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12 Bachelors of Science  (BSc)  undefined Laboratory Science 2023/2024

12 BSc undefined Laboratory Science 2023/2024


A BSc (Bachelor of Science) is an undergraduate program that can lead to a career in the student’s field of study. The majority of classes are based around technology or science-related topics, although most students also study a variety of general subjects as well.

What is a BSc in Medical Laboratory? This program prepares students to work as medical laboratory technicians or scientists, and often consists of collecting and analyzing samples such as body tissue, fluids, and other substances. Each program varies but students will often study topics such as biology, chemistry, math, microbiology, statistics, lab management, and lab safety procedures. Students will also learn how to operate cell counters, microscopes, computerized instruments, and other laboratory equipment.

Students who pursue a medical laboratory degree benefit in that they will be prepared to work in a variety of laboratory settings. Because there is expected growth in the field, finding a job after graduation should be fairly easy.

The costs associated with earning a BSc in Medical Laboratory will depend on the specific school and length of the program. Once students have narrowed down their choices they should contact the schools directly to find out what tuition and other fees will be expected.

Graduates with a medical laboratory degree will be eligible to work in a variety of lab settings. Most technologists will be hired by hospitals or diagnostic and medical laboratories. Others may be hired by physician’s offices or universities and professional schools. Some individuals will work with all aspects of the lab, while some medical laboratory technologists will specialize in certain areas. Examples of specialists include chemistry technologists, blood bank technologists, immunology technologists, cytotechnologists, microbiology technologists, and molecular biology technologists.

Use our extensive online database to find the right school. Search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.

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