Masters Program in Medical Genetics & Genomics


Program Description

The Hayward Genetics Center at Tulane University offers a 1 year, post-baccalaureate Master of Science Degree with a concentration in Medical Genetics and Genomics. Our program is a multidisciplinary, intradepartmental program combining clinical genetics, biochemical genetics, molecular genetics, population genetics, and cytogenetics. The Master's program is designed to give graduates an in-depth understanding of the rapidly advancing field of human genetics and prepare qualified individuals for careers in the health sciences.

Students will be able to apply what they learn in class by observing our geneticists and genetic counselors in a clinic. They will meet with genetics patients to better understand how they are evaluated, diagnosed, and treated for specific disorders. Students will also spend a class touring our labs to see how genetic tests are performed.

This educational experience allows students to improve their credentials and enhance the opportunity of an individual being admitted to postgraduate programs. Our graduates have continued their studies in:

  • Medical School
  • Ph.D. Programs
  • Genetic Counseling
  • Forensic Sciences
  • Dental School

Though it varies from year to year, we estimate that 90% of our graduates who apply to medical or osteopathy school have been accepted in subsequent years. In addition to those students who continue their studies, we also have students who find careers working for pharmaceutical companies, research labs, and biomedical technology companies.


The program begins every year in the fall semester and is a non-thesis degree. Students must complete a total of 30 hours of coursework and have a cumulative GPA of 3.0 to receive their Master's degree. Students are required to write an extensive paper on a subject in the field of human genetics during their second semester for their Special Topics course. Because our program is intradepartmental, all students will take the same courses and follow the same schedule.

Schedule by Semester

Fall Semester

Course Name Number of Credits
Molecular Genetics 4
Cytogenetics 3
Introduction to Medical Genetics 3
Clinical Aspects of Human Genetics 3
Grand Rounds in Human Genetics 1

Spring Semester

Course Name Number of Credits
Population Genetics 3
Advanced Topics in Genomics 3
Clinical Aspects of Human Genetics 3
Biochemical Genetics 3
Special Topics: Research Paper 3
Grand Rounds in Human Genetics 1

Admissions Requirements

Prospective students applying to the Master of Science program must meet the following requirements to be a candidate for admission:

  • Applicants must hold a baccalaureate degree before the start of the Fall semester. If you are currently working towards a degree or taking classes, be sure to send us updated transcripts as they become available. Official transcripts from all universities you attended will need to be mailed directly to our department.
  • Though we accept students from a variety of majors, a strong science background is highly recommended. Applicants should have successfully completed courses such as Organic Chemistry, Genetics, Molecular/Cellular Biology, Biochemistry, etc.
  • Official GRE or MCAT scores must be available to us. GRE scores can be sent to us using Tulane institution code 6178, and the MCAT verification code and AAMC ID number must be entered into the application so that we can verify the scores electronically. We will also accept DAT scores in place of GRE or MCAT scores. If you would like to submit DAT scores, put 0's in under MCAT scores on the application and email your DAT scores to
  • Three letters of recommendation from individuals familiar with prior academic and/or professional performance. We recommend that at least 2 letters are academic, preferably from science professors.
  • A statement of purpose explaining your career goals, background, and relevant experiences.
  • International students must submit official TOEFL scores and all application materials must be in English. The minimum TOEFL accepted is 80.

Average scores and ranges for students who have been accepted into our program in previous years are as follows:

Average Range
GPA 3.29 2.96 – 3.96
GRE 315 307 – 321
MCAT 29 24 – 36
DAT 17


Applicants must submit an application using Tulane's web-based application site. All supporting documents should be sent directly to the Hayward Genetics Center at the address below.

Application Deadline

The application system opens on October 1, 2017, and the deadline to apply is July 13, 2018. Applicants are accepted on a rolling basis so it is best to get your application in as early as possible. There is no guarantee that there will still be openings in the class up until the deadline.

Submitting an Application & Required Materials

  1. Create an Account: To access the online application, go to and create an account. Once you do this, you will be directed back to the main page where you will select "Apply to the Graduate Program in Biomedical Sciences".
  2. Select Human Genetics as Your Program: Enter your demographic information and advance to the next page. On this page be sure to select "Biomedical Sciences MS - Human Genetics". This application system is used for many different programs and we can only see applications for those who select our program.
  3. Submit Your Test Scores: On the 3rd page of the online application, you will be asked to enter test scores for GRE or MCAT (international students must also submit TOEFL scores). In addition to self-reporting these scores, you must also have an official copy sent to us. For the GRE and TOEFL scores, have a copy mailed using institution code 6178. For MCAT scores, please include your 16 digit Verification Code and AAMC ID Number on the application so that we can verify your scores online. If you would like to submit DAT scores, report 0s for MCAT scores and email the program director, Dr. Karen Weissbecker, at your official DAT scores.
    *Those of you submitting new MCAT scores, just be sure to enter your 16 digit verification code and AAMC ID so we can view and verify everything online. You can enter "0" as placeholders for the old scores on the application.
  4. Send All Official Transcripts: Have all official transcripts from each college or university attended sent to the address below.
  5. Submit a Statement of Purpose: The last page of the application provides space for you to let us know why you would like to attend our program and how you think an MS in Human Genetics will help you achieve your goals. You may also use this space to let us know about any relevant activities, extracurricular activities, etc..
  6. Submit 3 Letters of Recommendation: At least 2 letters must be academic, preferably from science professors. You can use the form provided on the application website or have them mailed directly to us. If you are sending letters through Interfolio, you can have everything mailed to the address below or emailed to
  7. Pay the Application Fee: An application fee of $50.00 must be paid online at the time your application is submitted.

Mailing Address

All supporting documents should be sent to the following address:

Attention: Masters Application

Hayward Genetics Center

Tulane University School of Medicine

1430 Tulane Avenue, SL-31

New Orleans, LA 70112

For questions about the Master's program, please contact Dr. Karen Weissbecker at or call (504) 988-6242.

Last updated Mar 2020

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The Graduate Program in Biomedical Sciences (BMS) is a part of the Tulane School of Medicine. It is organized as an interdisciplinary, interdepartmental, and intercampus program, comprised of faculty actively engaged in biomedical research. The goal of the program is to train scientists in a collaborative scientific community driven by creativity and innovation. Tulane’s Graduate Program in Biomedical Sciences brings together some of the world’s most talented young people with nationally- and internationally-recognized teachers and researchers: all in the context of a vibrant city replete with opportunities both in and out of the lab and classroom. Read less