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Egas Moniz School of Health & Science Master in Clinical Analysis
Egas Moniz School of Health & Science

Master in Clinical Analysis

Monte de Caparica, Portugal

2 Years


Full time

30 Aug 2024*

Sep 2024

EUR 7,695 / per year **


* for EU students | International students: 28th June

** for non-EU students | EU students: 3234€


The Master in Clinical Analysis is eminently practical digging deeper into and developing up-to-date and modern professional skills, proposing the training and development of behaviour, attitudes, and a critical mind, which are necessary to Clinical Analyses integrated in Biomedical Sciences.

This Master has a mission to train professionals with an understanding of the scientific basis of clinical analyses allowing for a parallel between new and traditional concepts in this field and with the knowledge, practical skills, and critical mind of an expert to enable them to follow a career in Biomedical Sciences in an academic institution and/or hospital or in a simple research or biotechnological institution. This way, these professionals will undoubtedly contribute to a scientific and technologically evolved society.

Quality of training

This Master's Degree is so demanding that it assures professional careers since its programme has the same structure as a Foundation Degree in Clinical Analyses with a high level of preparation for the Specialty Examination in the Pharmacy Association and the Society of Biology.

This certificate confers the qualification for the Master's Degree in Clinical Analysis to the degree of Master (120 ECTS).

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