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10 MSc Programs in Immunology 2023


One of the highest degrees of advanced graduate education offered, a Master of Science (MSc) involves in-depth education in a specific scientific subject. Earned through one to three years of study at an accredited institution, these degrees give a student comprehensive expertise in the topic.

What is an MSc in Immunology? A discipline of biomedical science, immunology is the study of the immune systems of humans and other biological organisms, which examines the functioning of the system both in healthy states and when infected, as well as immunological disorders, such as autoimmune diseases. Related both to medicine and the science of epidemiology, which examines the spread and impact of illnesses in populations, immunology courses emphasize chemistry and microbiology, often with a focus on infectious diseases, and include applications both in clinical medicine and laboratory research.

An MSc in Immunology provides extensive knowledge of the field and its practices, necessary for research work. A master's degree is also required for some doctoral programs and high-paying employment.

Depending on which school you attend and where it's located, the cost for completing a master's program can vary a great deal. Communicate with schools to discover your options.

A number of graduates with an MSc in Immunology go on to more advanced education, such as PhD studies. With the necessary medical certifications, students can also enter clinical practice. The scientific training and laboratory experience offered by many programs qualifies students for research positions in either academia or industries such as pharmaceutical companies. Holders of these degrees can also apply the general skills and experience gained to careers outside of science, including finance, consulting or management.

Many universities around the world have programs for Master of Science degrees, including immunology. Students in more distant locations may also wish to investigate online courses of study. Search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.

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