Medical studies with one year in Oslo and five years at the University of Pécs, Hungary

Bjørknes, in partnership with the Pécs University Medical School in Hungary and Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences at the University of Oslo (UiO), is a medical education by one year in Oslo and five years at the University of Pécs in Hungary.

Hungary - popular study

Hungary has one of Central Europe's most established and most recognized deal when it comes to English-language medical education. Hundreds of Norwegian students have already gone through Bjørknes to study medicine in Hungary, and over 600 Norwegian students are currently working on their medical studies in this country.

Reputed educational institutions

Bjørknes has been the initiator of this unique study program for medical studies in Norway and Hungary: The first year of study, conducted at the University of Oslo, and the subsequent five years are added Hungary's oldest university, Pécs University, in the city of Pécs in southern Hungary.

60 credits for the first year

The first academic year at the University gives 60 credits. If one were to conjecture does not wish to continue after the first year in Oslo, has nonetheless achieved 60 credits that can be used in conjunction with other higher education or additional points for admission to such medical education in Norway. Once a year in Oslo has successfully been completed, students take a six-week summer course at the University of Pécs in Hungary. After passing the academic year in Norway as well as summer courses in Hungary, continuing student seats in the second year of medical school in Pécs.

Is medicine right for me?

Year in Norway provides a good opportunity to find out about medical education is the right choice for study and career before eventually go abroad to study further. Students are regarded as students at the University of rights and obligations on par with other students. During the rest of the course, students are formally registered as students at the University of Pécs and the final level achieved by this university.

Year in Oslo - Teaching both at the University and College Bjørknes
The first year in Oslo includes six courses over two semesters. Courses are held at the University under the auspices of the Faculty of Science at the University of Oslo. Teaching and examinations held in Norwegian. parallel arrange Bjørknes College required courses in Hungarian language and culture, medical anthropology and ethics, Latin and medical terminology as well as a first aid course. Some of these courses are held in English.

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