PhD in Kinanthropology


Program Description

In the field of kinanthropology there are following areas of specialization according to the orientation of the individual applicant:

  • Anthropomotorics
  • Adapted Physical Activities
  • Biomechanics
  • Didactics of Physical Education and Sport
  • Philosophy and Sociology of Physical Culture
  • Exercise Physiology
  • Functional Anthropology
  • Exercise and Sport Psychology
  • Recreology
  • Senzomotorics and Pathokinesiology

Content of Doctoral Study

The content of Doctoral study programme is determined by the individual study plan that is authorized by the DSP departmental commission pursuant to the supervisor’s proposal. The study content encompasses:

  • methodology of science,
  • scientific disciplines pertaining to the topic of the doctoral thesis,
  • research under a supervisor’s guidance and its culmination in a doctoral thesis.

Supervisors appointed by the Dean of the faculty determine the thematic orientation of the doctoral thesis.

Additionally, a student must pass the examination in the English language during the course of the study programme.

Entrance Examination

The entrance examination for study in DSP follows §48 and §49 of law no. 111/1998, regarding universities, as amended, conforms to the internal norms of Palacký University (Study and examination code UP, Olomouc - part III.).

Acceptance for DSP study is dependent on an entrance examination. An important part of the entrance examination is the test of English language ability. In exceptional cases the required level of English language knowledge can be compensated for by a proof of sound knowledge of some one of the world languages; a document to this effect must be in official form (a certificate of state examination, a foreign certificate, etc.).

Prior to the entrance examination the prospective doctoral student is obliged to contact some of the supervisors and to duly consult on the possibility of acceptance in addition to a preliminary specification of the topic(s) of the doctoral thesis. Please note that the capacity of the supervisors is limited and without prior agreement of the supervisor acceptance to DSP is not possible.

The entrance examination consists of:

  1. Knowledge of English language (reading and translation of a scientific text). Should you have a certificate of state examination or other pertinent document, please enclose it along with the application.
  2. A professional reference from two persons who are eligible to pass judgement on the applicant’s previous scientific and skills activities (a proposal for elaboration of the reference is given in the supplement).
  3. Name of a professional with whom the candidate dealt in the capacity of a relevant supervisor.
  4. In the event that the applicant has contributed to or published in scientific journals he/she then is required to furnish a written list of professional lectures and published scientific papers, and, if applicable also reviews of these papers.
  5. For the entrance examination it is assumed that the candidate possesses a comprehensive view of and basic orientation to issues pertaining to biological, motoric, physical and pedagogical-psychological problems of movement.

Proposal for Elaboration of Reference should include these areas:

  1. How long have you known the applicant and in what professional capacity?
  2. To what degree is the applicant successful in comparison with other students, colleagues, classmates and so on?
  3. Characterise the applicant from the perspective of assumed scientific work ability, creativity, language skills, and preconditions for publications and so on.
  4. Mention general abilities of the applicant pertaining to study and other features of the person inclusive of all merits and demerits.
  5. The applicant has excellent – very good – good – qualification for doctoral study at the Faculty of Physical Culture in Olomouc.

Important Information

The tuition fee for PhD students is EUR 3.000 per each academic year. Palacký University aims to attract excellent students, regardless of their origin and financial ability. The Faculty of Physical Culture invites outstanding students to apply for the one year J. L. Fischer Scholarship. The maximum award is 4 000 EUR per academic year (400 EUR/month), which covers not only tuition fees but partially also living costs. The scholarship may be granted repeatedly.

Deadline for applications: March 31, 2020
Apply on:

Center for Kinanthropology Research

Center for Kinanthropological Research was established in 1st of January 2005 at the Faculty of Physical Culture, Palacky Univerzity in Olomouc. It focuses on research in the field of physical activity and inactivity in relation to lifestyle and health of Czech inhabitants. It is composed as an interdisciplinary workplace. At the same time it has coordinating and consultating function in the sphere of monitoring PA for central European countries.

Last updated May 2020

About the School

It is the university, together with a number of other educational institutions that makes Olomouc the top student city in the Czech Republic – where every fifth person in the city is a student!

It is the university, together with a number of other educational institutions that makes Olomouc the top student city in the Czech Republic – where every fifth person in the city is a student! Read less