Degree in Pharmacy

OFFICIAL TITLE: Degree in Pharmacy

DURATION / ECTS: 5 years / 300 ECTS

PLACES / CAMPUS: 75 / Moncada - Alfara

TAUGHT IN: Spanish


General Competences

  • Develop communication and information skills, both oral and written, to deal with patients and users of the center where they perform their professional activity. Promote the capacities of work and collaboration in multidisciplinary teams and those related to other health professionals.
  • Recognize their own limitations and the need to maintain and update professional competence, paying special attention to the self-learning of new knowledge based on the available scientific evidence.

Specific Competences

  • Identify, design, obtain, analyze, control and produce drugs and medicines, as well as other products and raw materials of sanitary interest for human or veterinary use.
  • Evaluate the therapeutic and toxic effects of substances with pharmacological activity.
  • Know how to apply the scientific method and acquire skills in the management of legislation, sources of information, bibliography, preparation of protocols and other aspects that are considered necessary for the design and critical evaluation of preclinical and clinical trials.
  • Design, prepare, supply and dispense medicines and other products of sanitary interest.
  • Provide therapeutic advice in pharmacotherapy and diet therapy, as well as in the nutritional and food field in the establishments in which they provide services.
  • Promote the rational use of medicines and health products, as well as acquire basic knowledge in clinical management, health economics and efficient use of health resources.
  • Identify, evaluate and assess problems related to drugs and medicines, as well as participate in pharmacovigilance activities.
  • Carry out clinical and social pharmacy activities, following the pharmaceutical care cycle.
  • Intervene in health promotion activities, disease prevention, at the individual, family and community level; with an integral and multiprofessional vision of the health-disease process.
  • Design, apply and evaluate reagents, methods and clinical analytical techniques, knowing the basic fundamentals of clinical analysis and the characteristics and contents of laboratory diagnosis reports.
  • Evaluate the toxicological effects of substances and design and apply the corresponding tests and analyzes.
  • Develop hygienic-sanitary analysis, especially those related to food and the environment.
  • Know the ethical and deontological principles according to the legislative, regulatory and administrative dispositions that govern the professional practice, understanding the ethical implications of the health in a social context in transformation.


Professional outings

Royal Decree 1837/2008, of November 8, establishes the basic training necessary to access the professional practice of pharmacist and in article 61 includes activities related to the profession of pharmacist.

Graduates in Pharmacy can develop their profession in the following fields:

Clinical Analysis:

  • Public Sector: Administration Laboratories, Hospitals, Town Halls and Faculties
  • Private: Laboratories, Clinics, Hospitals and Pharmacy Offices

Community Pharmacy:

  • Owner Technical Director
  • Technical Director co-owner
  • Deputy, substitute, regent

Colleges and General Council of Schools:

  • Technicians of the Administration
  • Laboratory technicians
  • Medication Information Center
  • Pharmaceutical Care Technicians

Optics and Audiometry:

  • Private sector: own or foreign account

Medicinal plants:

  • Private sector: own or foreign account


  • Laboratories
  • Pharmacy Offices

Professional Press:

  • Directors and editors.

Hospital pharmacy:

  • Public Sector: Hospitals and Primary Care Centers.
  • Private Sector: Hospitals, Clinics and Pharmaceutical Industry


  • Public sector: Ministry of Justice, Health and Consumption
  • City Councils
  • Private sector: Laboratories


  • Technical director
  • Director and Control Technician
  • Director and Technician in quality control
  • Director and Production Technician
  • Research and development technician
  • Registry Technician
  • Purchasing planning technician
  • Marketing (Market Analysis, Product Manager, Sales Delegate or Drug Technical Informer)


  • Laboratories
  • Administration
  • Companies (ecotoxicology)

That makes us different?

1. Experience and career

It has been more than 40 years since they started the Pharmacy studies in the CEU . We endorse several decades training pharmaceutical professionals committed.

2. Care orientation

A training specially oriented to the care management, in all its dimensions (pharmacy office, hospitals, etc.). This differential character is based on two axes:

  • The curriculum, conceived in its structure and development of subjects with a marked orientation towards the patient.
  • And the Pharmaceutical Practice Classroom, a pioneering space in Spain that simulates a pharmacy office and in which students interact with real patients and acquire skills in medication management. And all this from the first course.

3. A training bonus connected with employability

We offer you the possibility of taking, in parallel to the degree and free of charge, the Own Title in Management of the Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Marketing Office, which complements your training in one of the main areas of employability. You will thus increase your skills in strategic or financial management, stock management or marketing planning tools applied to the pharmacy office.

4. A double degree, also connected with employability

In the last two courses of Pharmacy you can add another compatible degree to multiply your training and your options for the future:

  • Degree in Optics and Optometry
  • Degree in Nutrition and Dietetics">http: //www.uch CEU .en / studies / degree / pharmacy

Program taught in:
  • Spanish

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