Writing in English

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A powerful learning tool that helps you write English more clearly and concisely. Helps sharpen English grammar and syntax skills.

Write better in English

Writing in English is an interactive program that helps you write clear, concise and correct English.


There are more than 200 interactive lessons with:

  • pre- and post-assessments with instant scoring
  • presentations with clear explanations on grammar rules in English
  • practice activities with immediate feedback
  • multiple interactive charts on topics like phrasal verbs and word forms
  • tips for effective e-mail communication
  • translation into Japanese, Chinese simplified and Chinese traditional languages

Recommended for:

  • individual learners at the intermediate level and above
  • classroom instruction and training
  • distance learning courses
  • practice and preparation for the TOEFL® and TOEIC® tests

Some of the world’s leading global corporations and institutions, including IBM, Deloitte, the University of South Carolina and the University of California, have successfully used AmEnglish’s suite of English-language products.


“The program clearly identifies the common errors that most ESL/EFL writers make.” –N. Heider, Manager

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Writing in English