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Our university aims to improve people's health and quality of life, and our philosophy is to develop human resources who can practice human care that makes the best use of regional characteristics in the land of Aomori, which is blessed with the rich nature of the four seasons that has nurtured "life." I will. "Development of human resources with rich humanity", "Development of human resources who can contribute to the development of health, medical care and welfare", "Development of human resources who can respond to regional characteristics", "Development of human resources who can play an active role from a global perspective", " With the five missions of "Contributing to the local community," it was opened in 1999 in three departments: Nursing, Physical Therapy, and Social Welfare. The master's program of the graduate school was established in 2003, the doctoral program was established in 2005, and the university was transferred to a public university corporation in 2008. At the same time, the Department of Nutrition was newly established and the enrollment capacity of the Department of Physical Therapy and Department of Social Welfare was increased. , To the present.

Human care means that care providers hone their knowledge and skills, understand what humans are, and have the compassion and warmth to feel pain in the hearts of healthy people and people with illnesses and disabilities. It is to snuggle up. A variety of curriculums are prepared so that you can acquire advanced knowledge and skills in health care and welfare, and lead to personal growth. These will surely arouse your intellectual curiosity. Invited by your intellectual curiosity, take on many challenges for the future.


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