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Stockholm School of Economics Russia

Stockholm School of Economics Russia

Stockholm School of Economics Russia


The Stockholm School of Economics in Russia (SSE Russia) was founded in 1997. The idea behind the SSE Russia launch was to contribute to the development of sustainable business in Russia by promoting the pursuit of sound, long-term, fair, and socially responsible business practices.

Today SSE Russia is the only international business school that is accredited to teach in the territory of Russia and offers a full European Executive MBA degree program for experienced managers, open programs for leaders of different experience levels, and specially customized programs for both Russian and international companies. This means a unique opportunity to obtain inside the Russian borders a quality European education from international faculty, which is competitive on both domestic and global markets.

With a global network of more than 500 foreign and Russian faculty members, specializing in different areas of science and business, we rely on the best suited and most relevant experts for each course. The educators we engage for our programs have experience from the academic world, and many are seasoned business executives or consulting experts.

Every year SSE Russia is becoming more and more popular among international students from Western Europe and CIS: Kazakhstan, Belarus, Azerbaijan, Ukraine. We teach them to agree on an acceptable common solution in any given situation, to reach consensus and their pre-set goals.

Close cooperation with our students and alumni - executives and HR specialists of companies from all sectors of the economy, ensures that we provided up-to-date and quality educational programs designed to achieve your goals and make you successful in the modern world.

About 1,300 alumni by 2021 are our reliable resource, consisting of people whom studying at the Stockholm School of Economics in Russia had become a springboard for further growth.


The objective of the Stockholm School of Economics Russia is to be a mutually enriching cultural environment of business education that inspires people to learn, creates opportunities to grow, and develop their potential contributions to the long-term sustainable development of society.


The vision of the Stockholm School of Economics Russia is to be the preferred choice for anyone seeking executive education in a unique intellectual nexus of cultures realizing opportunities not discovered by others, thus reproducing a business leadership formation that constructively challenges its time.


The Stockholm School of Economics Russia aspires to be a community united by a sense of mutual trust while striving for excellence by respecting others in a transparent whole.

Educational Mission - FREE

SSE’s overarching educational aims take as their point of departure that a successful decision-maker of the future will approach the world with curiosity and confidence and who, as the philosopher, Ingemar Hedenius said: “is free and alive in relation to the unknown”. That decision-maker may well be outperformed cognitively by artificial intelligence, robots, or machines. But the core competence of humans is to be human, and SSE’s educational aims take this ad notam. A successful decision-maker in the future will maximize the potential of being human. Hence, SSE has formulated its overarching educational aims through the acronym FREE. It stands for:

  • Facts and science-based mindset
  • Reflection and self-awareness
  • Empathy and cultural literacy
  • Entrepreneurship and responsibility that the leaders have to their communities


The Stockholm School of Economics (SSE) represented in Sweden, Finland, Russia, and the Baltic region, is one of Europe’s leading business schools, according to The Financial Times annual ratings. We have been ranked as the #1 business school in the Nordic and Baltic countries remaining the leading player for management and leadership development.

International rating of FT 2020:

  • Stockholm School of Economics (SSE) advances in the 2020 Financial Times ranking of European business schools and remains the leading business school in the Nordics. SSE has topped the rankings for the last 17 years.
  • Europen Business School rating (European Business School Rankings 2020) - 21 out of 90
  • Executive MBA (Executive MBA Ranking 2020) - 60 out of 100
  • Corporate program (Executive Customised Programs) - 30 out of 85
  • Open programs (Executive Open Programs) - 17 out of 75


Since 1999, SSE has been accredited by the European Quality Improvement System (EQUIS), which means that all activities – all programs and research – have demonstrated excellence at an international level.

EQUIS is an international system for quality assurance of higher education in business, aiming to raise the standard of management education worldwide. EQUIS is governed by the European Foundation for Management Development (EFMD), which is an independent not-for-profit network organization open to companies as well as universities. The Stockholm School of Economics was one of the founders of EFMD.

An EQUIS accreditation applies to an entire school, not only individual programs. Around 100 different quality indicators are reviewed in the EQUIS accreditation process. One such indicator, which weighs heavily in accreditation decisions, is internationalization -- specifically, how far the school has advanced in the process of internationalization. Other important factors are an extensive collaboration with the business world, outstanding research activities, and being at the forefront within the areas of ethics, responsibility, and sustainability.

Because EQUIS accreditation is an internationally recognized and respected seal of quality, our objective is for the Stockholm School of Economics to become even more attractive to students, postdoctoral researchers, and faculty through this accreditation. Accreditation involves a business school's operations being periodically scrutinized in a systematic manner, so EQUIS is also a vital tool for the Stockholm School of Economics’ ongoing quality-control efforts.


EFMD Equis Accredited


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