Master in Pre-Med

Top Master Degrees in Pre-Med 2019


After completing an undergraduate education, students usually have the option of pursuing a master’s degree. Earning a master’s typically takes two to three years, and many students are required to complete a thesis prior to graduation. After earning a degree, some students decide to enroll in a doctoral program.

What is a Master in Pre-Med? A Master in Pre-Med prepares students to gain entry to highly-competitive medical schools. Extensive courses in biology, chemistry, and physics are required, and some students may need to take additional courses in mathematics and literature. After completing a degree, students may be prepared to take various medical school entry exams. During the program, students are instructed using lectures, exams, and hands-on laboratory experiments.

A Master in Pre-Med allows students to gain entry to medical school. Students who enroll in this program are often better prepared for the challenging science curriculum associated with a medical education. Many programs feature specific courses to help students prepare for the entry exam.

The cost of acquiring this degree varies from country to country. It is also largely dependent on the program’s duration and institutional rates. For more  in-depth financial information, students should contact their prospective schools directly.

After earning a Master in Pre-Med degree, many students seek employment as physicians. Students are employed in a wide range of medical specialties, and many choose to practice independently. The vast majority work in clinical settings, such as hospitals, but others may choose to work solely in the scientific research field. These workers work directly alongside other physicians and scientists in order to better understand the biological impact of diseases and disorders.

There are many ways to earn a Master in Pre-Med degree, and many schools offer online learning options. These online programs are perfect for working adults and students seeking a nontraditional learning experience. To learn more about this degree, search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.

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