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Speech Language Therapy and Audiology - English Programme


Department of Speech Language Therapy and Audiology - English Programme

Having international experience is an important asset for a Speech Language Therapist who starts working. Increasing globalisation, migration and freedom of movement means that as a professional you’ll have contacts with colleagues and clients from other countries.

Courses start in the second half of September and end beginning of February. 3rd or 4th year students from a BA or MA programme in
SLT from all over the world are welcome to attend the programme.

Through this English programme you can acquire international experience as you learn to work as a speech language therapist in another language. You will have the opportunity to compare your culture with another one and you'll see how the profession is organized in other countries. All these things deepen your understanding and practical skills in Speech Language Therapy. They are indispensable if you want to work with other cultures, for example with migrants.

It is a programme of 30 ECTS organized by the Department of Speech Language Therapy and Audiology. The programme consists of 9 courses, all given in English. As a consequence knowledge of English is required since all lectures and exams are in English.

Nineteen SLT-students participated in the EP-edition 2010-2011. They came from 7 different countries: Malta, Slovenia, Finland, The Netherlands, Spain, Latvia and Estonia.

Programme courses

Language and learning disorders

  • Language use and pragmatics
  • Dyslexia
  • Dyscalculia

Speech disorders

  • Fluency Disorders
  • Voice Disorders

Clinical populations

  • Communication disorders in multilingual populations
  • Communication disorders in persons with an intellectual disability

Logopedics in Europe

  • Interculturality and the European Union
  • Professional contexts in Europe

Terms and conditions

The minimum number of participants for the programme is 8, the maximum is 40.

Application deadline is 15th of June 2012.

SLT-students coming from Europe can attend the IP-programme as an Erasmus exchange student.

All other interested students should contact the EP-coordinator to check the tuition fee.

International and intercultural

Working as a speech language therapist is a social profession. In this increasingly globalized world this means: working with clients and colleagues from other countries, with other cultures or languages. This increasing globalization is one of the central basic principles of the English Programme.

During the programme you’ll learn to work as a speech language therapist in an international and intercultural context. This is mirrored in courses like 'Interculturality and the European Union' and 'Logopaedic acting in Europe'. During these courses you’ll deepen your knowledge about what culture is, and how it influences thinking and behaviour of human beings. Furthermore, you’ll gain specific logopedic competences through courses which focus on speech, language and learning disorders but also clinical populations.
In each country Speech Language Therapy is carried out in a different way. Learning about the different ways the profession is carried out in different countries will broaden your view about the profession.

During the programme you have a unique opportunity to meet fellow students from different countries and teaching staff from different professional backgrounds.

Antwerp is a too beautiful city to confine yourself to the campus and its direct surroundings. Therefore you´ll learn the basics of the Dutch language. With this knowledge you can discover Antwerp and get to know the city, its culture and customs.

A broad programme

The courses of the English Programme are chosen because of their discipline-transcending character. They are important for each discipline within Speech Language Therapy. 
In short, after following the English programme you have:

• a broader better view how Speech Language Therapy is carried out in different countries,

• more knowledge about what culture is, and the importance of culture in your profession,

• intercultural skills,

• an overview of Speech Language Therpay apart from your own country or specialization.

• insight in speech, language and learning disorders across borders.

Optimal student support

During your stay in Antwerp, you’ll have plenty of support from the coordinators of the English programme. You can turn to them with all your questions about accommodation, finding your way in Antwerp, health and insurance, but also questions about the lessons, the programme and facilities of the Lessius Hogeschool.
Apart from that, the student facilities department of the Lessius University College (STIP) organizes frequent extracurricular activities, ranging from sport, music concerts and parties to organized visits to a variety of cultural activities. They organize a variety of in-school competitions and introductions to lesser-known sports. Via the student facilities you can do sport and cultural activities for reduced process. They’ll also help you to rent a bicycle for 15 euro for one semester, which is ideal to explore the city and it is the typical means of movement in the Low Countries!

A multimedial approach to teaching

You can use the latest technology in communication with your teachers and fellow students. You’ll have your own e-mail adress and access to the electronic learning environment (blackboard). In this electronic environment you can download course material, read messages and interact with fellow students on the forum. You can find modern pc´s with access to internet in the pc-rooms on all the campuses. The traditional library is incorporated in the study centre. In this specialized study centre you have got access to most of the major international journals in Speech Language Therapy and Audiology. You’ll also find a large collection of audio-visual material and tests.

Duration & Price
This course is Campus based
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Start date
Sept. 2017
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Start date Sept. 2017
Belgium Antwerp
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