Program Description

Why Psychology in UNIVAS?

The course of Psychology UNIVAS is based on an updated curriculum proposal and adapted to scientific and socio-cultural changes progress, which allows training professionals able to provide services with quality standards and ethical principles. The course provides, from the start, encouraging the experience of the profession through observation and practice stages, targeted to the community and also in their laboratories with the latest technology, such as Psychological Assessment Laboratory of Experimental Psychology Laboratory, Counseling Psychology and Center Psychological Service. The Psychology course is inserted in the Humanities area and has faculty consists of Masters and Doctors trained in prestigious universities in Brazil.

More than a curriculum that addresses the requirements of MEC offers a comprehensive training, with special focus on the health sector, which is widely emphasized in our training camps. We mainly an eye toward the dynamic movement of society and its needs.

Professional performance

The methodology used in the course of Psychology UNIVAS enables the formation of professionals with competitive edge and broad view of biopsychosocial phenomena, and ensure the student grants to undertake a successful career. The psychologist of the field is broad, covering areas such as Health, Organizations, Education, Law, Community, Sports, Economy and consumption, dealing with different people and different handling issues.

Last updated February 2016

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