PhD in Dentistry

Best 3 PhD Programs in Dentistry 2017


In most fields of study, the PhD is the highest level of academic achievement a student can earn in a particular field. To the academic community and the peers in the recipient’s field, it signifies that he or she has a high breadth and depth of knowledge in the subject.

What is a PhD in Dentistry? It shows that you are highly capable in the practice and that you have contributed original thinking to overall human knowledge of dentistry. The courses a student takes in order to earn this degree are quite similar to those taken for other medical professions. Many classes are focused on lab work in biology, anatomy, physiology and chemistry to give students a well-rounded medical foundation before delving into the specifics of dentistry.

The primary benefit of having a PhD in Dentistry is that you can pursue it as a career, since it is almost always required in order to conduct dental procedures on patients. From a financial standpoint, doing the work to earn this degree can also pay off in big salaries later on.

Because of the many years it takes to receive the degree, a PhD program can be quite expensive, though costs vary between campuses. Contact representatives in college admissions offices to get the most reliable and current figures.

A PhD in Dentistry is the best way to become a practicing dentist. However, you will also be working with teams of people who have studied to fulfill other necessary roles in dental procedures such as cleaning and otherwise assisting. Where you choose to practice is your decision, as degrees from some countries are often accepted in others.

Dentists are needed everywhere, and as such, PhD programs are offered all over the world or over the internet. Search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form. 


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Doctor of Dental Medicine (MDDr)

Pavol Jozef Safarik University
Campus Full time 6 years September 2017 Slovakia Košice

The English program is 15 years old, and over 600 international students have successfully completed their studies and earned a degree in the field of General medicine or Dentistry. [+]

PhDs in Dentistry. The English program is 15 years old, and over 600 international students have successfully completed their studies and earned a degree in the field of General medicine or Dentistry. The Faculty of Medicine provides university study for international students in two medical branches: General Medicine - the course lasts 6 years (12 terms) Dental Medicine - the course lasts 6 years (12 terms) Both - General Medicine and Dental Medicine - are available for international students with a good command of English. The Faculty of Medicine is closely connected with the Teaching Hospital in Košice, in which practical education in clinical disciplines is carried out. The last years of study are concerned with practical training in hospitals and health care institutes. The study is completed by the state examinations before the Board of the Faculty Experts. Graduates are awarded the academic title "Doctor of General Medicine", abbreviated “MUDr.” (equivalent to M.D. degree) and “Doctor of Dental Medicine”, abbreviated “MDDr.” (equivalent to D.M.D.). In those professions where the conditions of education in Slovakia are identical with those in the European Union, which have already been recognized (medical and dental doctors), the member states of the European Union are obliged to accept the diplomas issued in Slovakia, irrespective of the language of instruction. GRADUATE OF DENTAL MEDICINE PROFILE The graduate of Dental medicine has adequate theoretical knowledge of theoretical, pre-clinical, and clinical disciplines of Dental medicine. During practical exercises in the subjects of Dental medicine, they will learn basic... [-]

Doctor Of Dentistry

Universidad Nacional Pedro Henriquez Urena
Campus Full time 14 semesters January 2018 Dominican Republic Santo Domingo

Train professionals who are able to understand the socio-economic problems affecting oral health and that through personal or team work influence oral health benefit [+]

Dental School mainly aims to train professionals to meet the prevalent dental needs of the community and participate in solving the problems of oral health through preventive measures or trying to rehabilitate pathologies that Health patients.

In addition to developing adequate competition in the areas of clinical practice, which allows you to enable the dentist to practice professionally in both the private and public spheres, a condition of leadership and act as an agent of change in conditions that prevent obtaining the oral health of individuals, families, and community integrated interdisciplinary working groups, developing in them a productive work and applying the scientific method to solve the problems of oral health. Under these conditions the professional will have a critical attitude enabling them to recognize and value their personal and professional development as an ongoing process of self-education based on Dentistry own changes, allowing you to stay constantly updated on technical scientific knowledge.... [-]

Doctor of Dental Surgery 5-year Program

Poznan University of Medical Sciences
Campus Full time 5 years August 2017 Poland Poznań

The five-year D.D.S. Program is designed for international candidates who have graduated from high school, and who would like to pursue a career in dentistry. [+]

Doctor of Dental Surgery 5 - year Program

The five-year D.D.S. Program is designed for international candidates who have graduated from high school, and who have obtained good grades in: Biology, Chemistry, Physics, and English. The curriculum for the English five-year D.D.S. program at PUMS follows the one taught to the European students. 

Upon completion, successful students will receive the degree of Doctor of Dental Surgery, D.D.S. Those graduates who plan to practice dentistry in North America will have to complete two additional years of study in the United States or Canada, making it a total of seven years to obtain a license. It is a standard requirement for all graduates with a foreign degree in North America.... [-]