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What makes people fall in love with Shinshu is its natural beauty, synergy with the environment, and citizens who are healthy, hardworking, and passionate about education. Shinshu has one of the longest lifespans for men and women in the world. Shinshu citizens are able to fully commit to their interests of education, research, manufacturing beautiful, functional things, and brewing a rich human culture in this resource abundant environment.

Shinshu University has five campuses in four cities: Nagano, Matsumoto, Ueda, and Minami-Minowa village. We are engaged in a variety of educational and research activities in the arts, education, economics, and law, science, medicine, engineering, agriculture, and textile science. We have a location in each of the four regions of Nagano prefecture; Hokushin (North), Chushin (Mid), Toshin (East), and Nanshan (South). In other words, one could say that Shinshu itself serves as our campus. This enables us to make generous contributions to our region through collaborations with local industry and actively participating in cultural engagements, which is reciprocal because Shinshu herself contributes greatly to us. We are continuing efforts to refine our distinctive education and research fields to the global top level. We will further strengthen our specialties through the reorganization of the Interdisciplinary Cluster for Cutting Edge Research in April of 2019. ICCER consists of the Institute for Biomedical Sciences, Institute for Fiber Engineering, Institute for Mountain Science, Research Center for Social Systems, Research Center for Aerospace Systems, and Research Initiative for Supra-Materials.

In order to contribute to the global development of distinctive education and research, foster creative human resources, and contribute to regional and social development, a basic policy for university management has been established with the following keywords: green, global, gentle, local, literacy and linkage. Shinshu citizens are lucky to reside in a beautiful place full of abundant nature. We will sustain these natural resources, work globally while fostering the next generation of talent who remain calm under pressure and think with elegance. We will continue to support the local community through various initiatives, provide the best educational programs in the world and promote collaboration between universities, businesses, and regional administrations.

With the 3 Gs and 3 Ls as keywords, the university will continue to serve its mission strategically through enhancing educational programs, research, and social contributions. We strive to be the "university people most want to study at" through the realization of these goals.


  • Matsumoto

    Matsumoto, Japan