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Best Universities for Health Care Programs in Dominica 2024

Number of institutions: 3
    • Roseau, Dominica

    St. Joseph University's mission is to become a leading medical school dedicated to the provision of world-class and high-quality medical training. This will be accomplished by using sound, internationally developed educational principles, practices, and well-trained personnel to provide leadership in the delivery of high-quality education and learning.

    • Roseau, Dominica

    All Saints University is committed to providing affordable, leading medical education. The University strives to produce broadly and thoroughly educated graduates who realize that the medical profession is not simply a trade to be learned, but that it denotes a sense of social responsibility.

    • Portsmouth, Dominica

    Designed for professionals with diverse educational backgrounds and experience, programs at IUGS are structured to meet the needs of qualified people seeking to complete their formal credentials.