Program in Structural Osteopathy


Program Description

Study Modalities

On-site in mornings

Subjects of health sciences in afternoon and Saturday group, or Online mode. There is the possibility of combining several modalities, check availability of each subject.

Access to studies: currently, natural therapies training is not regulated by the Ministry of Education, and therefore the access required of students is ESO or equivalent

Professional outings

Open an osteopathic care center, work in health centers, rehabilitation centers, sports centers, spas, hotels, luxury cruise, spas and wellness centers.


Once completed and passed the evaluation tests of all subjects will be processed the "Graduate in Structural Osteopathy" (1.114h), once passed and completed the second course

Evaluative system

The evaluation is continuous, with different parts throughout the year and is explained by each teacher at the beginning of each subject. There are 3 calls to overcome each subject. In the "Student's Guide", through the campus, it is reported in detail.


ISMET students have a tutor, who can go in case of schedule changes, difficulty tracking subjects, personal problems, etc.

Additional services

Promotions and special prices in other courses. Computer room with Internet connection. Service sale material. Special promotions at the ISMET therapy center. Academic advice by the studies tutor. Therapies in practices for the students. ISMETalumni, alumni association. Job vacancies


  • Structural Osteopathy (16 credits)
  • Anatomy with osteopathic orientation, biomechanics, biophysics, palpatoria anatomy I (16 credits)
  • Orientation to clinical practice (3c credits)
  • Clinical Practice I (3c credits)
  • Human Anatomy (16 credits)

Optative subjects

  • To complete your training, we recommend the following optional modules for the 1st course
  • Dietetics, nutrition and naturopathic diet therapy (16 credits)
  • Introduction to Kinesiology (16 credits)



  • 16c Structural and Functional Osteopathy II
  • 16c Palpatoria anatomy, anat. osteopathic orientation, biomechanics, biophysics II
  • 16c Human Physiology
  • 12c Clinical Practice II


  • 16c Cranial Osteopathy
  • 16c Visceral osteopathy
  • 16c Dietetic nutrition and diet therapy
  • 6c Radiology applied to osteopathy
  • 6c Posturology and ATPO
  • 6c Osteopathic clinic and semiology
  • 3c Applied pharmacology
  • 1c Research methods
  • 1c Introduction to kinesiology
  • 1c Introduction to marketing and tec. communication
  • 1c Legislation for professional natural therapies
  • 1c Research methods applied to the query
  • 0,5c First aid

Registration conditions

Validated subjects: the deadline for the validation process is OCTOBER 23, 2018. A visit with the tutor will be arranged, presenting the title or certificate of grades and syllabus of the subject to be validated. In case of obtaining it the student will pay only 25% of the amount of the same

The courses taken in online mode have a supplement of € 27.37 / month per subject and during the months it lasts.

ANNULMENTS AND CHANGES: the withdrawals do not imply in any case the refund of the amount paid, and will be effective from the month following the date of notification

Split payment by direct debit: the monthly installments will be domiciled between the 1st and the 10th of each month approximately .. the returned receipts will be paid in the Secretariat (in cash or card) and will have a surcharge of € 6 / receipt, for return expenses .

IMPORTANT NOTE: the school reserves the right to cancel a group / subject, with prior notice, in case there is no minimum group

Last updated Mar 2020

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«Si te gusta el sector de la salud, asistir a personas para prevenir y tratar patologías, la investigación o cualquier actividad relacionada con las terapias naturales, debes formarte en una escuela que te ofrezca una sólida formación para tu futuro profesional.» Read less
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