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Best Universities for Health Care Programs in Portugal 2024

Number of institutions: 91
    • Albufeira, Portugal

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    • Palma de Cima, Portugal

    Católica-Lisbon in a heartbeat a reputation that precedes you unanimously validated in international rankings: (financial times) and accreditation (triple crown) Católica-Lisbon's reputation for excellence in teaching and research will have a positive impact in your career and get you ready to face a fast-changing market. Our numbers are solid did you know that more than 96% of our graduates are employed within six months of graduation? Almost half of them in international positions? Católica-Lisbon has one of the highest placement rates among European business schools

    • Evora, Portugal

    The University of Evora is a public university in Évora, Portugal. It is the second oldest university in the country, established in 1559 by Cardinal Henry, and received University status in April of the same year from Pope Paul IV, as documented in his Cum a nobis papal bull.

    • Lisbon, Portugal

    NOVA Medical School (NMS) is one of the leading medical schools in Portugal, with more than 45 years of history. It currently has 1,770 students in the Integrated Masters in Medicine, 102 students in the Degree in Nutrition Sciences, 497 students in postgraduate training, and a total of 858 teachers and researchers. In 2022, NMS maintained the 1st position in the Higher Education entry marks in Medicine in Lisbon. This is our DNA: a Medical School with a relaxed but demanding academic environment that trains doctors and nutritionists, but above all seeks to train complete citizens. NMS is an academic unit of Universidade NOVA de Lisboa and it currently has 1.770 students in the Integrated Master Degree in Medicine, 102 in the Bachelor's Degree in Nutrition, and 497 postgraduate students. It has a total of 858 professors and researchers.

    • Lisbon, Portugal

    Com mais de 50 anos de existência, a Escola Nacional de Saúde Pública da Universidade NOVA de Lisboa (ENSP NOVA) é pioneira na formação de gestores e administradores ligados à Saúde Pública em Portugal e na Europa. Em 1994 a ENSP reforçou o seu posicionamento, integrando o universo da Universidade NOVA de Lisboa.

    • Braga, Portugal

    Universidade Católica Portuguesa (UCP) is a reference institution in the Portuguese university education system. With a little over 50 years, it is the best University in Portugal by Times Higher Education, for the 2nd consecutive year. With a reputation for excellence, high-level research, and a strong connection to society, the UCP is a national institution, with four centers. Integrating 16 Faculties, from Business Economics, Law, to Health Sciences, Humanities, or Theology, was more than 37 000 Undergraduate, 12 000 Masters, and 700 Doctoral degrees in more than 170 Programs.

    • Poitiers, France
    • Iași, Romania
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    The European Campus of City-Universities (EC2U) is a multi-cultural and multi-lingual Alliance consisting of seven long-standing, education- and research-led, locally and globally engaged universities from four diverse regions of the European Union: the University of Coimbra, the University of Iași, the University of Jena, the University of Pavia, the University of Poitiers (Coordinator), the University of Salamanca and the University of Turku. The Alliance’s ambition is to develop an innovative space allowing mobility to flow freely between the seven universities and associated cities.

    • Lisbon, Portugal

    To keep pace with the changing times and respect their demands. To be an example to be followed. To fill with pride those who, along with us, have decided to contribute to a fairer and better society. This is NOVA School of Law’s commitment.

    • Lisbon, Portugal

    ULisboa is responsible for making the city of Lisbon one of the great European capitals of culture and science, as it welcomes more than 9000 foreign students every year – about 17,8% of the total number of students – from over 100 countries, who are seeking high quality education as well as a different culture, delightful weather and the hospitality that Lisbon, and Portugal, have to offer.

    • Rio de Mouro, Portugal

    The creation of a Católica Medical School has been a project of Universidade Católica Portuguesa for more than 20 years, but only now have the right conditions come together for its creation. Our Medical School begins its journey at a unique moment in our civilization: a pandemic on a global scale that has imposed so many changes, difficulties, questions, and doubts that compel us to rethink two fundamental areas for humans: education and health care. It is with great enthusiasm and a sense of responsibility that we dedicate ourselves to the creation of this Medical School, certain of its enormous value for those with a vocation to practice medicine as well as to contribute to the excellence of the teaching of Medicine in Portugal.

    • Monte de Caparica, Portugal

    Since its onset, Egas Moniz - Cooperativa de Ensino Superior, C.R.L. has been a community of students, teachers and staff, whose mission is “dedicated to the advance in knowledge, learning and education of its students, at the service of improving health conditions for the global society in the 21st Century”. It has been for a long time now a benchmark institution in teaching health in Portugal.

    • London, United Kingdom
    • Helsinki, Finland
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    EIT Digital Summer School programmes are open for Bachelor and Master students, young professionals, and others who want to deep-dive into emerging digital technologies, learn how to turn technology into business, and eventually launch deep-tech startups. Learn from the faculty and staff of our top tech EU partner universities. Gain hands-on experience through company cases, project work and collaboration. Competitively priced tuition. Have fun meeting and networking with like-minded students from around the world!

    • Lisbon, Portugal
    • Porto Salvo, Portugal
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    Instituto Superior Técnico (Técnico) is the School of Engineering of the University of Lisbon. Created almost 11 decades ago, Técnico has approximately 12,000 students of more than 60 different nationalities. Top-ranked in Portugal, Técnico is internationally recognized for its academic and scientific excellence in the fields of Engineering, Architecture, Science, and Technology, for promoting the relationship between university-business-society and for encouraging innovation, entrepreneurship, job creation, and knowledge.

    • Evora, Portugal
    • Rome, Italy
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    The aim of this program is to provide students with specialized skills in archaeology and analytical characterization of materials from prehistory(Megalithic) to classical times (Greek and Roman). The study and conservation of Cultural Heritage materials is a research area with a strong multidisciplinary connotation and requires skills that span across the Humanities and Science research fields. ARCHMAT provides a common, integrated platform for excellent students coming from either Science or Humanities educational backgrounds to understand the advanced scientific methods used to investigate archaeological materials and aims to form highly specialized professional experts in the emerging field of Archaeometry, i.e Physico-Chemical Sciences applied to the study of Archaeological and Cultural Heritage materials.

    • Lisbon, Portugal

    NOVA University Lisbon was founded on the 11th of August 1973, and is the youngest of Lisbon’s three state Universities. Integrated within a framework of expansion and diversification of higher education, the University adopted a new model within the Portuguese system that stressed interdisciplinary approaches, technological developments while, at the same time, safeguarding offerings in traditional academic domains including medicine, sciences and humanities.