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Avalon University School of Medicine

Bachelor M.D. Curaçao Willemstad

Avalon University School of Medicine (AUSOM) is one of the best Caribbean Medical Schools. AUSOM focuses on quality medical education and training in order to ensure medical licensure and residency placement for international medical students and graduates. By getting into medical school like Avalon University, we provide students the opportunity to achieve a rewarding career in the field of medicine. Rapidly becoming an international leader in medical education and marching… [+] towards the position of one of the best Caribbean medical schools, AUSOM is located in Curacao. This island is a highly developed and a safe country with a supportive and pro-education government. Avalon University offers programs in Pre-Medicine, Doctor of Medicine and Clinical Sciences. Our curriculum is designed to prepare medical students for the United States Medical Licensing Exam® (USMLE) exams, and also to be prepared to medical licensing exams of different countries around the world. As a promising leader of an international medical schools, AUSOM's program, leadership, and success rate make it a premier choice for those pursuing a career in the medical field. AUSOM has curricula, faculty and staff members that offer the knowledge, experience and resources for a solid medical school education that produces competitive graduates and high-quality doctors. AUSOM is one of the only Caribbean medical schools that is founded and directed primarily by U.S. physicians AUSOM is a North American curriculum based medical program designed for students who want to pursue a career and in medicine in the United States, Canada, and most parts of the world. AUSOM's faculty includes esteemed professors and physicians from top teaching medical schools and institutions from all over the world. Avalon University also provides highly sought after clinical rotations in U.S. teaching hospitals, and we guarentee clinical rotation spots for all of our students in the U.S. Avalon University has one of the strongest clinical science programs and during these clinical rotations students work directly with physicians and hospital staff to become familiar with hospital practices and settings. Students become comfortable in taking histories and conducting physical examinations, case presentations, laboratory analysis, and attending workshops, conferences and grand rounds. Hands-on experience provides students the opportunity to complement theoretical knowledge with live patient presentations. The clinical medicine program at AUSOM provides a competitive edge to ensure that students are prepared for residency/post-graduate programs. The mission of Avalon University School of Medicine is to educate students in both the art and the science of medicine. This begins with an environment which promotes growth and learning, and entails dedication, discipline and direction, all of which are fundamental in the development of a skilled physician. Avalon University School of Medicine has an academic team and curriculum which focuses on success of its student body. While emphasis is on student academic success, the administration also focuses on students’ personal needs. AUSOM pays special attention to both the student and their families. It is critical that all members of the family are comfortable in order for the student to be able to focus on their studies. These are a few reasons by Avalon is the best Medical Universities in Curacao and the Caribbean! AUSOM faculty consists of professors who are qualified physicians with a great experience and knowledge of basic sciences and the medical licensing exams. Their intimate knowledge of medical licensing exam preparation and residency placement program makes them an integral part of the success of AUSOM’s graduates. Here are a few other facts of Avalon University - Class size at AUSOM is limited to 25 students per class. This attractive student-to-teacher ratio offers students the experience of individualized attention in our intensive medical school program. Clinical Rotations: Students are equipped with theoretic knowledge of basic sciences while acquiring the competency to use that knowledge clinically. This competency is exercised during rotations at a variety of U.S. teaching hospitals. Currently AUSOM has affiliations with teaching hospitals in the states - Ohio, Nevada, Illinois, West Virginia and Georgia. Also there are clinical rotations on the island of Curacao, and soon England. USMLE Preparation: AUSOM ‘s program is designed for USMLE preparation and success. The curriculum is designed to incorporate USMLE style format questions in curriculum quizzes and exams. This intensive preparation ensures student success. Evidence Based Medicine: AUSOM students give weekly presentations to faculty and peers on assigned topics in medical research. Exposure to these topics is invaluable and gives students the opportunity to effectively analyze current updates in medicine. Balanced Extracurricular Activities- The Student Government Association gives students the opportunity to share their voice and interests on campus. Students organize numerous extracurricular activities, including sporting events and other fun activities outside of the classroom. Avalon Curacao is involved in giving back to the community of Curacao by jointly hosting the Avalon Health Fair. This fair includes faculty member and students who function as ‘Junior Doctors’. Students counsel community members on a variety of important and relevant health issues. AUSOM’s mission and goal is to graduate well rounded and compassionate physicians. Our primary objective is to make sure that all of our graduates are competent physicians that will be well qualified to practice medicine in North America, or anywhere in the world. For more information please visit our website at, or email us at, or you may send a message to us through this website. Thank you! [-]