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Turku University of Applied Sciences

Turku University of Applied Sciences


Turku University of Applied Sciences

Turku University of Applied Sciences is an inspirational community that is 13,000 members strong. This multidisciplinary and innovative university is dedicated to the creation of international competitiveness and well-being for Southwest Finland. Turku UAS graduates professionals with real world practice and top competencies.

Turku UAS programmes are relevant to working life because they combine theoretical studies with practice in professional skills. Innovation Pedagogy, a new approach to learning developed at Turku UAS, is the core of their teaching strategy. Innovation Pedagogy is focused on a mix of RDI and working life. This methodology turns out graduates with the ability to think critically and excellent international knowledge and communication skills.

Bachelor's and Master's Programmes at Turku UAS

Bachelor’s programmes from Turku UAS range from 210 to 270 ECTS and take between three and a half to four and a half years to complete. Because of the focus on innovation pedagogy, lectures are balanced by an extensive focus on projects and teamwork and also include independent study. Practical training is a key ingredient in Turku UAS programmes.

Master’s programmes from Turku UAS provide students opportunity to develop as managers and deepen their expertise. The Master studies at Turku UAS are aimed at working life professionals with a Bachelor's degree and at least two years of work experience. The extent of the studies varies between 60–90 ECTS and can be completed while working.

Study in Turku, Finland

Turku is considered to be the best student city that can be found in the Baltic region. Turku is home to six universities and universities of applied sciences that are attended by 40,000 students. One quarter of residents in the city of Turku are students! Turku is one of the largest and oldest cities in Finland and is home to a unique archipelago made up of over 20,000 islands. This lively, modern city is just a one day cruise away from Stockholm. Helsinki and St. Petersburg can be easily reached by train.

Campus Features

Turku UAS’ campuses are located in Turku and Salo in Southwest Finland:


Turku is one of the largest cities in Finland. The city has 40,000 higher education students and six higher education institutions. Turku UAS’ campuses, the Kupittaa campus and the Linnankatu Arts Campus, are located close to the city centre and the river Aura. In Turku the distances are short, and you can easily move from one place to another on foot, by bike or by bus.


Salo is located between Turku and Helsinki, within excellent traffic connections. Turku UAS' campus is a part of Salo IoT Campus, which is a community of companies, researchers and educational institutes, building a technologically smarter future. The campus hosts both IoT trailblazers and leading business service providers.

The Student Village Foundation of Turku (TYS) rents apartments for all students in Turku. TYS has apartments for about 7,000 people in 19 housing locations around the city. More than 60 % of the apartments are studios. The TYS rental prices are up to 15-20 % lower than those on the free market. The rent includes water, electricity and internet. In addition to TYS apartments, there is also a wide range of rental apartments on the free market in the Turku region.


    Application periods and admission criteria are decided yearly. Please see the application instructions on Turku UAS website.

    Scholarships and Funding

    The tuition fees in Turku UAS concern only non-EU/EEA students who start their studies in Bachelor's or Master's degree programs offered in English. The tuition fee is 11 500 EUR per academic year. The tuition fee does not include accommodation or other living or study-related costs. The student can apply for a refund for the tuition fee based on the national certificate of language proficiency in the Finnish language, i.e. the YKI certificate.

    For more information about scholarship details, please check the university website.

    Why study at Turku University of Applied Sciences

    Finland is a great place to study

    Finland is a Nordic welfare state where equality is the fundamental ideology behind education. International rankings agree with us, as Finland has been ranked the happiest, most peaceful and sustainable country in the world, and the Finnish education system is known to be one of the best in the world.

    Turku is a great place to live

    Turku is one of Finland's biggest cities. The versatile livelihood structure, top-class selection of education, culture, and services, as well as the beautiful archipelago, form a magnetic combination in Turku. In Turku there is everything, but still Turku is small enough that you can go almost everywhere by foot or bike.

    Turku UAS combines all mentioned above and more

    Studies at Turku UAS are working life-oriented, combining theoretical studies with professional skills. At the core of our teaching is Innovation Pedagogy, a new approach to learning developed at Turku UAS. Innovation pedagogy corresponds to the needs of future skills and competencies, making our graduates practice-oriented professionals with top competencies.

    Awards & Accreditations

    The Finnish Education Evaluation Centre (FINEEC)

    Quality Label for Excellence

    Campus Life & Facilities

    Turku UAS offers its students modern campuses with library services, student restaurants and cafeterias as well as study areas for individual and group work. Student offices, study counselors, teacher and peer tutors, and international students services offers guidance for your studies.

    To support the opportunities in active participation in the higher education community we also offer Finnish language and guidance services for international students. All degree students are also provided with health care services with a annual fee. The student union TUO offers events and leisure time activities for students and the Turku students' own Campus Sport provides a wide range of sport opportunities.

    Turku is the oldest city of Finland and was founded in 1229. Turku has a compact size, perfect for exploring the exciting mixture of old and new. Turku offers plenty of historical attractions, contemporary art and incredible nature.

    Turku is also the city of students: every fourth resident is either a student or a professional in a higher education institute. With 40,000 students and six institutions of higher education, student events and activities are offered every day.

    Turku University of Applied Sciences is in the Top 10 Countries to Study Abroad Top 10 Europe rankings 2023 badge Top 10 Europe rankings 2022 badge Top 10 Europe rankings 2021 badge


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