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Israel, officially the State of Israel, is a parliamentary democracy in the Middle East, on the south-eastern shore of the Mediterranean Sea. Israel's financial center is Tel Aviv, while Jerusalem is the country's most populous city if occupied East Jerusalem is included.

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Master's Degree In Leadership And Management Of Health Institutions

Universidad Pontificia De Salamanca
Online & Campus Combined Full time 1 year

Madrid Campus of the Universidad Pontificia de Salamanca, Faculty of Nursing and Physiotherapy Salus Infirmorum, aware of the need to train health managers and obligation to professionalize the management of health services at the present time, [+]

Top Master Degrees in Health Administration in Israel. Program Description In the Madrid Campus of the Universidad Pontificia de Salamanca, Faculty of Nursing and Physiotherapy Salus Infirmorum, aware of the need to train health managers and obligation to professionalize the management of health services at the present time, offer a new Master in Management of Health Institutions, designed to provide these skills to professionals who are already working or interested in these matters, through a properly supervised practical theoretical experience. The Master Official University is aimed at executives who are already working in the Directorate and Management of Health Institutions and seek comprehensive training to develop their managerial skills: managers, medical and nursing directors, department heads, directors of health centers, etc. ., and graduates, graduates and graduates in any discipline of Health Sciences or other non-health related discipline management, who are interested in developing their professional activity in the field of health services management. GOALS The student to acquire the knowledge, skills and attitudes needed in the field of Leadership and Management of Health Institutions, to perform a task management, assessment and evaluation of these institutions, both public domain properly and guarantee of success as private. The specific objectives are: Acquire the competencies (knowledge, skills and attitudes) for strategic planning at different levels of health action, knowing identify the key internal and external customers and their behaviors. Train students in the skills that enable them to plan objectives and strategies in the meso and micro management, consistent with the guidelines of the health organization. Acquire and reinforce individual and interpersonal skills necessary and essential for the health management can lead processes of change and development of the institution. In short, to train professionals who know how to manage a team of people in an environment of improving efficiency and management of crisis situations. Have the necessary knowledge to manage as a strategic tool skills, and generate added value in health institutions. Acquire the skills to manage R & D in the biomedical sector and health promotion. Know the tools of information systems, care and management, and acquire the skills to follow the operating plan, knowing interpret indicators and dashboards, and knowing perform corrective actions. Acquire adequate knowledge in economic and financial management of health institutions, to enable proper management of purchasing and supplier relationships in a competitive and changing environment. Acquire knowledge of health communication and marketing. Acquire the necessary measures to ensure the quality of services, by managing accreditation processes and systems skills. Understand and analyze the fundamentals and models of Hospital Care, Primary Care, Emergency and Health Emergencies. Professional Profiles: People dedicated to training in schools Curriculum MODULE I: POLICY AND HEALTH SYSTEM Matter 1: 4 ECTS Health Systems Matter 2: Health Law and Bioethics 4 ECTS MODULE II: MANAGEMENT AND HEALTH MANAGEMENT Matter 3: Health Planning 4 ECTS Matter 4: Human Resources Management ECTS 4 Matter 5: Development and Evaluation of Management Skills 3 ECTS Matter 6: Economic Financial Management, infrastructure and buy 3 ECTS MODULE III: HEALTH COMMUNICATION Matter 7: Marketing and Health Communication 3 ECTS Matter 8: Health Information Systems 3 ECTS MODULE IV: QUALITY MANAGEMENT Matter 9: Health Quality Management Systems Quality Management. Process Management 3 ECTS MODULE V: MANAGEMENT TRAINING AND R & D + I Matter 10: 3 ECTS Health Technologies Matter 11: Health Management Training 3 ECTS Matter 12: R & D + I care 3 ECTS MODULE VI: HEALTH SERVICES MANAGEMENT Matter 13: Hospital Management and Specialized 4 ECTS Matter 14: Management of Primary Care, Emergency and Health Emergencies, and Mental Health 4 ECTS VII MODULE: Practicum Practicum 6 ECTS MODULE VIII: TFM Master's Thesis 6 ECTS Methodology: The Master has blended learning methodology, with a strong presence online training. classroom training: Sessions will be held with a sharing of theoretical training and roundtables with the participation of experts currently conduct related to the module online training: Is based on an interactive platform, in which the student will have a tutor who will be responsible for monitoring their progress throughout the course and resolve the doubts, and you can download the teaching units of each module, find teaching materials complementary upload material on the subjects under study to share with teachers and students, and can be also used as a forum to ask open-ended questions, teachers consultations and debates. In addition, this online training nor professional skills are neglected because, through the multimedia resources can be made interactive practices Duration and price Start date: October 2016 Duration: One academic year Price: 7,500 € Places available: 50 Location: Madrid Contact: [-]