Kinesiology deals with human motion, its control and motorial learning in relation to the biomechanical parameters of the locomotor apparatus. Rehabilitation relates to this knowledge in order to restore or improve locomotor functions when a diseases disorder, injuries or congenital defects appear.

The program of doctoral studies in kinesiology and rehabilitation is based mainly on Master's degree in medicine, physiotherapy, ergotherapy and other master’s or engineering disciplines. Their scientific knowledge is used in rehabilitation (eg biomedical and clinical technology, biomedical engineering, prosthetics, biocybernetics, robotics, and information technology). The proposed doctoral study program focuses on the objectification of physiological parameters of human motorial disorders, identify the causes of movement disorders and the possibility of therapeutic intervention.

The methodology of the individual research projects will be adapted to the specific objectives of the work, the equipment of the training workplace and the research and professional focus of the trainer and the student. Methods of functional magnetic resonance imaging, ultrasound, electrophysiological methods, spiroergometry, posturography and more will be used in the measurement methodology.

Description of verification and evaluation criteria

The prerequisite for admission to the study program is in particular:

  • successful completion of a Master's degree in higher education;
  • a duly filled-in application together with the necessary documents, submitted within the given deadline;
  • a positive result of the admission procedure (basic orientation in kinesiology and rehabilitation and the chosen subject, prerequisites for scientific work and further development of one's own personality);
  • the basis of the admission interview is the discussion of the dissertation project;
  • the criteria to be assessed are the quality of the project submitted, the financial security plan, the motivation to study, and previous activities in the given field (participation in conferences, publications, pedagogical activities.

Conditions for admission

Admission to Doctoral studies is conditioned by successful completion of a Master's study program.

Verification method entrance exam
Confirmation date (of entrance exam) from: 01.06.2019 Until: 30.06.2019
Alternative date (of entrance exam) from: 01.07.2019 Until: 31.07.2019

Career Pathway

The doctoral studies graduate possesses a comprehensive understanding and is well versed in a broad spectrum, of scientific principles within Kinesiology and Rehabilitation. He/she is familiar with research methodologies and is capable of providing individual and collaborative scientific work with ethical, academic and professional integrity. He/she is capable of critical analysis of current scientific knowledge. The graduate demonstrates competence in communication regarding issues within his/her specialty and also a broad spectrum of allied social links, especially in the application of research findings to clinical practice in Rehabilitation.

Program taught in:

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Last updated February 6, 2019
This course is Campus based, Online & Campus Combined
Start Date
Oct 2019
4 years
2,000 CZK
per academic year. Online Application fee: 540 CZK.
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Start Date
Oct 2019
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Oct 2019

Application deadline
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