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Top PhD Degrees in Greece 2017


PhD degrees are some of the most prestigious qualifications offered by institutions of higher education. Those who hold a PhD earn the right to be addressed with the title "Doctor" and are acknowledged as experts in a certain subject area.

Greece, officially the Hellenic Republic, or Hellas as called from ancient times, is a country in Southeast Europe. According to the 2011 census, Greece's population is around 11 million.

PhD Programs in Greece

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Phd In Exercise Science And Physical Education

University of Nicosia
Campus Full time Part time 3 years September 2017 Greece Athens + 1 more

The University of Nicosia offers Doctoral Programme in Exercise Science and Physical Education leading to a PhD. [+]

Top PhD Degrees in Greece 2017. Duration (years): 3 Qualification Awarded: PhD in Exercise Science and Physical Education Level of Qualification: Doctorate (3rd Cycle) Language of Instruction: Greek Mode of Study: Full / Part Time Minimum Credits: 12 Minimum ECTS Credits: 90 Profile of the Programme: The University of Nicosia offers Doctoral Programme in Exercise Science and Physical Education leading to a PhD. The program is designed to provide scientific knowledge at the highest level and prepare students for careers in the field of higher learning, scientific research and in scientific field of exercise and physical education. The aim of the doctoral program is to prepare experienced scientists with a view to conduct cutting-edge research, to propose innovative research and practical workable solutions and achieve leadership positions in the exercise area and physical education and the wider sports industry. The program directs students to use the most modern methods of multidisciplinary research into the production and application of knowledge in theoretical and practical level. It is designed to provide students the opportunity to pursue doctoral studies in areas that will increase our knowledge of human movement, develop theories and methods for maintaining health and improving knowledge for more effective implementation of physical education in education. The program is designed so as to enable development to students in areas of particular interest, having a background knowledge and / or experience in exercise science and physical education. Special features of the program are: 1. The development, testing and implementation of theories about... [-]