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We train organisations, crews and individuals in the Oil & Gas, Maritime and Wind industry how to improve safety and operational performance, in offshore and maritime operations. We always train as close to real life as possible, teaching you how to handle challenging situations.

Maersk Training covers a wide field of offshore industries and training needs, targeting each field with specific 
expertise. But we always teach and train according to our basic values, a Maersk Training way of thinking with 
“Uprightness, Humbleness and Constant Care” in mind.

Based on a safety culture

Risks can be minimised. This is true for human health and lives, and for the economy, production and the environment. Maersk Training is based on a safety culture that focuses on eliminating risks by being prepared. From technical skills to communicate, our training improves both performance and safety for an increased competitive edge.

Training to be prepared

It is a basic principle of Maersk Training that being prepared for challenges improves safety and productivity. At Maersk Training, we train people to be prepared so that they can handle real-life situations.

Training for your own reality

The true value of training is demonstrated in the real working environment. We make sure that our training is as close and relevant to your working environment as possible. The experience of our trainers, our flexibility and dialogue with our clients are important tools.

The right training for the right needs

Respecting our clients' training investment means providing the training that meets their needs. For this reason, aligning expectations, defining exact needs and targeting training to meet those needs are important parts of the process.

Setting the standards

Industry standards not only improve safety, but they may also improve productivity and cooperation. Maersk Training trains according to the highest industry standards, but we are also involved in setting new standards and defining assessments by advising industries, institutes and authorities around the globe.

A better learning experience

We believe in improving safety, behaviour and operational performance in the real working environment. And in evaluating and assessing improvements.
A better learning experience is about more than a pleasant stay at the training facilities. It is about understanding and remembering more, and about making better use of the training.
We strive to provide a better learning experience. The goal is to achieve the highest learning level from a training session – use what you learn and you will improve your performance and safety behaviour.

It is what people remember

Learning is useful as long as people remember what they learn. Involvement and practice are important to make people retain what they learn. People tend to forget what they just hear or read, which is why we generally advise more practical training. We train to achieve as high retention rates as possible, and we recommend regular refreshment of the learning.

Measuring learning

The outcome of all training should be measurable and documented. To ensure this we conduct pre- and post-training tests to gauge the degree of improvement. We encourage clients to add feedback of workplace behavioural change to follow the effect of the learning process.

Simulation for real life performance

We have invested heavily in building advanced simulators to provide realistic training. We deliver more than textbook theory. We plan and tailor training to the reality of the people we train. And as we live in a dynamic, progressing world, we believe in constant development, improving our training and facilities all the time.
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