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Estonia is a democratic parliamentary republic divided into fifteen counties, with its capital and largest city being Tallinn. Estonia has 12 public and 8 private universities. The oldest university in the country is the University of Tartu, established in 1632.

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Master of Science in Veterinary Medicine

Estonian University of Life Sciences
Campus Full time 6 years September 2017 Estonia Tartu

Estonian University of Life Sciences is the only university in the Baltic countries accredited by the EAEVE providing full-time six-year education in the field of veterinary medicine. [+]

Veterinary studies is an intergrated six-year long-cycle studies, which completion provides a qualification corresponding to the MSc. Degree awarded: Degree in Veterinary Medicine (DVM).   The studies are divided into three periods:

In the first years the students study the foundations  of veterinary medicine, anatomy and functions  of animals as well as the fundamentals of animal  husbandry. Several branches of biology, zoology, botany, genetics and cell biology as well as chemistry, biophysics, microbiology, virology and parasitology  can be considered the foundation of veterinary  studies.

In the second year students take up pathological  anatomy and physiology, which constitutes an  introduction to the second period of the veterinary  studies. Pre-clinical studies give the student an  insight into the processes going on in the organism  of the diseased animal, as well as elementary skills in  disease detection.... [-]