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Indonesia adopted a high quality education system, which provides the education in three basic levels with the highest level being the university level. Lately the country upgraded five colleges to fully university levels with an aim of accommodating even international students who may wish to study in Indonesia. Higher education programs in Indonesia are accredited by the National Accreditation Board for Higher Education. The nation's capital city is Jakarta.

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Master Program in Public Health

Universitas Airlangga
Campus Full time 4 - 6 semesters July 2017 Indonesia Surabaya

Established as an innovative, prominent, broadminded study program in national and international level, and a pioneer in developing Public Health Sciences based on religious and morality. [+]

Top Master Degrees in Public Health in Indonesia. Objective: Established as an innovative, prominent, broadminded study program in national and international level, and a pioneer in developing Public Health Sciences based on religious and morality. Course Description: The master program covers five interest study, included Biostatistics, Public Health Nutrition, Health Promotion and Behavioral Sciences, Maternal and Child Health and Public Mental Health. The program designed in 43 to 47 credit, with the length of study are 4 to 6 semesters. Outcome: The graduated expected to conduct innovative research in the field of public health, able to formulate problem-solving approach in the field of public health and able to develop health care holistically. Alumni Testimony Aguida Bendiata Da Silva (Timor Leste) Studying abroad gave me new horizons, especially the knowledge about nutrition. I worked with experienced professors, administration staffs and great campus facilities who always supported me and lead me to my success. In social life, I made friendship with other indonesian students who came from different background, culture and religions.    After graduation I went home to Timor Leste and tried to find out a solution for two crucial issues, water and sanitation. In the future, I plan to continue with my Doctoral program in Faculty of Public Health, Universitas Airlangga. (Timbuktu Harthana ) “Being a student of Master of Public Health Universitas Airlangga with the interest of Health Promotion and Behavioral Sciences is a precious learning experience for me. I did not only study and pursue high score, but I also got the chance to apply the knowledge I obtained during my study. For 2 years I learned and grew with the professional educators. Together with other students, I was involved in academic and non-academic activities in the midst of accreditation preparation and research with BKKBN about Keluarga Berencana (Planned Family).   During study, we were not always learning inside the class. Oftentimes we were asked to visit puskesmas (health centers) and even directly to people in order to understand the real public health issues. In my opinion, as students we were positioned equally. We were not only students who “stole” lecturers’ knowledge, but we were also considered as partner in sharing knowledge and experience. We were forced to develop independently, not only depend on lecturers’ lectures.   The campus gave chances for students to attend various health seminars or public lectures from experts in health and nutrition, for instance BPOM and Institut Pertanian Bogor (IPB). Besides that, there were also social service activities and student exchange programs offered. I joined a week program in Ubon Ratchathani University, Thailand. Open space and discussion spots with WiFi were some of the things I enjoyed during my time as a student in this campus.” Partner School Association of Public Health College Institutions   Several hospitals are listed as partner for residency program and research place for students. [-]

Master in Public Health

Diponegoro University
Campus Full time July 2017 Indonesia Semarang

To apply for Master in Public Health program Bachelor of Public Health and GPA < 2.7 is required. [+]

Master in Public Health Bachelor of Public Health GPA < 2.7 Courses

Semester I Science Philosophy, Biostatistics, Research Methodology, Epidomology Health Service, Health Management Information System, Strategic Health Planning, Organisations and health management Semester II Consentrated Research Methodology, Public Health Act Analysis, Economics and Health Fundings, Monitoring and Health Evaluations, Health Quality Management, Law and Health Ethics, Quantitative Decision Techniques Semester III Thesis Proposal Development, AKK Consentrated Residence, Health-related Human Resource Management, Advocations and Public Empowerment, System thinking and learning organization Semester IV Thesis [-]