Description of the Veterinary Technician course

This Veterinary Technician course follows the BOE specifications for this training. Our students are known by the main companies in the sector, who request them for internships (and in many cases, for hiring).

At the end you will have the title of Veterinary Technician, and the corresponding certificates. You will be entitled to 160 hours of internships in companies in the sector, with real chances of getting a job.

If you prefer, this course is also taught online.

What will I learn?

The theoretical and practical knowledge essential to practice this profession. You will perfect your technical abilities in the exercise of daily tasks, as a professional in the world of veterinary medicine and of establishments dedicated to animals.

You will be the support professional in clinics and establishments dedicated to animals: performing ultrasound, x-rays, laboratory analysis, assistance in the operating room, containment of the animal for various procedures, etc.

Do I need previous training?

No previous training is necessary for this course.


The overall assessment of the course is obtained considering the grades obtained in the theoretical part along with the assessment obtained in the internship period: for this purpose, in order to check the theoretical knowledge acquired by the students, evaluations of each of the theoretical blocks. In addition, once the internship is over, the collaborating center issues an assessment of the student's practices in its facilities.


The teaching material used has been edited by EUROINNOVA EDITORIAL (MAN_EU_1008; MAN_EU 1009; MAN_EU 1010; MAN_EU 1011; MAN_EU_ 1012: MAN_EU 1013) taking as reference the program published in BOE 41 of February 17, 2011. In addition, this The syllabus is expanded with complementary bibliography and audiovisual materials provided by the teaching associate of the IEEF Institute with clinical cases, radiographs, ultrasound videos, surgeries .... Its careful preparation and its permanent updating make this material a valuable tool for the student during the period of development of their training activity and their subsequent professional activity.

  • Theoretical manual developed by the IEEF training team
  • Audiovisual support material
  • Material for the practices

All necessary material is provided by IEEF.

The cloister

We know how important it is for you to have qualified teachers in the field capable of adapting their learning methodology to the rhythm of each of our students. Therefore, in IEEF we have a faculty totally at your disposal to solve all your doubts during the course. In addition to helping you in whatever you need.


Module 1. Operations of customer service, sale and administration in veterinary centers

Module 2. Laboratory analysis in animal biological samples

Module 3. The veterinary consultation

Module 4. Veterinary operating theater

Module 5. Imaging procedures for veterinary diagnosis

Module 6. Hospitalization of animals

Program taught in:
  • Spanish

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Last updated February 23, 2019
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Sep 2019
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Sep 2019
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