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Best Pre-Med Programs in Pre-Med in Central America and Caribbean 2019

Pre-med programs are designed to introduce students to the rigors of medical school and the careers to which it may lead. Coursework may include an emphasis on physiology, chemistry and biology as well as other core curriculum requirements.

While most pre-med students are looking to prepare for graduate work in the field of medicine, the undergraduate majors students choose may vary widely. Students regularly choose a scientific field to major in, but in recent years, more liberal arts graduates are applying to medical school as well.

Central America is the region of North America located between the southern border of Mexico and the northwest border of Colombia, in South America. It consists of Belize, Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, and Panama.

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Central America and Caribbean
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American University of Antigua

Through its curriculum, AICASA provides all the necessary resources for prospective MDs and other health science professionals to get their education on track. ... [+]


American International College of Arts and Sciences - Antigua (AICASA) provides health science training and undergraduate coursework to establish or reinforce the groundwork for degrees in medicine and other allied health professions. Students coming directly from high school who know the path to an MD degree is one they wish to pursue can apply to AICASA to earn an AS in Health Sciences.

AICASA believes that anyone with the talent, drive, and passion to be a qualified medical practitioner should not be denied the opportunity to realize that dream. The college provides a variety of undergraduate courses with an emphasis on the pre-medical and health sciences and offers many options, all of which may lead to an opportunity to earn an MD degree* or an associate of science (AS) degree in Health Sciences.... [-]

Antigua and Barbuda Saint John's
September 2019