Description of the Tanatoestética and Tanatopraxia course in Madrid

This Tanatoestética and Tanatopraxia classroom course in Madrid follows the specifications of the BOE for this training. Our students are known by the main companies in the sector, who request them for internships (and in many cases, for hiring). The training modules and the number of practice hours are adapted to the training structure of the professional certification.

At the end you will have the title of Technician in Tanatoestética and introduction to the Tanatopraxia, and the corresponding certificates. You will have the right to 160 hours of internships in leading companies in the sector, with real chances of getting a job. It is a field with high demand for professionals and good salaries.

Important: Thanks to the agreement recently signed with a funeral multinational, we can offer practice centers to our students throughout Spain. It also allows us to dramatically increase our employment pool and the possibilities of our students to be hired at the end of their internship period. The rest is in your hands, count on our support

Unlike most of the Tannaesthetics courses that are offered, this rigorously follows the BOE guidelines and includes practices, so you can demonstrate what you have learned in a real work environment.

If you prefer, this course is also taught online.

What will I learn?

  • Know the different bodily changes that occur post-morten.
  • Study the different phases through which the body passes.
  • To know the techniques and tricks that a professional of tanaesthetics must perform.
  • Acquire the basic and necessary knowledge about human anatomy and physiology.
  • Identify the different post-mortem alterations and their treatment.
  • Study how the entire embalming process is carried out.
  • Study how the whole process of mortuary makeup is carried out (previous maneuvers, application of cosmetics, ...).
  • Acquire basic knowledge in terms of Prevention of Occupational Risks and Biosafety.
  • Know everything related to Funeral Management.


MODULE 1: MF1605_3 - Transitory Conservation and embalming of corpses.

Topic 1. Processes and techniques of conservation or embalming of corpses
Topic 2. Management of tanatopraxia activity

MODULE 2: MF1606_3 - Restoration and reconstruction in corpses.

Topic 3. Restoration techniques of the corpse
Topic 4. Corpse reconstruction techniques
Item 5. Instruments, equipment, materials and specific products of the restoration of the corpse

MODULO 3: MF1607_2 - Tanatoestética

Topic 6. Presentation of the corpse
Topic 7. Tanatoesthetics
Topic 8. Exposure of the corpse

MODULE 4: MF1608_3 - Removal of tissues, prostheses, pacemakers and other contaminating devices from the body.

Topic 9. Tissue extractions
Topic 10. Removal of pacemakers in corpses
Topic 11. Extraction of corneas

MODULE 5: MF1608_3 - Management of relational techniques and skills for the provision of a tanatopraxia service

Topic 12. Communication techniques
Topic 13. Psychosocial skills
Topic 14. Teamwork skills
Program taught in:
  • Spanish

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Last updated February 23, 2019
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Sep 2020
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Sep 2020
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