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Kagawa Prefectural College Of Health Sciences

Kagawa Prefectural College Of Health Sciences

Kagawa Prefectural College Of Health Sciences


Our school offers a wonderful natural environment and is equipped with excellent teaching staff and a state-of-the-art training facility. Our main educational goal is to prepare students for their future role in society as part of the health workforce through fostering their sense of humanity along with imparting broad knowledge and encouraging their scientific thinking and problem-solving abilities. We also offer joint classes for both students of the nursing department as well as the clinical examination department, in order to deepen their knowledge and understanding of each others’ work and nurture the student's inter-departmental teamwork and leadership abilities necessary for success in their future working environment. Furthermore, we are offering small group seminars and clinical internships to enrich learning opportunities for our students. Through the educational blend of highly specialized and knowledgeable teachers, practical experience, and a sense of humanity, we wish to develop our students into trustworthy and sympathetic healthcare providers.

As our school is a prefectural university, we wish to work closely with the regional communities and institutions in order to expand our educational and research activities and focus on the regional healthcare needs. As a medical institution, our main task is to function as a center of knowledge in the fields of health science and to contribute to regional welfare and healthcare services.


  • Takamatsu

    281-1 Hara, Mure Town, Takamatsu City, Kagawa Prefecture, 761-0123, Takamatsu