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Best Universities for Health Care Programs in Taiwan 2024

Number of institutions: 7
    • 151號, Taiwan

    For more than half a century, Fooyin University witnesses the life legacy of Taiwan people in each different generation and era. Only hardworking and humble atmosphere lasts. In each stage of our school’s development process, we have achieved pages of great records.

    • 78號, Taiwan

    The school was founded in June 1952 and named as “Training preparation class of medical workers in the Southern Taiwan”. In August 1953, it was promoted to “Taiwan provincial Tainan vocational high school of nursing”. During fifty years the school nurtures more and more outstanding nursing talents who work in and out of the country and receives deeply praises.

    • 89, Taiwan

    Chung Hwa University of Medical Technology (HWAI), originally known as China Junior College of Medical technology, was established in 1968 in Jen-Te County, Tainan Hsien for the purpose of offering academic opportunities for youths interested in medical care.

    • 110號, Taiwan

    Due to the shortage of dentists in the post war era during the 54's in Taiwan, Dr. Ju-Chuan Chou founded Chung Shan Dental Junior College (the antecedent of Chung Shan Medical University) in 1960 with the purpose of training dentists. The school was named after Dr. Sun Yat-Sen, alias Chung-Shan, in recognition of his patriotism. The demand for the institute to be elevated to the college level was growing with the time. After much effort and program enforcement, in 1977, our school was granted by the Ministry of Education to advance to Chung Shan Medical and Dental College. Yet, we kept progressing and expanding. In 2001, the institute was reorganized as Chung Shan Medical University (CSMU).

    • 365, Taiwan

    NTUNHS was founded in 1954 as the Taiwan Provincial Junior College of Nursing. In 1963, the college merged with the Taipei Senior Vocational School of Medicine, founded in 1947, to become a five-year junior college, the Taiwan Provincial Vocational School of Nursing and Midwifery. In 1981 the college became the National Taipei Nursing College and was reformed again to become the National Taipei College of Nursing in 1994. Finally, in August 2010, the Ministry of Education approved the school's new name, the "National Taipei University of Nursing and Health Sciences," in recognition of the school's outstanding development and achievements. The university has three colleges: The College of Nursing, the College of Health Technology, and the College of Human Development and Health, as well as the General Education Centre.

    • 91號, Taiwan

    China Medical University (CMU) was established as China Medical College on June 6, 1958 and transformed itself into China Medical University in 2003. It is the first academic institution in Taiwan where Chinese medicine and pharmacy programs are provided. The university has steadily grown to its present position as one of the foremost medical universities in Taiwan. The university has two major campuses, Taichung (including Wuquan and Ankang) and Beigang.

    • Taichung, Taiwan

    On May 7th, 1967, the founder of Hungkuang, Dr Yu Lin Wang, established the Hungkuang Junior College of Nursing, carrying forward his father’s legacy of medical service. On July 12th of that same year, following the support and ratification of the Ministry of Education, Dr Yu Lin Wang became the school’s first president.