Top Master Degrees in Anesthesiology 2019

Master’s degrees serve as a symbol of expertise and career advancement. Schools may offer graduate degree programs online for distance learning students and on-campus for those who prefer a traditional learning environment.  

What is a Masters in Anesthesiology? Technically, there is no program that focuses exclusively on anesthesiology itself. An individual may pursue a master’s degree in nursing and then choose to focus specifically on anesthesiology. This program combines both intense coursework with clinical experience, and courses tend to focus on the various components of anesthetics. Those enrolled in this program are often given the chance to become licensed as anesthesiologists by the state upon completion.

There are many reasons why a student might try to obtain a master’s degree in anesthesiology. More often than not, nurses pursue this program so they may receive additional training and licensing in order to move into more specific positions within a hospital or medical practice.

The cost of this program tends to vary from university to university, but since it is involved with the field of medicine, tuition is generally higher on average. This program can take anywhere from two to four years to complete. 

Upon completion of the program, a student may then be granted the ability to become licensed by the state as an anesthetist. Though many who pursue this degree often are already employed by a hospital or medical practice, having this level of training can open up higher positions with better pay. A Master in Anesthesiology qualifies an individual to administer anesthetics in a wide variety of settings, generally under the supervision of a physician, as well as allow him to discuss anesthetic options with patients before surgery.

There are many programs located across the world where an individual may obtain a master’s degree in anesthesiology. While there are some schools that offer online courses for the classroom side of the experience, a student must complete a certain level of training in the field as well. To get started with a course, search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.


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Formación Alcalá

Number of hours and credits: 1500 hours and 60 ECTS ... [+]

Master in Anesthesiology. Number of hours and credits: 1500 hours and 60 ECTS. Duration: 8 months minimum and 16 months maximum from the date of enrollment - Mode: Material provided in book format + Evaluation and Tutorials by Virtual Training Platform Alcalá. GOALS General Establish measures to be taken by the doctors and nurses to protect and regulate vital functions of the patient under anesthesia personnel so that cause the least possible disruption - Provide / health professionals as the main techniques and procedures most commonly used in anesthesia both in hospital environment as extra-hospital - Improve implementation of techniques and methods to protect the patient from pain and aggression, before, during a... [-]
Spain Jaén
September 2019
8 - 16 months