Veterinary Medicine


Program Description

Form the veterinarian to develop actions and results focused on the area of ​​Agricultural Sciences in respect to Animal Production, Food Production, Animal Health and Environmental Protection. Between skills and developed this professional skills also include up its activities in the areas of medicine individual and collective medicine, and think critically, analyze problems of society and to seek solutions to them. They should also be able to develop prevention, promotion, protection and rehabilitation at the individual and collective levels.

The course of Veterinary Medicine UNIMES provides vocational training in specific areas: animal health and production, public health, biotechnology and environmental protection. It ensures also a generalist, humanist, critical and reflexive. The course has over 15 years of experience in vocational education and 12 trained veterinary classes. It also has a highly qualified faculty, composed of more than 75% of teachers with master titration or doctor and average 12 years of teaching the course stands out for the quality offered training and high employment, both in the private sector as public.

Last updated February 2016

About the School

The CEUBAN - Center Unified Bandeirante began its activities on June 20, 1968, under its former name of Civil Society of Physical Education Santos. • In April 1969, it was created its first faculty - ... Read More

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