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Nursing is an exciting and increasingly complex field, and one of the fastest growing sectors of healthcare. Nurses can work both together with physicians, and independently as nursing professionals, and are highly sought after. Leading universities, medical colleges, and other educational institutions offer numerous possibilities for studying nursing in a variety of places and formats, be it on the Bachelor, Master, doctoral, or individual course level.

The curriculum for nursing programs typically incorporates both classroom and clinical learning, aiming to prepare high-level nursing professionals. Study programs are designed to meet the changing demands of the nursing profession. Students will develop and learn to apply their diagnostic, assessment, and treatment skills to recover, maintain and improve the health of communities, families, and individuals.

Nursing specializations are numerous, some of the most popular ones being midwifery, children’s nursing, general nursing, mental health nursing, disability nursing, and nursing administration. Study programs are available through both full-time and part-time study. For those who need more flexibility in their studies, online and distance learning programs are available.

Have a look at some of the most popular nursing programs listed below and fill in the online form to get additional information directly from the university admissions!

News and Articles

  • How Has COVID Led to a Surge in Nursing Applications?

    How Has COVID Led to a Surge in Nursing Applications?

    Apr 15, 2021

    If there’s one thing that became obvious during the COVID-19 pandemic, there’s a significant need for more healthcare professionals. Nurses took a big hit during the pandemic, but their heroic efforts didn’t go unnoticed. This has led to a surge in nursing school applications. Here’s a round-up of information regarding COVID-19 and the increase in applications for studying nursing.

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  • Why Study to be a Nurse?

    Why Study to be a Nurse?

    Dec 4, 2020

    The call to serve others can be a strong pull, especially for those who feel called to serve in healthcare. Nurses play a vital role in providing health services within the larger healthcare system. Working on all floors of a hospital, nurses help heal and comfort the sick and wounded. Becoming a nurse requires specialized training in a formalized degree program, which incorporates hands-on training. Nursing is one of the most challenging, life-affirming, and rewarding careers you can pursue in the healthcare industry. Learn more reasons why you should consider launching yourself down the path to becoming a nurse.

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  • Why Study Reproductive Medicine?

    Why Study Reproductive Medicine?

    Aug 14, 2019

    We marvel at the wonder of life when a new baby is born. And while the process is magical, it is also helped along by a lot of science and the admirable work done by a swathe of medical professionals. The field of reproductive medicine deals with the prevention, diagnosis, and management of reproductive issues. Its main goal is to improve or maintain the male and female reproductive systems, giving people choices over when and how they decide to have children. This multidisciplinary branch of medicine combines anatomy, physiology, and endocrinology, as well as some aspects of molecular biology and biochemistry. It also overlaps with several other medical professions, such as gynecology, obstetrics, urology, genetics, and even psychiatry. So if this sounds like the right career for you, here is everything you need to know about studying reproductive medicine.

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