Five Wrong Reasons to Become A Doctor
January 14, 2019
There are many good reasons to go to medical school and join this noble profession. However, not all reasons are so good. Read on for a roundup of five things that should not be on your list of reasons to be a doctor.

What You Should Know If You Want To Practice Medicine Abroad
December 24, 2018
Ready to take that shiny new medical degree to the far corners of the world? Here's what you need to know if you want to practice medicine abroad.

How Med Students Can Practice Mindfulness (And Why)
December 5, 2018
Who better than a med student to seek that moment-by-moment awareness of body, mind, and soul? When we pay attention to what we think and how we feel, not only do we achieve clearer senses of our selves, but also of others. Let's take a closer look at how med students can practice mindfulness -- and...

Five Things You Should Know About Caring For Older Patients
November 27, 2018
Aging is a natural process. However, the aging population presents unique challenges across all aspects of society. On the frontlines of these efforts are tomorrow’s healthcare practitioners. If you are planning to be among them, read on for a roundup of five things you should know about caring fo...

Six Things Med Students Can Learn From Ancient Medicine
November 19, 2018
Modern medicine is constantly advancing. But just because we are moving forward doesn’t mean there’s nothing to be gained from looking at the past. In fact, ancient medicine -- including everything from herbs to acupuncture to prayer -- has a lot to teach us. If we’re willing to listen, that i...

Three Things You Can Do If the MCAT Isn't An Option
November 6, 2018
If you are an aspiring doctor with hopes of attending medical school, acing your MCATs is probably one of your goals. However, the reality is that not everyone gets the scores they need to impress med school admissions committees. The good news is there are paths to physician careers that don’t in...

Five Ways College Students Are Supporting Mental Health
October 10, 2018
Today is World Mental Health Day! Observed every October 10, it shines the light and mobilizes effort on mental health issues across the globe. One area where mental health awareness (and action!) is especially necessary is college campuses. The good news? Students are stepping up and taking control...

Eight Technological Tools To Support Your Health
October 10, 2018
Today, on World Mental Health Day, we bring you some technical tools that can support your visit to the doctor or your campus' health services.

What To Look For When Visiting A Med School
October 1, 2018
Never decide to attend medical school without visiting first. In addition to understanding how a school works academically, you will want to get a sense of the place, too. What should you look for? Let's take a closer look.

How To Better Manage Your Time During Your Medical Studies
September 24, 2018
Among some of the busiest students out there are you, medical students. You balance a full course load with clinical experiences, and endless amounts of studying -- and you are also supposed to be developing that all too precious professional network in all of it. Let's take a closer look at some st...


January 16, 2019

Some medical schools are taking pages from the recruitment playbooks of Google and other high-tech companies and switching the focus from the "creativ...

January 10, 2019

Tech giants are moving into the healthcare space. Amazon and Apple are opening clinics. Uber has a medical transit program. This is just the beginning...

December 19, 2018

Good news for the doctor shortage: medical school applications are up! Let's take a look at the recent spike in applications to medical schools across...