May 16, 2018 at 12:00am ET By Alyssa Walker

According to White Coats for Black Lives, a medical student-run organization that works "to dismantle racism in medicine and promote the health, well-being, and self-determination of people of color," 10 of the US's top medical schools do not have faculties and staffs that reflect the nation's black, Native American, and Latino populations.

Their new report, which was first shared with The Guardian, found that those schools did not offer anti-racism training or pay their workers a living wage.

In the article, Kathryn Himmelstein, of the White Coats for Black Lives' national working group said that the group wanted to "Turn a light on those 10 schools but also open up questions about what other academic medical centers do, and encourage folks at those places to inquire, to research, to question what their institutions could be doing better."

The race bias exists not only in medical schools, but also in the medical practice, with recent studies showing that black infants in the US are twice as likely to die as white infants.

White Coats for Black Lives hopes to shape change in medical schools and show elite institutions how they can "leverage their power" to help medically disparaged groups. 

Himmelstein said of the medical schools they assessed, "Given they control so many resources and have this important social role, there was shockingly little accountability for how medical schools were or were not promoting social justice."

She added, "We hope there will be greater discussion both within the medical community as well as outside the medical community, about how are we leveraging the resources of academic medical centers to promote racial justice."

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Alyssa Walker is a freelance writer, educator, and nonprofit consultant. She lives in the White Mountains of New Hampshire with her family.

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