Big Regional Disparities In UK Med School Attendance
June 13, 2018
This year, there were six times as many new medical and dental students from London as there were from the Northeast, as reported by The Guardian. Ucas data shows that last year, 1,585 London students studied for medical and dental degrees, compared to just 245 Northeast students. Why the disparity? Let's take a closer look.

Do Disadvantaged Med Students With Lower Grades Keep Up with their Peers?
June 6, 2018
Think low entrance scores are an indication of future poor performance in medical school? Think again -- at least as it pertains to disadvantaged students. In fact, students with low A Level results from some of the UK’s worst performing secondary schools do just as well in medical school as their...

Medical School Enrollments Up In The US
May 30, 2018
Medical school enrollments are up in the US. While it's good news for medical schools and medicine in general, some medical school administrators are worried about placing all of them for residency. Let's take a closer look.

Thai Students Give Donated Bodies a Grateful Send-Off
May 25, 2018
Earlier this spring we covered the special significance of China’s Qingming Festival to medical students, during which they pay homage to the people who donate their bodies to science. Now comes news of similar efforts by Thai medical students earlier this month to honor their “silent mentors....

Do US Med Schools Make the Racial Bias Grade?
May 16, 2018
According to White Coats for Black Lives, a medical student-run organization that works "to dismantle racism in medicine and promote the health, well-being, and self-determination of people of color," 10 of the US's top medical schools do not have faculties and staffs that reflect the nation's black...

Urgent Need for Maternal Mental Health Care in Northern Ireland
May 2, 2018
A team of researchers from Queen’s University has determined that there exists an “urgent need” for increased investment in specialist maternal mental health care in Northern Ireland. Here’s a closer look at the findings and why they matter.

Medical Schools and the AAMC Step Up to Address Med Student Debt
April 25, 2018
Just over three-quarters of students at private medical schools in the US graduated with debt in 2016, according to the Association of Medical Colleges (AAMC). The median level of debt at graduation? A staggering $190,000. The average starting salary for medical residents, meanwhile? Approximately $...

Is There Hope for Unhappy Young Brits?
April 18, 2018
The annual UK Youth Index reveals the less than auspicious news that young Brits are unhappier than they’ve ever been. However, there’s a light in the tunnel, says the Prince’s Trust, a charity set up by the Prince of Wales. Here’s a closer look at the data, along with what insiders say can ...

Brazil School Districts Debut Plant-Based Meal System
April 11, 2018
Experts have long attested to the many benefits of plant-based diets. Now comes news that four Brazilian cities have committed to being 100 percent plant-based with their public school cafeteria menus by the end of 2019. Here’s a closer look at the initiative.

Chinese Med Students Pay Homage to “Silent Teachers”
April 5, 2018
Every year on the occasion of the Qingming Festival in China, people pay tribute to the dead. Also known as “Tomb Sweeping Day,” the holiday has special significance for Chinese medical students. Here’s a closer look at the one-day event, along with why its of particular importance for medical...


June 12, 2018

Put art, science, compassion, and healthcare into a blender, mix them up, and voila! You have dentistry, one of the most underrated fields in medicine...

June 4, 2018

The European Psychiatric Association (EPA) recently highlighted an “alarming” trend in the medical community: Nearly half of medical students expe...

June 1, 2018

For students aspiring to careers in science and medicine English language skills are particularly important. Because of this, English language medical...