The healthcare market is big. Like $2.8-trillion-annually-in-the-US-alone big. That's big.

Technology giants Amazon and Apple are getting in on the action, as is Uber and several other tech companies. Why? There's a lot of potential financially. 

In 2018, Amazon announced it would work with several investors to form an independent healthcare company. It has since purchased an online pharmacy startup called PillPack and has software that will read medical records.

What does this mean? In 2019, Amazon is getting involved in your healthcare records -- and your prescriptions. Stay tuned. 

In other news, Apple introduced its Apple Health app in 2018 so that it could display medical records from 39 hospitals. It has FDA clearance (but not approval) for a new Apple Watch feature called EKG. 

While Apple and Amazon both have on-site clinics for their employees, their move into the health records space will be interesting. Will they compete? Or work together?

As for Uber, Uber Health launched in 2018, which allows health providers to book rides for patients and caregivers. While not an ambulance, some experts think that Uber Health might take some of the market for ambulances -- Uber does not cost thousands of dollars. 

They're looking to break into the $3 billion 'non-medical emergency transportation market'.

Pay attention to Alphabet, too, the parent company of Google and Verily Life Sciences. While its focus isn't on healthcare, they are a giant in health research. They are working on AI-powered speech recognition, nursing home technology, tech health for the elderly, and other projects around immunological disorders, heart disease, and sleep.

What have you seen as technology and healthcare mix? Post in the comments.