Top Master Degrees in Podiatric Medicine 2019/2020

A master’s degree is an academic degree earned by students interested in furthering their education in their chosen area of study. It usually take one to two years to complete, and offers in-depth training on subjects they may already have cursory knowledge of.

What is a Master in Podiatry? This degree is offered to those who have a health sciences background as a way to increase their knowledge and their skills. The student hoping to earn a master’s can choose between several specialized fields within podiatry. Some of these include forensic podiatry, podiatry and education, and podiatry and management. Courses will cover in-depth study of the feet, ankles, and lower extremities.

Earning a master’s in your field will help you to be the best you can be. Your increased knowledge, as well as the extra academic qualification, typically increases pay or opens new employment opportunities.

Courses could take anywhere from two to six years. The cost will vary depending on which school you choose and where it is located, so you should call the admissions office for any schools you are considering and ask about the tuition required of you.

A master’s degree will allow graduates to more easily advance in their workplace or find employment in clinics or private practice offices. It also offers an opportunity for podiatrists looking to enter into an advanced or specialized field of podiatry. Research and scientist positions are available in research laboratories and academic settings. The podiatry and management course will help those who would like to be promoted to an administration positon. More broadly, the master’s program is invaluable to those interested in further pursuing their academic advancement by completing a PhD.

For those interested in bettering themselves through acquiring a Master in Podiatry, there is no better option than doing so online. Search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.

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University of Johannesburg

Master’s programme is a full research Degree. Students are required to undertake an independent research project and write a dissertation. ... [+]

Master’s programme is a full research Degree. Students are required to undertake an independent research project and write a dissertation.

Admission requirements

A BTech Podiatry or an equivalent qualification.

Contact details

Name: Ms Simiso Ntuli Tel: 011 559 6910 / Email:

Registration and Start Dates

Registration starts in January and lectures in February for both Undergraduate and Postgraduate course work programmes.

All research programmes for Masters and PhD can register throughout the year.

End Date: Academic starts in January and ends in December. Programme deadline is determined by the duration of the programme.

South Africa Johannesburg
January 2020
1 - 3 years