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5 Masters of Science  (MSc)  undefined Optometric Medicine 2023

5 MSc undefined Optometric Medicine 2023


Often, those who finish bachelor’s degree programs concentrating on a given topic decide to enroll in a Master of Science, or MSc, program in a similar discipline as a method of broadening their earning potential and career prospects. Most master’s degree programs take about two years to complete.

Just what is an MSc in Optometry? This rigorous, science-based course of study aims to prepare graduates for profitable and rewarding careers within the vision sciences. Common topics of study typically include optometry, the vision sciences, visual optics, neuroscience and physiological optics. Additional emphasis is generally placed on ophthalmology, biosciences, bioengineering and various eye disorders and diseases, among related areas.

An MSc in Optometry or higher is required for many careers within the fields of optometry and the vision sciences. A master’s degree is also a prerequisite for a doctorate designation in most countries. Regardless of one’s career goals, the MSc in Optometry is known to enhance earning potential for those who earn it.

Optometry programs vary considerably in terms of course costs due to factors such as geography and popularity. Because of this strong variability, it is wise to contact each school offering a program of interest for accurate enrollment rates.

Most people who enroll in optometry master’s degree programs do so with the goal of one day becoming an optometrist, ophthalmologist or other type of vision specialist. Others utilize their skills in other roles that advance the health and function of the human eye. Some participants in these programs choose to focus on the research aspect of the field after graduating, while others look to teach optometry or a similar topic at the university level.

Many highly regarded optometry master’s degree programs are offered online by educational institutions across the globe, and many of these programs are listed in our broad database. Search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.

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