The Physiotherapy (Bachelor) course is offered in Campi Nova Iguaçu and Itaperuna in the night shift with 4,200 hours and duration of 10 school periods.


The Bachelor's Degree in Physiotherapy - Campus Nova Iguaçu is offered with a total workload of 4,200 hours to be paid in at least 5 (five) years, in accordance with Resolution CNE / CES nº 4/2009. The Pedagogical Project of the Bachelor's Degree in Physiotherapy - Campus Nova Iguaçu - provides the LIBRAS offer as an optional discipline of the course, according to the legislation in force for the baccalaureate. The curricular structure of the course has been elaborated and has been constantly revised in order to meet the real needs of the student body and the changes proposed by the teachers, once they have been evaluated. Thus, this structure is kept up to date and in compliance with the National Curricular Guidelines.


The Physiotherapy Course - UNIG - Nova Iguaçu - has sufficient infrastructure and materials adequate to the functioning of the disciplines, as far as practical classes are concerned. The practical classes that are taught in the laboratories / spaces of practical activities and whose mission is to present to the academic a practical and active contact with the future activities that should develop in their professional practice while consolidating the theoretical content students by the students, promoting Interdisciplinarity.

The Physiotherapy Course - UNIG - Nova Iguaçu - has sufficient infrastructure adequate to the number of places and the functioning of the disciplines, as far as the practical classes are concerned. The activities to be carried out are scheduled through a schedule of practical classes. During the execution of the pedagogical activities inside the laboratories, the teachers and students should follow the norms of use of the laboratory and the clinic, as well as the biosafety norms. The teacher responsible for the discipline is responsible for access control, use of equipment and preservation of equipment used during practical activities.

The UNIG Physiotherapy course during the teaching practices developed in the disciplines uses the following didactic laboratories:

  • Multidisciplinary Laboratory I;
  • Multidisciplinary Laboratory II;
  • Laboratory Electrophotometry;
  • Laboratory of Exercise Physiology, Measurement and Evaluation.


The Physiotherapy Course - Bachelor of UNIG - Campus Nova Iguaçu has more than 20 subscriptions / accesses of specialized, indexed and current journals, in printed or virtual form, distributed among the main areas of the course, most of them with updated collection The last 3 years, which adequately meet the curricular components of all curricular components and the demand for the course.

Program taught in:
  • Portuguese (Brazil)

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Mar 2020
10 - 10 semesters
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Mar 2020
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Mar 2020

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