with a global high-level training for R & D, drug production, quality management, lean management, logistics, and supply chain, in the field of pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, biotechnology, etc.


ACCREDITATION Master n°20160208 Accredited in March 2016 by the French Ministry of Higher Education and Research for 5 years. In co-accreditation with Institut Mines-Télécom, Paris, France. The Master ADPHARMING started on 15th September 2016. ENVIRONMENT

The fast-growing Pharmerging markets will worth 50% of the global pharmaceutical market in 2020, with an annual growth of 15% a year. Most pharmaceutical industries will have to increase their production and supply chain, in accordance with the international regulations, and to develop new dosage forms, in line with the best world standards.

STRONG POINTS OF THE SCHOOL/PROGRAM Mines Albi is accredited by the French Ministry of Industry Mines-Albi is accredited by the French Ministry of Higher Education and Research Mines-Albi International Campus is located in the heart of the Europe’s highly innovative pharmaceutical industry Mines-Albi International Campus is located in Albi, UNESCO World heritage 2010. Strong network of the industries and academic institutions ADPHARMING master is a unique master taught entirely in English in France and in small groups in this field Free French language courses 6-month master thesis in industry or in a research lab Master boosted by the research department RAPSODEE (CNRS UMR 5302) Mines-Albi/RAPSODEE have more than 20 years of experience in Pharmaceutical engineering teaching and research Strong network of the industries and academic institutions An international team of international students A quality-chartered “Welcome to International Students” package Scholarships based on academic excellence are available for outstanding candidates COURSE AIMS ... [-]


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